Digital marketing continues to be a rapidly growing platform in which to interact with and attract new customers through the internet and social media.

In addition to the traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, and billboards, these digital channels seek to convert prospects into customers as well as maintain and develop a loyal customer base. 

In digital marketing, having a website is the most basic requirement a business should have.

A web design company can optimize the website to make it the best for your business and your clients and visitors. Still, having a website won’t be enough nowadays to ensure success.

And today, using social media is one of the popular and widely used methods for business growth

Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, etc. are some of the larger platforms that can be utilized for digital marketing.

Digital marketers develop websites, promote ads on different media, and reach out to target audiences.

Moreover, digital marketing provides opportunities to create content and share it with the public.

Visitors can learn more about what’s trending all over the world. 

In the following, you’ll find our list of the best digital marketing books for new as well as established entrepreneurs.

1. Building a StoryBrand

Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand is one of the best digital marketing books available.

It provides solutions for common challenges faced by businesses and business leaders.

This author proposes seven practical methods of digital marketing, applicable for today’s current business environment.

The primary objectives focus on how to build better relationships between the business and its customers.  

Building a StoryBrand will help a business understand and implement better techniques of conveying the benefits of using their product or service to their customers.

The reason customers make purchases, how to simplify a brand message, how to create an effective message for websites and social media, etc., are important points of understanding.

This message in the book is straightforward and sustainable for the reader.

It can change the way you communicate with customers. The marketing information is ground-breaking.

This book combines both marketing science and strategy with a detailed plan.

It can teach a business how to best position itself to succeed and lead in its market.  

Building a StoryBrand will help clarify and improve your message for your audience.

This book will address effective business strategies that can help any business in its marketing efforts.  


  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Helpful tips in modern business methods
  • Simple and practical examples
  • Interesting and compelling marketing message


  • Repetition of the same message
  • Low quality of paper

Who Should Read This? 

Entrepreneurs, content marketers, and digital marketers of different industries can benefit from reading this book.

Also, anyone who’s planning to start a business will be able to learn a lot from Building a StoryBrand.

2. WTF Is My Password

WTF Is My Password by Paper Kate Publishing, is designed to store your important usernames, passwords, and addresses in one place.

Pages are arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference.  

It can be very annoying whenever we’re unable to locate or remember a password to a particular site.

This is a problem that we’ve all faced more than once! 

Because many websites are used in daily life, and each of these requires different usernames and passwords, we all have a big job keeping all of this information straight. 

From online shopping to our everyday workload, most of us visit a high number of websites daily.

And on each of these sites, we need our username and password. To keep track of it all, this book can be a big help. For many, there will be new information, from which you will find out that this is what the publishers of popular online Poki games have long developed and implemented.

Keep your sign-on information in one place and avoid the hassle of resetting your passwords. 


  • Printed with great quality paper
  • Wide lines for big handwriting
  • Perfect size
  • This book can be the best digital marketing book for those who handle multiple website accounts


  • Hard to organize
  • Only 16 entries for each letter

Who Should Read This? 

Forgetful people can benefit from this book. Even people who aren’t in digital marketing will find this useful especially those who use different login information for several email addresses, social media accounts, and more.

3. Marketing Made Simple

It takes hard work to grow a company’s customer base and net value.  

By the time you finish with this helpful and insightful guide, you may consider Marketing Made Simple to be Donald Miller’s best book on digital marketing in 2021.

Marketing Made Simple quite simply details the three stages for a business in developing a relationship with its customers.

The bonding between seller and customer is the top priority. Customer satisfaction is key to the growth of the business.

It’s not just about the product or service being sold; it’s about communication and accessibility. 

The ultimate resources for marketing professionals are described in detail. Implementation of these methods and techniques create strong bonds with the customer base.

Creating and implementing marketing plans are provided to assist in attracting new customers.

And tips on how to create and act upon valuable opportunities to grow the brand are highlighted. 

There are many challenges that any business can face, regardless of the size of the business. 

For example, each business will be concerned with sales levels or employee and customer relations.

This guide can provide advice and recommendations to help address some of the most common challenges for any business. 

Taking customer communication and connection to the next level plays a vital role in the viability of a business.

To survive in today’s marketplace, good communication is a must. How a business communicates and interacts with its customers is pivotal.  

Marketing professionals must know the touchpoints of the customer base and develop and strengthen the brand’s story.

Simple and clear communication with customers can encourage customers to buy your product. 

Different modes for attracting new customers, including email marketing, are described in this book.

Sending emails to prospective customers can encourage conversions. Simple and easy-to-navigate websites with an attractive presentation of your product line can go a long way to helping increase sales. 


  • Practical marketing guide
  • Understand the techniques for increasing sales
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • A good book on digital marketing for dummies or professionals


  • Lack of examples
  • Might not be suitable for all professionals 

Who Should Read This? 

Similar to Building a StoryBrand, this book will help people who want a better understanding of the digital marketing industry. Though it’s marketed mainly for beginners, marketing professionals can use this book to refreshen their knowledge about the trade.

4. Influencer 

New lifestyle and fashion trends have taken on new importance and role for a business’ marketing efforts.

Influencers are an important link between the business and its customers. 

They might be an athlete or a celebrity, or just a standout in a niche market.

Through their example, customers feel more comfortable adopting new trends, contributing to the success of a business’ marketing objectives. 

Yes, you can be an influencer; a blogger, vlogger, or YouTuber, and teach new methods and techniques to viewers.

Influencer, written by Brittany Hennessy, details how to build an audience and keep them engaged.

This guide touches on every core aspect of marketing. These tips create content worth and discovery.

The live review of products encourages people to buy what you’re selling. Providing product reviews supports any sales strategy.  

This book is designed to clearly describe the social media process and its power.

How does social media help products to be advertised? People educate themselves with the advantages and the disadvantages and then make their decisions.

And with a good review for the product or a demonstration by a social media star that they’re following, they’re inclined to make that purchase. 

Valuable information and methods are covered in the book. Anyone can be a social media star and influencer.

The book will detail the basic steps to get started, and from there, how to broaden your strategy.

You’ll gain experience, and your contributions to a company’s marketing efforts will become increasingly valuable.  

It will take time and concerted effort to become a successful influencer

You’ll need to keep an eye on trends and continue to deepen your product knowledge.  


  • Beneficial for an online brand 
  • Focused on social media marketing 
  • Great guide for beginner


  • Highly focused toward women influencers
  • Likely an advertisement for Instagram

Who Should Read This? 

This is mainly for content creators who want to focus on influencer marketing.

Still, businesses who would like to explore this type of marketing can also learn a lot from this book.

This will help them understand and set expectations from the influencers they will be working with.

Having a business professional give in points for this method can result in a more effective and successful outcome.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (3rd Edition), by Tracy Tuten and Michael Solomon, details the use of social sites to promote products and services.

Social media can reach the greatest audience in the shortest time and coordinate communication with existing customers.

Creating and sharing content on social media will help to achieve marketing and branding goals.

This social media marketing textbook covers many vital tips on how to attract new customers. 

It covers the core skills needed for social media influence, planning for social media applications, and implementation of new plans on social sites.

These methods of promoting brands on the internet promote the product and help to gain name, fame, and profit.

In this book, social media marketing concepts are fully explained in easy terms.

There is an introduction to the social media corporate world and it provides information for social sites and their importance for any business.

There is a section dedicated to various topics such as social media planning, tactics, and data management.                                                                

Most of us are familiar with the major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

These forms of media facilitate connection and the building of the brand with the audience.

Also, these platforms help to publish great content on social media profiles.

Listening to and engaging followers, analyzing and running advertisements are examples of fantastic opportunities offered through social media engagement.

Promoting products and increasing sales has become a more straightforward process.

People see traffic on social media, serving as an excellent form of advertisement of your products.

Learning important tips and tricks will help you to do this work effectively.

Gaining knowledge about social media marketing will help achieve your marketing goals in the shortest amount of time. 


  • In-depth knowledge of social media marketing
  • Practical information
  • Easy to implement


  • Poorly written and hard to follow
  • Overuse of buzzwords
  • Poor image quality

Who Should Read This? 

Unlike Influencer, this book tackles general social media marketing methods and concepts.

This is great for new business owners and for those who haven’t integrated social media with their marketing strategies yet. 

6. YouTube Secrets

YouTube is a social app that provides a simple way to store video online.

Anyone can upload a video and can choose to share it with others. YouTube was created as a platform to post video content and watch videos.

It has grown to be one of the foremost video distribution sites in the world.

YouTube is not only an entertainment site, but it’s also one of the best platforms for earning income.

Thousands of people generate income through video upload. A good video can be watched by vast numbers of people around the world.

More views, more income. But the video absolutely must have good content. 

YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannel and Benji Travis is likely the best digital marketing book for YouTubers.

It provides in-depth knowledge of different methods to raise a YouTube channel. It is full of tips and tricks to help you succeed on this platform.       

The strategies to grow views and subscribers are well described.

This book is highly recommended for new YouTubers or for those who’ve been in a slump.

There are many great recommendations for someone who is just starting up. 

It’s ideal for those who are interested in creating content for video. And the best way to gain more views is by creating great content.

It is written in an easy-to-understand format. Every tip helps maintain a good channel.

Key principles and best practices are described for those who are interested in building an effective presence on YouTube. 

This is an excellent resource for aspiring YouTubers, providing techniques for growing your following on YouTube.

It will help you become a more successful video influencer.  


  • A good place to start for a beginner
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Full of practical tips for a YouTube business
  • Up to date information


  • Nothing new for old YouTubers
  • Basic points are explained

Who Should Read This? 

This is for anyone, businesses or individuals, who want to be successful YouTube creators.

For businesses, owners should be able to understand the concept using this book if they want to succeed in improving their online presence.

7. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk, imparts important information for both beginners and marketing professionals.

It describes the most effective methods of interaction with customers on various social platforms.

At its core, it’s focused on a long term view of building authentic and active customer relationships.

This book details how to maintain a bond between existing customers as well as how to gain new ones.

Being fluent with different social sites is an essential way to tell stories to customers that are relevant to them; converting prospects to customers.  

The best content will form long-lasting bonds between a business and its customers.

Marketers will be able to build smooth relationships with visitors to a site if they can effectively interact with them.

Simple and useful examples are offered for improving interactions.

These examples can further emphasize the importance and necessity of good content. 

Having good content automatically increases sales.

This book will emphasize how staying relevant is essential to success as well as knowing what works on social media and what doesn’t work. 

Each social media site has its purpose. And the brand must know the best ways and which channels will be most of the service.

Each user on social media has a different psychology and subjective needs.

Brands must know what motivates their customer base; what need can be filled by the brand.

In this digital era, almost everyone is connected through social sites and it can be challenging to come up with a unique approach to entice new customers.

Social media marketing is also very competitive; people are busy with work, family, and other interests.

These little busy groups of people may need to be approached from a new angle and that’s important to understand.  

This book is helpful for media consultants and managers as well as content managers.

It’s ideal for managing social media marketing. Branding through social media helps to gain business growth in a relatively short time but there is still always a need for good content. 


  • Guidance on type of advertisement on social media
  • Speedy read and understandable
  • Practical and easy to implement
  • Guide for approaching the relationship of brands and customers. 


  • Overloaded with case studies
  • Out of date information
  • Big in size
  • Portions may be too basic for experienced users of social media

Who Should Read This? 

Established businesses that are having a hard time adapting to the digitalized world can benefit most from this book.

Those who experience losing customers will learn how to prevent it while acquiring more clients through social media marketing. 

8. Crushing It

Crushing It, also by Gary Vaynerchuk, may be considered one of the best digital marketing books for digital marketers.

The author explains every current major social media platform. Its language can be understood by anyone, from bus drivers to pilots.

The book can tell you exactly how to amplify your brand presence on any social media. 

There are explanations and methods for tips and tricks to increase a brand on social sites. 

Crushing It guides the reader on a path to professional and financial success.

This book offers new lessons and inspiration for entrepreneurs; what has changed in the industry and which principles have timeless application. 

Different steps are described for how to dominate different social media sites.

There is no better time to take advantage of what these social sites can offer.

These sites can be for fun and entertainment purposes, but they can also be used as a source of income and the achieving of other goals.  

The author explains how documenting your journey will ultimately be of great help to you.

Start creating content now. Being consistent will help achieve your objectives. It might take a little time, but your efforts will pay off.

It guides the most important components that contribute to being successful in online marketing.

The book explains where to start, and takes you each step of the way.  

As with most things, there is a need for patience; there won’t be new customers, and big income increases right off the bat.

But with continuous and concerted effort, you can expect to see brand promotion and new customers. 

It guides the reader on how to grow the personal brand, the business, or follow a passion.

It defines principles that can enable a new mindset to understand how to become an influencer through branding.

It gives guidance on how to use social media to advantage. 


  • Guide to turn passion into money
  • Guide for online marketing
  • Easy and understandable


  • Shallow content
  • Repetitive and illogical comparisons
  • Low-quality paper
  • Lack of consistency and research

Who Should Read This? 

Similar to Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, the book will be most helpful for failing businesses through brand growth and effective digital marketing strategies.

Mainly, this is for people who want to learn more about social media marketing.


There is no escaping the need to implement digital marketing techniques for any successful business.

There are different tools and applications available on the internet that can be integrated with your marketing strategies.

It’s one of the fastest-growing trends with a global reach.  

New technologies are significantly more visible in digital marketing. With the rise of technology, marketing approaches and strategies have been impacted and improved.    

For any influencer or entrepreneur, there is a constant need to stay updated on current trends to stay valuable as well as viable.

Each brand and business owner has to stay relevant as well as maintain excellent relationships with their customer base.

Any one of the books mentioned above will be able to offer tips, tricks, and insights that will undoubtedly contribute to your understanding of digital marketing applications.

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