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How to use 1Password with Other Apps

There are many apps supports One-Password that allows you to secure your login details using One-Password. Get the full list of those apps here. Here I give a few name of supported apps like Slack, Basecamp, Trello, Twitter, Airmail, Tweetbot, Uber, Day One, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Logging into Dropbox with 1Password

The using process may differ a bit that before but most procedures are almost same.

Firstly need to log in to One-Password and after that, you can select your desired account of the website. Rest things will be done by One-Password.

What to do when 1Password does not work on your Browser?

In this case, you have to check that have you install the browser extension for 1Password or not.

What to do when 1Password does not fill login info for any website?

Solution for Mac

Go to One-Password, then go to Preferences, now click on General icon, and now enable the option “Always keep 1Password mini running”. Also, click the browser icon and enable the following options:

  1. “Automatically submit logins after filling”
  2. “Automatically ask to save new Login”

Solution for Windows

Go to 1Password, then select File and then go to Preferences,  now click on Auto-Save button. Finally, enable the option “Auto-Save new Logins.” and click on OK.

Again I want to remind the most important thing, The Password of 1Password application secures your all login details of your all website account. So there is no option to forget the password of 1Password application.

Happy Password securing !


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