Adobe Photoshop is an image editing software of the Adobe Systems house that integrates the Adobe Creative Cloud. We also know it as Adobe’s creative suite.

It constitutes a collection of accessible graphic design programs subscription available for Mac OS and Windows. Photoshop online is considered one of the most feature-rich applications in this field, not in vain respected as the standard of digital photo editing that benefits both photographers and web designers.

Since the creative suite has a high price and is too large for private use, free alternatives to Photoshop are increasingly in demand.

Desperately looking for alternatives to Photoshop Online

While the quality of Adobe’s software is practically nothing to object, costs, on the other hand, are a long-discussed issue. Admittedly, the manufacturer has kept the price of the suite more or less stable over the years.

And they have responded to the interests of those non-professional users and added more basic packages to special conditions. Photoshop online available today, the Adobe collection is still considered too prohibitive.

The integration of the editor in the creative cloud, with the obligatory subscription to be able to use the software, also generates reticence in the private user.

Besides, this editor is more oriented to professional use. So it is somewhat difficult to use for the most profane, not to mention that, both the size of the Photoshop files and a large number of special functions it contains, pose high requirements for the hardware. 

What alternatives to Photoshop can you use?

The Adobe program is, without a doubt, the most complete digital editing program. And, given its enormous popularity, the first option for the vast majority. Not in vain is it already common to hear the colloquial word “photoshopear”.

It refers to the editing of photos with Photoshop online, regardless of whether this program is used or not. However, there are several alternatives to Photoshop worthy of taking into account that follow closely in terms of benefits. This is our selection.

Moreover, Photoshop has a huge demand among the photography lover or photographers. Our solution will help them also.


The so-called GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP in its abbreviated form. It is an open source application for editing images that, unlike its major competitor, is also available for Linux as well as for Windows or Mac OS.  WE CANAll the necessary files for its installation can find on the official project page.

This open source photo editor is extended by extensions, which, added to the advantages that come with free software in terms of collaborative development, has generated, over the years, a range of functions in constant growth.

Those less experienced will not find great difficulties in their use compared to Photoshop. And, if they do, they can count on support in the forums and innumerable tutorials. The functions are accessible through toolbars, dialog boxes and various menus similar to their big rival. And as per individual needs, one can adjust the interface also.

The functionality of GIMP is more than satisfactory, especially considering that it is a free photo editing program. With this tool, you can correct automatically or manually and use a large number of filters and frames.

It is also possible to rotate and cut images, adjust the color and contrast or add effects such as the romantic blur or the nostalgic sepia tone. If the result is not satisfying, it is possible to go back with the “Undo” function.

GIMP also allows the work with layers in case of larger projects. But it differs from its payment rival in that it follows the destructive principle. The original does not remain intact in the background layer. It is similar as in Photoshop, but it becomes part of the modification process.

Read more about other legal ways to use Adobe Photoshop Free.     


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