Importance of Unit Conversions for Android Apps

Before discussing the best unit converter app for Android, let’s take a look at the importance of unit conversion that how it works. It’s a process of converting units from one form to another in a standard way to meet the requirements. The unit conversion has different needs and purposes, particularly they are used in various online tools.

For the easy conversion, we see a variety of tools and converters are available that people use for quick conversion. In this way, tough and lengthy calculations can be avoided by using these efficient unit converters.

Not only complicated calculations are controlled but one can also attain quality results by using app converters. Looking at the Android and its ever increasing users, we come to know that Android technology is getting common day by day in the market. So, it has enough to deal with unit converters.

Thankfully, the converter is a simple search that provides massive results to a user whenever a user wants to see accurate and quality results. The features of the unit converter app are just exceptional. To discuss things in detail we have gathered some of the best unit converter apps for our readers. If you are searching for the best unit converter app, here we go!

Best Unit converter app for Android

We are very much aware of the competition that is increasing rapidly in the world of technology and application market. For unit conversion of the app, things are getting more common If you are looking to grab the best and simple converter that has a nice interface or at least have a nice modern international system unit. Check our Instagram stories on Stories ig – anonymously Instagram story viewer

We have collected some of the best unit converter apps for you. Let’s take a look at all apps one by one!

Ultimate Converter

Looking at the importance of the unit converter app, so many unit converter apps have been launched, where the ultimate converter is the best and simple unit converter currently available in the market. It has got a dark grey theme that makes it look dashing.

This is why the ultimate converter is getting popular day by day just because it supports 250 different units and that’s the specialty of the ultimate converter.

Importantly, it only converts positive values in just seconds, but it doesn’t support negative values such as 10℃ is in Fahrenheit is never calculated by this app.

Convert Units Free

If you are looking for a stunning and gorgeous unit converter app, you can find convert units free as one of the best looking applications currently available in the market.

It covers nine categories with few units for all categories. Its interface is blue and white that is not of extensive level, but it helps in changing unit categories easily.

Moreover, the app supports negative values as well and that’s a great achievement of this app, as many of the Android apps don’t support negative values. Other than supporting negative values, the app also supports decimals.

In this way, we come to know about many benefits of this app. There is only one drawback, the app works better on big screens. The smartphones having small screens don’t support this app from a representation point of view.

Simple Converter

Simple Converter is another simple unit converter application that works great when it comes to converting units. The app is perfect for various categories, where a user can find conversion in different things such as in volumes, areas, temperature, numbers, and weight. Also, it supports decimals, but there is one drawback. The app doesn’t support negative values.


Among all Android apps, Unit Converter is another interesting unit conversion app that supports 11 categories. The spinner category is available on this app that makes it unique and user-friendly.

Moreover, the app has got superb features when it comes to swapping option. Thankfully, the app also supports negative values and that’s the best feature of this application.

Convertor Lite

Another important unit converter app is converter lite. It’s one of the most impressive applications in terms of functionality and features. The app supports decimals, negative values, copy paste options and more importantly the landscape mode.

These are numerous features of this app that make it special and highly demanding app in the market in terms of converting units. Mathematical functions are also great in this application, as it quickly converts days into minutes and seconds, kilograms into pounds and ounces and centimeters into inches. Moreover, the categories and units are also superb in this app that works fine.

Convert This!

Convert This is another app famous application that has stupendous graphical representation and it’s very easy to use just because of its user-friendly features. The app covers 13 categories with a range of units as well. If you type any value in the box, it will quickly convert into the answer you desire for. The app supports negative and decimal values and works very fast.

Unit Converter

Unit converter is the leading app that has got splendid features. Interestingly, the app supports 50 categories in multiple units and that’s the unique thing available in this app. Not only it supports decimal and negative values, but it also works great for landscape orientation. It’s the best unit converter app that can provide you different results in just one single click.


ConvertDroid is another special app that works fine in converting units. The app is comprised of double column categories and UI that makes it ideal for mixed unit conversions. It supports about 58 categories with full functions that are required in an app.


EZKonvert is also a special app converter that supports so many categories at the same time. If you are looking for the best quality unit converter app, you can simply go with EZKonvert. There are so many benefits of using this app, but there is a drawback as well. It doesn’t support negative values and that makes it little less worthy.

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