What should digital marketing agencies consider while rethinking the online presence of a company? Rebranding a company’s online presence can take up a lot of time. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to revamping the company’s social media presence, there is a lot to do here. Even with the best digital marketing strategy at hand, a company might not be able to sustain itself in the long run after the rebranding.

So when you are planning to rethink your company’s online image and overall presence, you need to get the best digital marketing services and practices involved. These will ensure thorough planning, as well as a smooth execution phase.

Once you get in touch with a professional digital marketing company, you will have to understand their plans and approach. Compared to traditional marketing, digital advertising is a lot more versatile.

Through their creative services and suggested marketing campaigns, digital ad agencies can help you rethink the company’s online presence properly. Not only that, but they can also help you reach a bigger audience and get more leads.

The question is, how do digital marketing agencies do it? Let us find out.

#1 Focusing On the Company Visuals

Most of the time, a company that wants to rethink its online presence is also planning an overall rebranding. And one of the most important factors to take care of here is the company visuals. That is also something the digital marketing agency can help with.

Provide your input while deciding on the logo. The graphic designers at the agency will have their say regarding the design. However, since the brand identity is dependent on the company logo, your say on it will be the final one.

The other visuals will be up to the agency. For online marketing, you must focus on your social media posts. And the type and style of visuals you choose heavily influence your social media pages’ ability to appeal to people. The agency will primarily focus on Facebook and Instagram while designing the posts. And it is not just images they will also handle video posts, given that you direct them to do so. Источник: кончил внутрь

#2 Redesigning the Company Website

Before redesigning the website, the agency will first identify the issues with the existing one.

At first, they will check the overall appearance and layout. They will also check whether or not the website is responsive. Afterward, the digital marketing company will look for problems in the design and color scheme you are using.

Once they identify the issues, they will focus on the redesign. Initially, the designers will plan out the color scheme they want for the website. Normally, they will base it on the company colors, mostly the logo. Then comes the part where they decide on the sections, the grids, and the various web pages. That will vary depending on the type of business or company you are running.

Finally, they will start working on the website, making sure it is responsive and has all the functionalities you need from it. In between, they will also look for opportunities to integrate various features via widgets and APIs. That too depends on what type of website you need and its purpose.

Once everything is done, the agency and its developers will sit with you to finalize everything, and get the site live.

#3 Overhauling Their Social Media Pages

The visuals are only part of your social media overhaul. There is still a lot to do after the visuals are done. That mostly includes the text or copies and captions that accompany the visuals, rethink the call-to-action options, post scheduling, and so on.

Online marketing companies have dedicated copywriters to work on your posts. Together with the graphics team, the agency can design posts that will enhance the overall look of the pages.

The call-to-action options also might need some work. Instead of having plain posts, the agency is likely to work with more dynamic ones. For instance, they might arrange quizzes or contests so that people can engage with the posts. That will help increase engagement and also help them discover new ways to revamp the call-to-action on the posts.

The agency might also suggest you advertise on a different social media platform like TikTok. They can also ask you to think about influencer marketing and manage it themselves once you approve.

These are just 3 of the many things digital marketing agencies can help you out with when it comes to improving your brand’s online presence. However, these 3 are the most important ones and are always on top of the priority list.

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