Guest posting has become a popular way to increase traffic on your website. With the help of guest posting, one can reach a new set of audience who might be interested in our products and services. It is very important to select the right guest blogging platform so that we can utilize the guest posting benefits in the best way. There are several aspects that many Guest blogging services follow to find the right platform for publishing a guest post. Read on to know about Selecting Right Guest Posting Website.

What to Look for While Selecting Right Guest Posting Website?

1# Pick the Ones that Belongs to the Same Industry

It is very important to pick a blog/website that belongs to the same industry as yours to post an article on it. If the audience of the website that you choose for guest blogging has a completely different taste, it will be of no use to you. You need to pick a website that has an audience with similar tastes, and for this, you need to select a website that belongs to the same niche as yours.

For example, if you are a food blogger and have your own website, you need to choose a platform that has an audience interested in reading food blogs. If you post your guest post on a website that deals with industrial machinery, it won’t attract any new audience and won’t do any good to your website.

2# Look for Websites having a Large Number of Audience

In the initial stage, it might be tough for you to get accepted by a website that has a large audience but one should aim for sure. The main purpose of guest posting is to get a new set of audience to our website, right? The purpose can be achieved easily if we opt for a website that has a wide audience base.

Readers on the platform will share your content with other people via social media channels if they like it and this way your post and eventually your website will reach many new people. This will work best if the audience on the platform is in more numbers. Having few audiences won’t do any good for you.

Initially, if you are having a hard time finding the right guest posting website, you can start with one having a few audiences and eventually pitch to bigger websites.  

3# Check for High Activeness of Readers on the Website

It is very important that the guest posting website has an active audience who shares the post, puts their thoughts/queries/appreciation/feedback in the comments, and reads the blogs regularly. Having an active audience means that they are interested in reading it and so there are high chances of getting traffic from the blog to your website in search of your products and services.

Look for any comments on the various blogs posted on the website and you will come to know if the readers just read the blogs or do they share their thoughts on the posts too. Read the comments so you will come to know about the taste of your audience and what they are looking for.

Active sharing of your guest posts via social media channels will be possible only if the audience is highly active.

4# Check for the Domain Authority of the Website

The domain authority of the guest posting website should be high enough for Google to consider increasing your page rankings. Links coming to your website from other websites are good but those websites should have a high DA. If the links are coming from a website that is having a low DA, it won’t do any good to your page ranks.

Ideally, you should prefer a guest posting website that has a DA of more than 25. Having a high DA means that the website has an overall good reputation, gets a good amount of traffic, and is well-trusted. Check for the DA of the different guest posting platforms using third-party tools and based on that and other factors, you can decide which website to go for.

So, here were the important aspects that you should consider while selecting a guest posting platform. Consider all these factors to select the right platform to publish your guest posts, this will provide ample benefits to you and increase the traffic to your website for sure.

If you are not having enough time to write guest posts on your own or if writing is not your cup of tea, you don’t need to skip the option of guest posting. There are many Guest Blogging Services out there that can write the content for you as per your needs and based on the topic you want for your readers. You can buy guest posts from them and then publish them on the guest posting website.

Whatever path you go, either you buy guest posts or write them on your own, take full advantage of that guest posting offers, and take your website to new heights by selecting the right guest posting website!

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