I am going to discuss some best Self defense tools someone need whenever s/he visit any suspicious places. The world and its people are revolutionizing, the globe is projecting self-indulgent side of its clan. Emphasizing on the personal benefits and pleasure human being are losing humanity somewhere. Skimming through the newspapers countless examples regarding people committing the crime to fulfill respective desires

Therefore, it’s an authentic fact that no one is convincing in this world. Status Seeker mankind is far beyond the standards of animals. The society tends to trouble each person preferably women since there are certain limits confined to females. God has blessed women with senses to intuit a suspensions activity or place. But the modern era is unsafe for each member of the world be it, man or woman. Therefore in dreadful circumstances, men or women both know self-defense. It’s significant in today’s world to be able to toe the line through any possible medium one opts for.

Despite fact who the person is a suspensions activity or place sticks the sixth sense as time is progressing the crime rate is accelerating even robberies are usual in the society so what to do. Grateful to technology for familiarizing means to defend in case of trouble. The scientists are working day and night to invent gadgets as well as self defense tools to ease up life. Let’s have a look at some best self defense tools you always need.



self defense tools - Stun Gun Flashlight VIPERTEK VTS 989



1. Stun Gun Flashlight – VIPERTEK VTS-989

A Stun Gun is a celebrated idea in terms of self defense tools, compact and convenient to carry the handy gadget transmits an electric current through the body of the one opposite.

The manufacturer claims the powerful current of 230,000,000 volts clearly its cracking sound is loser enough to defend you in case of trouble. The customized design is the highlighting characteristic of the gadget, in case robbers plan to snatch it from you the metal body him an electric shock. Moreover, the electrodes are authoritative enough to pass electric shock through clothes. The VIPERTEK VTS-989 stun gun is an affordable device for the safety in any possible situation. Its electric shock provides enough time to run away. This is a great list to find the best stun guns.



self defense tools - ROBOCOP SOS Personal Alarm



2. ROBOCOP SOS Personal Alarm

Imagine a person in trouble without any self defense tools for fortification but a secret alarm loud enough to gather public for rescue, sounds interesting right? Amazon Launchpad introduced ROBOCOP SOS Personal Alarm one of the small self defense tools. At first glance, the bright and catchy design seems an ordinary keychain, but in reality, it’s a robot. The personal alarm has a cover on top of the keychain immediately after the cover is removed from the keychain generates a loud sound and turns off once the cover is placed back on the gadget. Moreover, the ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm is waterproof hence produces invariable sound even under the water surface. The personal alarm is not expensive and performs in every possible condition rain, under water or mud.



self defense tools - SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray


3. SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray – Advanced Police strength

Every individual with a misconception that peppers spray in inferior to stun gun, this pepper spray is available in the market to rectify the misconception since it has a long-lasting effect. The spray is so impactful that police consume it during training course left a painful affect for an hour almost.

The victim’s experiences skin burns as if it’s an acid attack along with the vision loss for a longer period providing you ample of duration to run for the survival. A single can is sufficient for approximate 35 attacks moreover, assembled in the USA the SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray is ISO acclaimed. Covers the distance of 10 feet this pepper spray saves from any sort of human or animal attack. Nonetheless, police all across the world consume it during training, thus creating it as the number one pepper spray in the world.



self defense tools - Taser gun Taser Pulse with Laser LED 2 Cartridges Holster Target Black Finish


4. Taser Gun – Taser Pulse with Laser LED 2 Cartridges Holster Target Black Finish

The following laser gun originally is a modified version of the stun gun, covering the radius of 15 feet which is sufficient to attack a suspicious person. Teaser gun is on one the greatest self defense tools and a blessing of technology is flawless to carry however the powerful current of 50000 volts is adequate supply to defend oneself. Furthermore, the distance permit you shoot the attacker and run away. The empowering of teaser gun is via ordinary power socket whereas the battery indicator turns on if the device battery is insufficient. Logically the electric current of teaser gun confines the muscle control of victim for about thirty seconds. However, the gadget is expensive but reviewing the features it’s worth spending money.



self defense tools - Zitronik textile flashlight knife


5. Zitronik textile flashlight knife

The zitronak gadget is multifunctional perfect for self-defense during the emergency. The rechargeable device is approachable with convenient assembling options, therefore, the consumer can convert it into a torch or knife or both if necessary. The led, 800LM LED light is installing with three adjustable light levels moreover the focused beam, floor light and zoom in light options are existing for the purchaser. The zitronik flashlight knife is waterproof plus occupying up to 500 feet distance. Dashing ahead the aluminum knife with the super sharp blade is 3.5 inches in length. A hammer characteristic is a highlight of the product so it’s strong enough to break a glass in case compulsory. 13.6 ounces in weight the revolutionizing gadget is admirable along with compulsory for traveling alone, hiking or visiting a suspensions place. Undoubtedly, Zitronik is one of the awesome self defense tools.


self defense tools - electrified no-contact jacket


6. The electrified no-contact jacket

The customized designed jacket seems an ordinary women coat at first glance but the masterminds manufacture the product specifically for the women. Every Layman is aware of the constant rise in the statistics of rape and women abuse; obviously, each woman cannot defend herself due to lack of training or strength to resist. Adam Whiton designer of the jacket quotes that” it’s like striking your finger in wall socket It hurts. When somebody tries to grab you from behind, they get the full, hefty shock out of it. That’s really painful.” and it’s true as it has the tendency to transmit current of 80,000 W.

Analyzing the design the inner layer comprises of conductive fiber energizing by a battery of 9 volts. The highlight characteristic of the product is unique programming of consuming less electricity while charging but producing a high voltage current. The gadget activates by turning on a tiny lock on the outer sleeve while you can charge it through clicking a button linking to the cord on the inner sleeve. The electrified non-contact jacket is solely engineered for women, the tailoring of the jacket is in a manner that it fits women to defend themselves in any situation. However the price is slightly on higher side, this revolutionary product is yet to introduce in markets.


These self defense tools are really essential when you in a suspicious place. Or if it is your random work to visit mostly dangerous places, you must have these self defense tools I discussed. If it was helpful, please spread the message by sharing and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box.


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