There are already much smartphone applications that we have been using for our wellness. The revolutionary smartphone industry is always there to help us out in every aspect of the life. Thousands of health & fitness tracker app available on IOS, Android, and windows which will keep us updated about everything. These apps will keep a record of your blood pressure, skin information, healthy foods and much more. The mobile apps are not only, restricted to show maps and play games, but the creative mobile scientists have made our life much easy in fighting diseases.

Days are gone when we only knew the disease and when it has already affected us badly. Now, with these cool fitness tracker apps, you can stay updated about your health. These apps will also help you to reduce the budget that you annually expend for an experts advice. If you are capable enough to know the readily available information to incorporate into your routine life, then you would be able to minimize the chances of falling to disease. These countless mobile apps (health & fitness tracker app) are increasingly becoming popular due to their wellness-related usefulness for the communities. These are the important six health & fitness tracker apps that will actually make your life much easier.

Fitness Tracker App: Stop, breathe and think

Stop, breathe and think is one of the best meditation mobile fitness tracker app. Most of us forget the benefits of healthy and enriched mind when it comes to fitness. A healthy mind is equally imperative for overall health. You would have other mobile apps which could count steps or physical fitness goals, but these apps will keep you updated and informed about meditation. The Stop, breathe and think app will assess your present mental status through a short survey. After the completion of the short survey, this app will recommend some meditation strategies to overcome your passive behaviour. Stop, breathe and think mobile meditation app is leading the currently available meditation apps due to its customization analysis tools.

fitness tracker app stop breathe and think

Isleep easy

This health & fitness tracker app has been developed to conquer the sleep-related issues. This app contains music and tunes which will help you sleep quickly and efficiently. The Isleep easy app will also advise you some sleep meditation therapies if you are struggling to sleep. Isleep has rescue meditation for the people who have gone through many restless nights and could not sleep well. It will also tell you how to get back to sleep if you have awakened up and could not sleep. This app is available at a little cost of under $5 on apple store and play store. This app worth it as it has several useful functions.

fitness tracker app ISleep


Talkspace is another mental health & fitness tracker app available for IOS and Android. Finding a right therapist is an exhausting, expensive and inconvenient activity. This app will let you find the perfect therapist in your nearby location. This app will let you talk to many real, insightful and expert therapists. In this app, you have many expanded options like if your therapist is not working out, then you could talk to another therapist. This mental health tracker app has the services of more than 300 trained therapists. Incorporated video facility will help you to get video training session for yourself, or even couple can get the massage training sessions exclusively. This app only charges $19 per week which is very cheap in comparison to the market rate of $50 for one therapy session. This app is easy to use as well. You only need your email for registration. The developer of this app has made assured the authentication and realness of the therapists. Therefore, you should not be worried about it.

fitness tracker app talkspace


The days of running to the drugstore and finding a plan B are gone. This fitness tracker app will give you the perfect childbirth control prescriptions. Input your health insurance information, and it will recommend you with all the childbirth control medications. If your insurance is not working, then it will provide you with medicines at an as low price as $15. You just need to order, and this app will provide your order at your home. Nurx has made birth control medicines and information much more accessible, and with it, you can resolve any contraception that you need regarding birth control.

fitness tracker app nurx


Spruce has slogan “dermatologist in your pocket”. This fitness tracker app is readily available for IOS and Android. With the help of this app, you can contact a doctor for acne, anti-ageing, dandruff, skin discolouration, rash and itch and eyelash thinning. You only have to send a picture of the problem and your disease will be diagnosed, treated and analyzed by the nearby located pharmacy within 24 hours. This app has been approved and has recently added many more skin curing options. If you are not satisfied with the online results, then this app would connect you to a nearby dermatologist who would visit you at home. Spruce charges only $40 for its services. Other than above-mentioned features, Spruce has customized features as well.

fitness tracker app spruce


The clue is a period tracker app. This health & fitness tracker app keeps the record of your menstruation cycle history. You can get amazing tips and suggestions for the normal periods. It keeps the time on, which will alarm you when the time for the period has come. It will also keep you informed about your body condition throughout the month for your overall wellness and health. The clue also keeps a track record of your sleep pattern, sex activities, energy and even partying. It has push notification service for keeping you informed and updated. This app is leading all the other apps due to its customization options. Periods have a crucial role in a women life. It’s complications like delayed periods, or increased pain can be well mitigated through this app.

fitness tracker app clue

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