If your business is currently not using work time clock software to handle timekeeping, payroll, and scheduling, chances are there are already many signs telling you that you should. If you’ve experienced any of the signs in this list, then it’s time for you to invest in time clock software to get the most out of your business.

If you’ve experienced any of the tell-tale signs in this list, then it’s time for you to invest in online time clock software to get the most out of your employees and your business.

1. Your Employees Frequently Steal Time

Unfortunately, without a work time clock, this happens much more than employers may realize. On some occasions, it is done by accident; an employee may skip a scheduled break to finish completing a task or get distracted while working and end up off task leading to wasted time. In other cases, though, time theft is more deliberate.

Examples of time theft can include:

  • Conducting personal business while on the clock
  • Punching in early or staying late to get overtime
  • Falsifying their work hours to earn extra pay
  • Punching time for another employee

These issues can be mitigated or even eliminated by work time clock software. The employee timesheet software actively tracks employee punch-ins and punch-outs and makes sure that workers stay on task while on the clock. There are even features that set reminders for scheduled breaks and send notifications when employees work over their scheduled hours. Such alerts can improve productivity and reduce time theft by promoting employee accountability.

2. Managers Waste Time Overseeing The Time Tracking Process

Overseeing the time tracking process is a full-time job in and of itself. Managing hours, creating schedules, and tracking attendance can be very time-consuming if done manually. Often this leaves little time for managers to oversee essential tasks such as keeping the business on track, handling employee disputes, and other issues.

Work time clock software automates most of the time tracking process and frees up managers to perform their other duties more effectively. This leads to higher overall productivity and efficiency, which saves money.

3. Your Payroll Is Constantly Incorrect, Requiring Corrections

Beyond the fact that managing payroll takes up a great deal of time, manual data entry is prone to errors. Errors are not only even more time-consuming to fix, but they also result in inaccurate payments, lost productivity, and decreased employee morale.

Most work time clock solutions have payroll integrations that automate and simplify the payroll calculation process, resulting in error-free processing. The software can also track employee hours in real-time and more accurately, leading to precise and on-time paychecks for employees. Quick and accurate payroll processing saves time and boosts employee morale by knowing that they will be paid on time and adequately for each minute spent on the clock.

4. You Don’t Know Where Employees Are Spending Their Time

Going back to the idea of time theft, manually tracking time means that you’re assuming an awful lot about where and how your employees are spending their time. This means that your business could be paying them when they are not working but instead focusing on personal tasks. This is especially true for remote employees or employees who don’t work at a central office or location.

Online timesheet software allows you to know when and where your employees punch in. Many of them offer features like location tracking and productivity monitoring to ensure that employees stay on task. Job costing allows you to determine which job, project, or customer they’re working on, allowing you to ensure you’re on track to meet deadlines and meet budget goals.

5. You’re Consistently Over Your Labor Budget

For businesses that rely on cost estimation to bid for a job or for employers who run on a tight budget for specified labor, running over budget is a sign of poor employee time management. If poor budgeting goes unaddressed, you can lead to significant issues down the road, including business closure.

Work time clock software allows you to better track employee time and use past data to better budget for labor costs in terms of future work. This leads to loads of savings when bidding for jobs and determining the overall work cost.

If you’ve experienced a few or even just one of these tell-tale signs, then it might be time to upgrade your time tracking process by investing in a time attendance clock.

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