Now a days, there are many technologies available to increase product page conversion. Today the development of the field of e-commerce is gaining momentum. E-commerce is the leader in retailing both food and non-food products. The rivalry between large companies stops being a game when new marketplaces and companies enter the battlefield.

Marketplaces and stores give more thought to improving client service and providing new facilities in the battle for new customers, as well as retaining loyal customers. It is already impossible to imagine the work of giant companies without high-tech tools.

The process of introducing new technologies into an existing process can seem quite complicated. Grid Dynamics helps services to harmoniously make work improvements without waste of money or loss of reputation.

Among the huge competition, it is necessary to stand out by providing an exclusive service, so you should focus on technologies with the help of which you can increase product page conversion, which can affect the promotion of goods.

★  Use of voice search

Most of the users today use mobile phones and tablets to purchase goods. Using voice search will increase the share of mobile traffic. More than half of teens and 41% of adults use voice search. It is much easier and faster to dictate your query than to write it. In order to choose a suitable product, the buyer will need only a few seconds and he will be able to do it while on a trip or on a walk. Even if a person does not remember how the brand name is spelled, then voice assistants such as Google Now, Amazon Echo will always come to the rescue.

According to research by Stone Temple, nearly 25% of shoppers prefer voice search when shopping online. Voice search is useful when you urgently need to find a product, while it can increase product sales by up to 10%.

In order for marketers to understand what strategies to use, they need to make the most of consumer search queries. This will help you understand how to use ads of a particular brand, and will also help customers quickly navigate to the company’s website and make a purchase.

★  3D visualization

It is impossible to make a purchase without seeing the appearance of the product. Even if you use bright and colorful descriptions, product page conversion will clearly not skyrocket.

Since the buyer does not have the opportunity to see the product before purchasing it, it is important for him to consider all the details, see the color scheme and texture. More than 80% of consumers say having a 3D visualization is the motivation to make a purchase. So definitely 3D visualization can increase the product page conversion.

Sellers usually use high-quality photos, but modern technology makes it possible to actively use 3D content. So why not take advantage of all the opportunities to attract customers and be in a favorable position among numerous competitors?

★  Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence allows marketplaces and online sellers to vie for customer acquisition. AI helps customers to select a product according to their requests for price, brand and various characteristics. Moreover, it automatically generates product descriptions and translates them into other languages.

Increased sales can also be achieved due to the fact that AI analyzes the user’s previous purchases and creates a new selection of different products for them to buy. At eBay, AI was trained by analyzing more than 130 million images before describing products.

Such a service can help in promoting products and creating a marketing strategy. Chatbots are also used to increase conversions. They collect data on consumer behavior and analyze their personalized selection of products.

★  PWA

The mobile interface helps to visually and functionally transform the site into a mobile application (mobile application in a browser). This does not require additional programs and apps. You just need to open the site in a browser. A convenient design and functionality is created for buyers, as well as the ability to access without the Internet.

★  Blockchain in mobile payments

Blockchain helps to carry out currency conversion in real time right here and right now using any gadget. The blockchain simplifies the billing process, and it also helps to counter frauds from various advertising platforms.

If you can use these technologies, no doubt you can increase product page conversion. So it’s worth to try.

Belayet Hossain

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