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What is Digital Service?

The followings form a digital service:

  • A service (i.e., not goods)
  • Distributed via an electronic network or the internet
  • Automated supply system or a supply system that involves only minimal human involvement
  • Without the absence of information technology, it is impossible


There is also a supplementary condition, which is not openly stated in the EU VAT legislature, but can be taken out of existing EU VAT case-law:

  • Supply is made for deliberation (i.e., for payment)


The Digital Service Providers usually give the following services

  • Access to e-markets
  • Digital services and subscriptions
  • Software and software upgrades
  • Games, gambling games, and e-books
  • Music, films, images, and photographs
  • Websites, hosting, VoIP, and content
  • Distance teaching and so on



What are Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Digital Services Inc. works as an E-Commerce company. The Company retails online products for instance books, software, electronics, video games, furniture, apparel, food, toys, jewelry, and other associated products.

Amazon Digital Services LLC is a part of Amazon who provides digital services to the customers of List Amazon. So, it is vital for the customer to know about their services appropriately.


amazon digital services echo


List of Amazon Digital Services

In Amazon.com there are a lot of digital services. Here I picked some amazon digital services which are very necessary for daily life.



     ·  eBook Reader Power Adapters

Video Games

Kindle Store


Movies & TV

CDs & Vinyl


Office Products

Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Industrial & Scientific

Cell Phones & Accessories

Digital Music

Home & Kitchen


Garden & Outdoor

Tools & Home Improvement



What to do when “Amazon digital order status Pending.”


Amazon Digital Services: Experience of Sin Cheong


Problem: It took a Long time to Amazon Digital Orders Pending Verification.

It was Sin Cheong’s personal experience with Amazon where his order status stuck in Pending for a very long time. This is what he did to complete the transaction.

It happened when I attempted to buy Amazon coin with 1-click buy utilizing a Mastercard recently enlisted with Amazon (because of old one terminating). At, to begin with, I thought it was a typical strategy where it should take two or three hours for the payment to take place. In any case, after two days of waiting, I understood there must be a problem with my payment.


Solution: This is how Sin Cheong fixed Amazon order status Pending.

I have communicated with Amazon customer service through Online Chat. I told them that, the order had been pending for a long time and kept on pending. They then checked what the issue was. In this case, I used a new credit card, and there was a verification error which I did not mention during the transaction. Then, the Amazon representative helped me to verify my credit card and told me to ignore the previous order by giving a new one. I did as they said and the order took place instantly.


Solution to fix Amazon digital order status Pending

The point here is that rather than waiting blindly you should try to get to their customer service to find out the problem. Sometimes, there may be an error during the transaction which can be solved just if you get someone from the Amazon digital customer service to look at it. In this case, the Amazon system failed to verify his new credit card, but a customer representative could ascertain it physically when he contacted them. Nevertheless, it still makes sense that the transaction may take a couple of hours to complete, but if the problem continues over a day, you should contact them.

After researching this issue very well, I have found that like Sin Cheong many others had faced this Amazon order pending problem. When their credit card information entered on Amazon that doesn’t match the actual one specifically the billing address. When the billing address entered into Amazon payment option does not match with the exact address recorded with your credit card provider, a newly added credit card will put on hold on Amazon most of the time. So, do a double check before you have entered (name on the card, card number, and address) on the Amazon payment options page is accurate.

If you are using the one-click purchase to buying a digital item, make sure you have turned on the 1-click purchase option in the payment option. To do that, you need to go to Your Account -> under Amazon Wallet -> click on Manage Payment Option -> on the left click on Manage 1-click settings > on the right, click Turn On under 1-click Status.


How to contact Amazon Customer Service?

Amazon Digital Services contact us page is slightly hidden underneath their website. It is not hidden really, but It might seem hard for you to find. Here’s how you can find it.

Go to the bottom of any page on Amazon. Click on the Help button which is situated at the bottom right part of the page. Below Browse Help Topics, tap on the Need More Help and then click on Contact Us. You might ask to sign in again. In the next page, select the particular order which you have a problem with, choose the issues. You will get three options to contact Amazon customer service, Call, Email or Chat. Select whichever you prefer.



How to check your digital order?

You can check on your order by soaring to Your Account on Amazon page after you logging into your account. GO to Your Orders. Then, tap on Open Orders or Digital Orders to check on your orders which are still under processing.

If the total amount in the order is showing $0.00, it probably means it is either pending or had failed to process.



How to cancel a digital order on Amazon?


As for how to cancel a digital order? You cannot cancel a digital order on Amazon, but in that case, you have to contact Amazon Digital Services customer service. To see if they can help you if you have a particular reason and insist on canceling the order.



Amazon digital download

In this section, I will specify Amazon digital downloads.


How to buy a Digital Game or Software Download?

Digital games and software downloads can be obtained on Amazon and then installed on your computer. You can also buy games and software downloads when shopping at Amazon on your mobile device’s web browser. In over 230 countries and territories, its available to purchase digital games and software downloads.

To purchase a game or software download:

1. First, sail across to the Digital Games or Digital Software store, then browse or search to find the game or software you would like to purchase.

2. Now, open the detail page for that Game or Software and choose the buy button.

Note: Before clicking Buy, you must Check the system requirements for the item you want to purchase. Also, make sure you are picking the version that is compatible with your computer or operating system.

3. Then, you can confirm your order details and complete the purchase of the item.

Amazon Games & Software Download purchases are automatically selected for 1-click payment process. To update your payment settings before completing your purchase, you can click the Change links in your Payment Summary. Click the arrow (>) next to your payment process either billing address to alter your information for orders that you placed on your mobile device.

Important Note: Currently, they do not take bank or checking accounts as a payment process for games and software downloads.

When your order finalizes, your procurement is ready to download from Your Games and Software Library on your computer. If your acquisition includes a product key, under the item’s title will show up. It will also contain within your confirmation e-mail after the order is complete. You will require this key when you are ready to install your game or software. If you want more information about downloading your purchased item, hover over to Download and Install Your Order.



Digital Services Playbook: For US Citizen Only

People of America are familiar with United States digital service

The American people expect to relate with government through digital channels such as mobile applications, email, and websites. By building digital services that meet their needs, US Digital Service can make the delivery of their policy and programs more effectively.

Today, too many of their digital services plans do not work well like late delivery or are over budget. To raise the success rate of these plans, the U.S. Government require a new method. US Government digital service created a playbook of 13 key “plays” strained from successful performs from the private sector and government that, if followed together, that will help the state build efficient digital services.



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