Exit intent popups can prevent clients from leaving your site and motivate them for the purchase. Read this article to get to know about the most efficient popups!

When a client is about to leave your site, you can try to stop them with an exit intent popup. You have only a couple of seconds to make the person change their mind, so you should be creative and highly efficient. In this article, we’d like to share the examples of the most popular exit intent popups that deliver the best results. These recommendations should come in handy for businesses of nearly any scale and industry.

Exit Email Popup

It would be wise to ask the client to share their email address with you before they leave. You’ll be able to inform this person about your promotions, discounts and new offerings. That should boost your chances of conversion in the future. The list of subscribers is one of the most valuable assets for any business. Please mind that all the content that you send out should be relevant and informative.

The exit intent popup of the Leesa.com site that sells mattresses can serve as an excellent example. “Wait, don’t go! Unless you’re going to bed” — that’s what it says to customers before encouraging them to share their emails.

Cart Abandonment Exit Popup

Such popups can come in handy if a customer has added products to their cart but is about to leave without finalizing the purchase. To motivate them to transfer funds to you, you should offer them a lucrative deal. Brooks Brothers, for instance, use the “Buy more, save more” slogan. Plus, they show their clients the exact numbers: “50% off your purchase of $200”.

Show Scarcity

If the consumer knows that the shop is running out of a product, they will be more likely to order it. The trickiest thing is to not make your target audience feel too stressed. The exit popup by Everlane sets just the perfect tone: “Get’em while they’re still in stock. They won’t be around much longer”.

Free Shipping Popup

The primary reason for abandoned shopping carts is high shipping cost. Free shipping should serve as the best motivational tool for those customers who were about to leave. Again, it would be wise to avoid being too straightforward. Ararose Clothing found spot-on words for this purpose: “How about free shipping? Enter your email for the latest news, offers and free shipping”.

First Order Discount

You have only one chance to produce the first impression. The more positive it is, the more likely the client will be to come back and order your products. A discount for the first purchase should serve as the best base for a long-term relationship. Make the consumer feel they’re special for you! Feel free to use the exit intent popup of Cosmetic Capital as a source of inspiration: “Hello, beautiful! Get 10% off your first order!”.

Free Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies. Thanks to free gifts, customers can try your products and save money. You should formulate the text of your exit intent popup so that the client thinks “Wow! The only thing I need to do to receive a free product is to share my name and email address. That’s a bargain!”.

If you sell, for instance, makeup, you can afford to distribute a lot of testers for free. But if you sell rather expensive items, it would be unreasonable to give them away too easily. In this case, you can announce a lottery, just like Misen: “Want a free knife? Enter for a 1-in-526 chance to win your daily Chef’s Knife giveaway“.

Lead Generation Forms

This type of popup works only with those clients who are genuinely interested in your brand. You get a chance to collect their names, phone numbers and email addresses. Your sales reps will be able to use this data to follow up later. For example, Digital Marketing Institute asks users who are about to leave the site to indicate the following information: the subject they are interested in, first and last name, email address and phone number.

Ask Questions

If you ask questions that are relevant for your goods or services, that should help consumers to focus on the value of your products. It’s a nice way of reminding people that you can fix their pain points. Fundera hit the nail on the head by asking their visitors “What’s your financial goal?” and showing them the See My Loan Options button.

Reminder Pop-Ups

Some clients might simply forget about the products they added to their carts. They might be too busy, or too tired, or they might get distracted by other products… Your task is to politely remind them about the purchase without being too pushy.

Contests to Keep Visitors Hooked

Contests are a great way of establishing emotional bonds between your brand and its target audience. People love this type of activity not only for the chance of winning something nice but also for the thrills it gives them. For example, Alastin ask their clients who are about to leave”Want a chance to win our new daily beauty regimen?”. This sounds tempting and irresistible.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Some people might visit your site just because of curiosity, without any serious buying intentions. You can try to prove that you’re an expert in your field. For instance, the GQ magazine created an exit intent popup with the text “The style essentials you need”. That encourages people to sign up for the newsletter — and later, they might want to purchase something.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and the real-life exit popup examples inspired you. To prevent clients from leaving the site without finalizing the purchase, you can offer them a discount, a free product or free shipping. You might want to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or take part in a contest. You can remind them about the products in their carts, ask them questions and accentuate the scarcity of your goods. Feel free to experiment with polite and elegant phrases that will motivate people to place an order and share their contact details with you! Hope these exit intent popups will help to boost your conversions.

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