Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is the latest release of Google’s OS. Android offers many new features and consistent functionality in this version. We can say, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is a refined version of Android Lollipop version. I tried to take key features to elaborate which you help you to understand and use the features well.

Suddenly without any prior notice, Google announced the Android N Developer Preview on 9th March 2016. The new features mostly cover Google’s latest products, System’s core features, Security and new functionality.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Design and View

From the design aspect, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is much similar with Lollipop. In appearance, there is some difference than pervasive version.

Android allows you to create shortcut buttons to any specific settings.

The lock screen of Marshmallow is very same to Lollipop’s lock screen. Marshmallow replaced a shortcut to the dialer and Google Now Voice Commands wherein bottom corners Lollipop gave Camera & Dialer.

A beautiful new look designed for Voice Search. There are floating dots with four different color runs in a waveform which moves as user’s voice request when processing. The time of search response may vary. Generally, it depends on the speed of the internet. It’s also possible to run any app by voice command from the lock screen.

At the Home Screen, it also enabled the voice command functionality through Google’s on-screen search bar. Mostly the home screen is very similar to Lollipop version.

In Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, App Drawer changed in final version like a Vertical Scroll List. The user can use new scrubber bar jumping to any desired letter by scrolling. This vertical list easy to swipe from right to the last app of the app list. This change includes New Search Bar, Voice Interface, App Drawer’s Alphabet Scrubber, Vertical App drawer, also a shortcut for uninstallation.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow own a Two-part Notification/ Quick Settings area. In the home screen, you can pull down the notification shade by swiping down from the top at the home screen. And “A Second Swipe Down” action will lead you to the “Quick Settings Panel”. But if you drive a Two-Finger Swipe to down on the home screen, you will be taken straight there.

In the Quick Settings panel, it provides Screen brightness slider, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth etc.

To get into the System UI Tuner, you have to Long-Press the Settings Cog and it take you to the System UI Tuner.


It will appear at the bottom of the settings menu. You can get to add a battery percentage indicator to the battery icon, quick settings areas which you can customize, you can rearrange or add/delete toggle, also a menu where you can control icon in the status bar.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Animations and Easter Egg

All animations including transitions for Marshmallow is many times better than Lollipop. Maximum transitions between settings, pages or apps are polished as real.

And the question of Easter Egg, it was like a flappy bird clone in Lollipop, but in Marshmallow, you can see it as a type of metaphor. You can access it from the settings in the About Phone section, tapping repeatedly on “Android Version”.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: New Emoji

200 new emoji’s are available in new Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. These emoji’s are the default and they are compatible with any keyboard. Many emoji’s of this 200 are used in iOS and Windows10, but still there are many new emoji’s in this latest version.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Dark Theme & Rotation Support

Did not understand why the dark theme and Home screen rotation was withdrawn from the latest version of Marshmallow which was appearing in the developer preview version.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Google Integration

It’s must be the biggest deal that “Google Now on Tap” in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. By offering context-sensitive notification and time, Google has changed the scenario back in KitKat. Generally to search any contextual information “Google Now on Tap” is essential. Overall the feature “Google Now on Top” is the best feature of Marshmallow.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Voice API and Assist API

You can launch any third-party apps with Google’s Voice Command. Though this feature is not functioning exactly, but Google has demoed it by using TuneIn Radio. Hope it will be workable soon.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Google Settings App

Google settings are an important part of Settings Menu of Android. You can get Privacy Information, account preferences and other information on the Google Accounts. Here also you can control “OK”, “Google hotword Detection” and “Google Always Listening mode”. But the surprising news is a new feature included named “Setup nearby device”. By this option, you can setup i.e. Android TV through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth easily.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Android Pay

Android Pay is a touchless payment procedure same as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Android Pay feature has come with Fingerprint API and two new Nexus devices equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

It is very simple to set up Android Pay. You just need an NFC-equipped terminal at constituted retailers and also an NFC-equipped smartphone. You can compare Android Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay comparison.


Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Tips & Tricks



The latest battery management feature is “Doze”. It seems, after “Google Now on Tap” the biggest feature is “Doze”. It is very efficient battery management feature. By this feature, you can get to know when your device is not in use. It detects when your phone is laying on your desk for a certain time, it just enters into hibernation mode.

In comparison to others, Marshmallow reduced the battery usage from 15%-25% to 3%-5% for overnight.

App Standby

Basically “App Standby” is very close to “Doze”. The main function of App Standby is detecting apps which were not in use for a while and take them into a deep sleep mode. In this situation, they cannot use the system resource, run any hidden background process, sync or access the network. You can learn more how you save battery life on Android.

Type-C and reverse charging

Marshmallow got another new feature which name is Type-C Port and Reverse Charging. This Type-C cables are USB and reversible. It will ensure fast data transfer and quick charging your device than ever. In a word Marshmallow device allows reversing charge your other devices.

microSD support – Adaptable Storage Devices


In Marshmallow device, you simply won’t be able to remove microSD card and insert to another device. It means that you have system-level support for your external storage. In this OS, you can easily choose the storage where you want to store or install.

RAM Manager

For RAM management, Marshmallow enables an option in the Settings menu called “Memory”. Here you can view memory usage specifically.

Security – App permissions

This feature is very important features among features of Marshmallow. Though iOS provided this feature for years, Android just has started it. This feature is to permit apps to internet access, microphone, camera etc.

Fingerprint API

Marshmallow has a Fingerprint Scanner which uses by features like Android Pay. To use this just set up authentication of the fingerprint in the Google Play Store to purchase and check a box in the settings. It’s just a question of 15 seconds to get registered to Fingerprint and set up authentication of Fingerprint.

Automatic App Backup

Marshmallow enabled the opportunity that it will backup your apps and data automatically. In result, if you restore any app from backup, it will remain as it was before. It will sign you in exactly where you left off.

Network Security Reset

This is a great small feature that allows you to reset your Network Security in the “Backup and Reset” settings. You can shortly remove all settings including a password from your Bluetooth, Cellular data and Wi-Fi configuration.

Monthly Security Patches Update

Every month Marshmallow user will get security update from Google which will strengthen security for Android. In About Phone section Marshmallow will display the patch level of Android security of your device.


The herald of the latest Android Encryption is Marshmallow, although android released it for new android devices. A new device with Marshmallow is demanded to use encryption of full-disk by default. But if the device updated to Marshmallow from older version does not.

Android for Work

This feature will allow you to use Marshmallow device to use as a home phone and also an office phone to handle smartly security, notification, VPNs, access and storage etc.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock of Marshmallow differs with Lollipop from unlocking your device or it keeps your device unlocked. To use Smart Lock option you have to go to Security Settings. Smart Lock got options only for trusted devices i.e. paired smartwatch, Bluetooth spearker at home/ office through GPS or Wi-Fi data, known faces and on-body identification. Google has enlarged Smart Lock using Password Manager which is linked to your Google account.

Smart Lock for Passwords

A brand new feature of Marshmallow is “Smart Lock for Passwords” which is generally Google password manager. This feature enables your password safety of your website or apps. It means your these passwords will remain saved in your Google Account. It is possible to exclude apps or viewing your Smart Lock for your Passwords content.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: Usability

Text Selection

Android upgraded its text selection setup in Marshmallow. Before it was clumsy always, but now it is much better than ever. After highlighting any text you will see a flowing menu of three options are Copy, Share and Select All. When you select text in a web, it gives you another overflow menu like “Translate”. It’s also made very easy to select the whole text. It’s just like an instant translation feature right from the text selection menu.

Delete screenshots from notifications shade

Previously in Android, we had to delete any taken screenshot from the Gallery. But now in Marshmallow’s notification preview not only has the sharing option but also, a deleting option is there.

App links

Marshmallow made it easier to handle links with desired apps. In the previous version, it was not easy like this.

Silent Mode – Priority Notifications

To activate Silent Mode also the volume control was a bit confusing before, but in Marshmallow, android offers much better options.

Direct Share

Another brand new feature of Marshmallow is “Direct Share”. Now share picker also displays direct links of your favorite contacts.

Custom Tab

In the Marshmallow version, Android gives now developers with custom tabs. Generally, it is a Chrome-based in-app mini-browser that can be used by developers to display any content of a webpage.

Launch Camera Action

The latest version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow presented another feature that exists in Nexus 5X and 6P newer models is Camera launching with tapping twice of Power Button. This feature might not be reliable for some users. Who knows, it might be very handy in future!

Our Verdict on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow could not bring a big revolution in the Android OS refreshment/ upgrade. But still Marshmallow brought better user-friendly features for Android user. The few important updates are Easier Google Services, updated system to access and manage apps, updated battery life management and Security etc.

Absolutely, Android 6.0 Marshmallow version is easy to operate than androids other versions.

Here you can get more tips and tricks for Android Marshmallow.


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