What are the major benefits of using react native push notification in eCommerce? React Native push notifications for both Android and iOS mobile applications are setting a new benchmark in eCommerce.

It is due to their ability to target the audience effectively throughout the world.

Moreover, they are increasing the consistency of apps at a rapid pace. They are helping many apps to earn global recognition.

This is not the end, there are many other benefits of using react native push notifications in eCommerce.

To make it easy for you, let us discuss 5 major benefits.

Reach the audience anytime, anywhere

When it comes to eCommerce, you are having an opportunity to sell to anyone. But how to utilize the opportunity is difficult for many.

You can make it easy by using React Native push notifications.

These push notifications provide you direct access to a large number of mobile users throughout the world.

If we go with “Statista”, currently there are more than 3.5 billion active smartphone users in the world.

This figure is further about to rise by more than 3.8 billion in the year 2021.

This means you can reach the audience anytime you want and that too instantly.

This is so because smartphones are the ones that people like to carry with them all the time.

This will help you to expand your eCommerce business not only on a local level but on a global level too.

Rich Media

It often becomes boring reading long texts. Isn’t it?

But you can make your approach interesting by implementing react-native push notifications.

This is so because these notifications provide you the ability to use rich media.

You can add images, graphics, emojis, videos, gifs, etc, and create an eye-catchy effect.

This will motivate the audience to open and see your notification. As a result, you will be able to grab their attention and at a later stage, you can convince them to purchase your products and services.

This is not it, rich media also gives you an opportunity to use the logo of your brand.

Moreover, it also lets you convey more information in a short video that otherwise is not possible using a short text.

This is where you can improve both your brand visibility and sales. After all, this is why we use marketing.

Less Expensive

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of techniques that are used by the eCommerce owners.

They take the help of paid ads, social media ads, run television ads, hire celebrities for advertisements of products and services, spend money on banners, and so on.

But if we talk about small eCommerce business owners and those with low budgets, Is it possible for them to hire celebrities at higher prices?

Probably not?

If you come in the same category, you can use react native push notifications.

This is so because react-native push notifications provide you with the same ability but at a much lesser price.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a large scale eCommerce business owner or a small scale eCommerce business owner, you can advertise effectively using these push notifications.

They will let you effortlessly carry your products and services to the people you want.

Segmentation and Personalization

What will be the situation when you are there to offer your audience, products, or services as per their interest?

Obviously, it is going to increase your sales.

This is what React Native push notifications are known for. You can segment push notifications according to gender, age, region, etc.

This will let you offer suggestions to people as per their need. As a result, the chances of sales will increase dramatically. 

Moreover, you can also use personalization. Here personalization means offering people products or services as per their interest.

The thing is, people often like to go for purchasing those products or services in which they are particularly interested.

Personalization even motivates people to go for an unplanned purchase and that too on the spot.

After all, this is the very purpose of advertising and this is what you are going to get using these push notifications.

Track Metrics

When it comes to apps, they can’t perform well until and unless you make necessary modifications that are required to stand apart from your competitors.

This is where the metrics come in. You can get rich insights by sending push notifications.

You can get an open rate, CTRs, viewing time, viewed product pages, and several other actions that are performed by the audience in response to your notification.

This will let you know the products and services that are in huge demand.

This will also give you a general idea about the products and services that haven’t performed well.

As a result, you can make several modifications by adding more products and services that are in demand and removing the ones that are not liked by the audience.

This will help you to increase your sales.

Moreover, you can also use these push notifications in the form of feedback.

The feedback will let you know your shortcomings. This will let you rectify your mistakes at the earliest possible level and give you an opportunity to retain users for a longer period of time.

This will enhance the user’s experience on your app.


When it comes to react-native push notifications, these are one of the powerful marketing techniques.

This is the reason why even top-rated apps use them effectively to their advantage.

You can too use them to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

This is so because it not only gives you an opportunity to reach the audience, they also convince them to open your notification and pay a visit to your platform.

Now how it is possible is discussed in detail here.

Author Bio: WonderPush gives you an opportunity to use react native push notifications to your advantage. These notifications give you the ability to mark the presence of your app in the global community and that too with a little effort.

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