How to stay alive in the summer exam session and remain stress-free? Leaving aside all the talk about the “psychological” part of having to stay indoors to study when the weather is nice outside (but we’ll talk about it later), in this paragraph, I want to talk about a study conducted by researchers of the medical sciences faculty of the University of Poznan in Poland.

Researchers have shown how the variation in hormonal function given by the summer temperature leads us to an increase in stress. Unfortunately, the changes begin precisely in the passage from spring to summer which is the most intense period of study for the summer exam session. Yes, even if students employed a paper writing service.

How the Experiment went?

The researchers examined some medical students and they detected a series of vital signs first in the winter and then in the summer.

In addition, on certain days, a series of saliva samples were taken to measure the blood cortisol levels of the students being examined.

As we already wrote in our article on foods that aid memory, cortisol helps regulate the body’s energy. The experiment showed how the summer varies hormone production and therefore also the production of cortisol, having negative implications on stress and study performance, which are fundamental for the exams in the summer session.

In addition to regulating energy, cortisol allows you to regulate blood levels of sugar, liquids, and salt, as well as perform an anti-inflammatory function.

Cortisol, Stress, and Study: 3 Tricks to Stay Alive in the Summer Exam Session

The result of the research, therefore, contradicts the idea that cold winter temperatures are heavier for our bodies, while summer is more pleasant. Cortisol is called the “stress hormone” because it is released during stressful situations and, in nature, we have more of it in the morning (when we are most productive).

Depending on what we eat, how we rest, and the lifestyle we lead, we can help the body to be more stable in the production of cortisol.

But now if you are about to face the summer exam session, I suggest you take a look at our three tips (apart from reaching out to writing professionals with “write my paper for me”):

1. Care for Sleep and Nutrition

Summer is the season for aperitifs, picnics, dinners with friends, holidays… All very beautiful and absolutely necessary to live life to the full.

It is difficult to do, but our advice is (at least in the middle of the summer session) to try to keep a rhythm as regular as possible.

Rest and sleep about the same number of hours every day. Have too many assignments? Think about delegating some of them to Master Papers.

Lead a healthy lifestyle starting with nutrition and try to follow a student diet, with foods that will help you in your study. Also, if you can play sports!

2. Management of Manic Study Time

One of our strong points is absolutely time management, or study time management.

In our TOP study method, we explain well how time management is fundamental. We divide it into two macro areas:

  • Exam session planning
  • Study planning week by week

In this way, you will always know “where you are”, “how much you miss”, and “what you will have to study day by day”. If you think about it, such an organization will save you time and help decrease exam anxiety.

3. Don’t Lock Yourself at Home Studying

Of course! Do you have any upcoming exam sessions?!

Don’t close yourself off studying at home 28 hours a day. It will only increase your stress levels and you will make a mess.

Our brain is not calibrated for overexertion, so if you think that by studying a lot you will be able to store more information in long-term memory, well let me tell you, it is a mistaken belief.

For your summer session then I recommend that you study by allowing yourself more breaks and deferring your study throughout the day, perhaps alternating difficult exams with simple exams.

This will allow you to have some time for yourself and to rest your while. Go out with your friends, play some sport and above all enjoy the benefits of the sun.

With summer, the days get longer, the temperature becomes more pleasant and we are inclined to be more outdoors. Reduce your stress level by taking advantage of what nature gives us, rather than getting depressed by studying all day.

Lastly, Acquire a study method that allows you to give your best in any exam session.

If you want to be really sure, sure, to pass your exams with the highest marks, I recommend that you learn a study method, divided into the areas of time, organization, and performance.

In short, the summer for those who study is very far from that image of relaxation by the sea with the cocktail in the coconut! Research carried out in Poland scientifically demonstrates how the warm season leads us to worsen hormone levels and therefore increase stress. This is detrimental to students preparing to take their university exams in the summer session.

Follow our 3 tips and learn a counter study method so you can enjoy the good weather and rock it all!

Additionally, don’t forget to improve your writing skills as exams can often rely on a big writing assignment – 7 Ways to Write Better Essays for College Students.

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