Social media is an integral part of our daily life. If we somehow skip some face-to-face meetings with our loved ones due to our hectic lifestyle, social media could be a savior in connecting us to our friends and families around the world. Instagram is one of the well-known social media platforms since its launch back in 2010.

Since 2012 when Facebook acquired Instagram at an unbelievable figure of 1 billion USD, there has been no turning back for this unique photo-sharing platform. It broke multiple records to date. The most celebrated “Guinness World Records” presented multiple accolades to Instagram. Their quest did not take the back seat, and Instagram kept on improving and upgrading its features every second.

Instagram in the sense of savior

Instagram is not just a platform where you can click, edit, and share photographs online. It has been the reason behind the success story of a lot of start-ups and social media influencers. Instagram is one of the most sought after and successful platforms for new product launches and promotions.

Something more than just a photo-sharing platform

Instagram started posting adverts targeting US audiences in 2013, marking its first step towards the world of social media marketing. They went global with their marketing platform in 2015. They became one of the most endeavored platforms for major business houses to collaborate.

The ultimate marketing tool of this era

With a promising track record, Instagram became one of the most prominent mediums of marketing eventually. Most of the big players started taking Instagram as an inevitable medium of marketing. There are more than 25 million active business profiles on Instagram right now, and the numbers are only increasing regularly. 

Multinational corporations are prioritizing Instagram more than other usual modes of marketing. 

Moreover, Instagram has turned out to be a game-changer in online marketing. So it would be highly recommended to look into the offerings benefits of Instagram seriously.

Let us take a look into the benefits of Instagram as a tool of marketing

· Crystal clear Biography

Instagram provides an option to introduce and define a user or business house through its “bio” section. This particular feature is visible just below the username of the Instagram profile. Composing the biography with proper details allows the user to send an appropriate message towards the target audience. Any business entity shall take the bio section of Instagram as a headline of a major newspaper advert. 

· Always provide a call of action

Whether it’s a business entity or social media influencers, Instagram allows just one link for the users to post in their profile. Hence it is vital to use this feature cautiously; make sure you provide the link of your business website or your page. You can keep track of all the traffic that arrives through this option. Using this feature can plunge the traffic to your website/profile for your betterment.

· Switch to a business or Creator Profile

Instagram provides the feature of turning a normal user’s account into a business one. A simple step, by navigating through the settings in the platform can let you switch between a personal and Business one. The most significant benefit of using a business account on Instagram is getting hold of critical statistical figures like- number of profile visits, the number of followers achieved due to the particular posts, reach, and interactions through the post. These features are priceless in understanding the effectiveness of a specific online marketing campaign.

· Targeting via demography

We can perfect marketing tactics by carefully filtering our target audience. A particular product or service is chalked, keeping a certain category of an audience in mind, for example- targeting the youth and fitness enthusiasts in the market for fitness-related products and services.

· Relatable profile photo

The profile photo of your Instagram should be relatable to the main theme of your profile and your targeted audience should be able to connect instantly. The profile photo will define your whole offerings, so choose wisely.

· Correct usage of Instagram stories

Everyone is online, almost 24X7. Hence it would be popular to launch limited-edition offerings directly to your targeted users through Instagram stories. This particular feature allows you to cultivate unique content that will be visible to your users for the next 24 hours only. It helps to create the noise among the masses. You can use a variety of Instagram video editors to create unique stories and keep track of your user’s involvement.  

· Proper usage of hashtags

Hashtags or “#” is a powerful tool of Instagram that features your posts to the desired group of audience. It is the key to increase your visibility. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a single post. Always use a relatable and unique hashtag for every new post. 

· Make use of IG ad maker

One of the main features of the Instagram business profile is the “Instagram shopping” feature. Use a creative ad maker platform online and create a relatable advert for your product or service which you can put for sale on Instagram and start selling to your social media followers without mediators and delay.

· Collaborating with an Influencer

An Instagram influencer already enjoys a wide fan following, so partnering with one of them will help you to exhibit your product/ service to the IG users more efficiently. Studies found a healthy number of Instagrammers chose a product only because their favorite influencers featured in it.

· Good quality content

It is essential to generate good quality and aesthetically compelling content to attract your audience through your Instagram visibility. Adopting platforms like invideo can help you create unique and creative content for your IG marketing campaigns because the quality of your content will be the deciding factor for the success of your campaign.

Conclusion to benefits of Instagram

Marketing is an important aspect for all enterprises; just the type and approach keep updating itself with the prevalence of technologies. Keeping the basics right, anyone can master every marketing strategy. Hope these benefits of instagram must benefit you.

Belayet Hossain

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