There are precisely a million numbers of websites on the internet.

Nowadays, competition is fierce, and each eCommerce site owner is trying to maximize the site’s qualified traffic and generate leads and potential revenue from it.

It is essential to optimize one’s eCommerce store’s SEO as one cannot expect to get organic searches so easily.

In other words, one will not receive a significant portion of essential traffic if the eCommerce site is unimproved for SEO.

In this article, we will go through five ways to enhance the eCommerce site’s SEO health by performing an eCommerce SEO audit.


One of the most vital aspects of an eCommerce website’s SEO audit is to ensure that the site is completely reliable.

If an eCommerce site owner wants customers to purchase from the site, then it is crucial to reassure them that the site is guaranteed and safe.

This point is emphasized as the user will be demoralized from purchasing anything from a non-secure website.

Transmitting all the elements, including the content, images, videos, and the pages themselves, to HTTPS is a way to ensure that the domain is secure and reliable.

You can avail of the Adelaide SEO services for further guidance on this topic.

Page Speed Optimization

It resembles the core of the SEO strategy.

The speed of a website’s page should be as significant as the speed of the site is to SEO.

It is observed that eCommerce sites sometimes do not meet the user experience standards that result in lower organic traffic and lower conversions.

Fortunately, there are some factors an eCommerce site owner can opt for to improve the page speed, like using lazy loading that only loads images while a user is scrolling down the page or get a better hosting service to obtain a driven edge over others.

Test Meta descriptions for Every Page

The Meta descriptions must contain an ideal length and structure.

The Meta description should be unique and relevant for each page that enhances the likelihood of customers clicking the link.

As click-through-rate (CTR) is a crucial ranking factor, one will be jeopardizing the search ranking results if one goes wrong in optimizing a Meta description for each page.

With the right audit tool like SEO Site Checkup, one can drive a lot of traffic to the website that boosts the rankings.

Indexing and Practical blunders

There are several web pages that top search engines are not indexing.

Discovering and deleting each of the features that will damage the indexability of a website is another crucial issue in the eCommerce SEO audit list.

Search engines slither a website for a short amount of time, and if they encounter large images, identical content, or pages that take ages to load, they will index only a little portion of the site following all these issues lowers the crawling rate.

To forestall these obstacles that can stow a negative impact on a website, one can use SEOprofiler or additional tools.

Create User Experience Analysis

The visitors of a website make and develop a brand’s business. The aim is to fulfill their requirements.

This simply suggests that one needs to take customer-centric measures as, without potential buyers, it is futile to build a business.

Fabricating user experience analysis will provide one with a comprehensive idea about the targeted market.

Making a positive UI with the right strategies plus concentrating on its evaluation and research will boost the conversion rates and increase sales. 


Optimizing SEO for an eCommerce site is rarely ever a swift, simple procedure.

This is true particularly for those sites that consist of hundreds of pages and require optimization.

If one follows the eCommerce site audit checklist, one will bring the website to the first pages of search engines steadily and gradually.

It will drive qualified traffic and boost potential revenues.

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