ITL Phone Cleaner App

ITL Phone Cleaner is a superb cleaning app which scans your device for junk files and speeds up its performance instantly. It is your complete Android cleaning package which keeps your device running like a new one.

ITL Phone Cleaner is an easy phone cleaner for mobile which is packed with great optimization features such as Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, Game Booster, CPU Cooler, Antivirus and many more. It is one of the best apps for cleaning, boosting and securing your Android device.

Key Features of ITL Phone Cleaner and How to Use Them?

The critical features of ITL Phone Cleaner App and procedure to use them is given below.

❖    Junk Cleaner

When an Android device is used for a long time, it becomes cluttered with hundreds of junk files which include temp files, system cache, app cache, empty folders, APKs, etc. The installed applications create these junk files on your device. These junk files engage a lot of storage space on your device and impact its performance. Hence, you must get rid of these junk files to ensure regular and smooth working of your device. With the Junk Cleaner option of ITL Phone Cleaner, you can quickly clean phone storage and recover colossal space.

Tap on the “Junk Cleaner” option in the app to scan the junk files. Then tap on “Clean Junk” to quickly remove these files and recover a high amount of storage space.

❖    Phone Booster

Your Android device usually has several applications running in the background, and you may not even be aware of them. These apps consume your device’s RAM, profoundly slows down your device and hamper its performance. Therefore, you need a Phone Booster to get back your device to its normal working.

Just tap on the “Phone Boost” option to makes your device faster and smoother.

❖    Social Cleaner

You receive hundreds of media files through various social apps regularly. This leads to the accumulation of repeated and unnecessary media files which pile up your storage space. With the Social Cleaning feature, you can review & delete these unnecessary files and recover a right amount of storage space.

Tap on the “Social Cleaning” feature to get a list of all the media files through social apps. Then, make your selection to delete the files you want and recover space.

❖    Battery Saver

Battery draining is a widespread problem for most smartphone users. There are so many reasons due to which your device’s battery runs out quickly. The Battery Saver of ITL Phone Cleaner analyses your battery issues and offers natural settings to control your battery and use it effectively.

  1. Tap on the “Battery Saver” module of the app. You will find different options there.
  2. Use “Battery Profile” option to create different battery profiles.
  3. Under the next option “Battery Saver,” select the battery profiles that would set automatically as per the remaining battery on your device.
  4. Then enable the “Battery Saver”, and it would manage your phone settings automatically to maximize your battery.
  5. You can also use the “Custom Battery Saver” option to manage your battery settings manually.

❖    Duplicates Cleaner

There are several photos on your Android device which are identical copies of the original one. This compromises phone memory and performance. Remove such unnecessary photos using Duplicate Photo Cleaner.

Tap on the “Duplicate Photos” option, then select your area of scanning and tap on “Scan for Duplicates” to scan all the similar and duplicate (precisely same) photos present on your device. After getting the list of duplicate photos, clean the duplicates to reclaim free space on your device and get an organized collection of photos.

❖    Antivirus

Android devices are susceptible to various potential threats such as mobile viruses, malicious apps, potentially risky settings, etc. Therefore, the need for Antivirus becomes very important.

Tap on the “Antivirus” option to scan your device for any infections. If any infections are found, just clean them with a single tap to make your device completely clean and secure.

With the Antivirus feature of ITL Phone Cleaner, you can protect your device from all such threats. It scans all your apps and provides real-time protection from all external threats. It even alerts you whenever you download any unsafe app.

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Additional Features of ITL Phone Cleaner App

Other additional features of ITL Phone Cleaner are:

❏    CPU Cooler

When you use your device continuously, it gets highly heated up due to so many processes running in the background. To control your phone’s temperature, you need a CPU Cooler. A CPU Cooler identifies and terminates the cumbersome processes, thereby reducing the CPU usage and lowering down the device temperature.

So, whenever your device gets heated up, just tap on the “CPU Cooler” option to analyze your device. Then tap on the ”Cool Down” button to cool down your device.

❏    Game Booster

While playing your favorite games, you might experience that your game crashes frequently or it works very slowly. The Game Booster is designed to solve this problem. It terminates the useless apps to increase your phone’s RAM so that your games could load faster.

Just tap on the “Game Booster” button and then scan for games on your device. Then merely boost the game which you want to play and get a smoother gaming experience.

❏    App Manager

Manage apps installed on the internal & external storage of your device using the App Manager. Uninstall the apps which you don’t use or create a backup for quick re-installation. This way you can recover lost space.

❏    Space Manager

Many large files are occupying a high amount of storage space on your device which you don’t know about. Find these large files using the Space Manager. Create more space by reviewing and deleting large files existing in the internal and external storage of your device.

ITL Phone Cleaner is a phone cleaner app for Android which effectively cleans & speeds up your device and enhances its overall performance. It is a must try for all the Android users!

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