Introduction: Bitcoin or Polkadot or Matic

Bitcoin or Polkadot or Matic  – which is the most profitable? Cryptocurrency was an unknown term to most people until a decade ago. But the year 2021 reversed the entire model of the crypto or digital currency world.

Today, this model of currency is the much-hyped-up and talked product in town. There have been many endorsements and celebrity faces promoting digital currency. We have also come across other models of digital currency.

This includes popular names including Tether, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, etc. As of 2021, the total market share of cryptocurrency is at $3trillion.

As part of a recent survey published by Chainalysis, the USA rules the world of digital assets. Globally, the USA accounts for almost 14% of users in digital assets. India takes the lead next with approximately 15 million users investing in cryptocurrency. This makes India the second-largest using digital currency for exchange globally.

In 2021, the digital currency market saw huge highs and lows. But it is also important to understand that the financial year will not survive on these hypes. Investors are no longer a novice in the industry. Various market studies are undertaken to understand the world of crypto.

While coins and tokens are important models of digital currency. Listed below are 03 major digital currencies for your focus in 2024. Keeping these digital currencies under your radar will reap benefits. This will also ensure that your investments provide higher returns. Let’s dig in depth of each cryptocurrency: Bitcoin or Polkadot or Matic:


Bitcoin is decade-old crypto in the digital world. Bitcoin network was first launched under the pseudonym of “Satoshi Nakamoto”. The current market capitalization of Bitcoin is 70Crore+. This is the first decentralized model of cryptocurrency.

It allows users to execute a transaction without any central authority intervention. As of 2021, bitcoin allows for transmitting value through the internet. The added advantage is the possibility to store these assets like gold and silver.

While cryptocurrency is a volatile market, bitcoin investment is a sure bet. Bitcoin investment provides investors with a guaranteed return on investment. If statistics are to be believed, touched an all-time high value at $50,000 by end of 2021.

This means investors are going to reap many more benefits of 42% with their investments. Bitcoin goes by Gold in this industry due to its promised returns. So, are you still wondering if is it worth buying bitcoin nowadays?


This digital currency came into existence recently. It is 05 years into the market and has been dominating the industry parallel with Ethereum. An added advantage is the decentralized working model along with blockchain.

This digital currency allows users for customizing their network chains. This network chain developed in parallel without compromising on network security and safety. The current market share of Polkadot is 1.97crore.

According to a recent survey, Polkadot is an ambitious project for 2024. It could provide its users with either double or even a little more return on investment in the year 2024. As per strategy and market studies, Polkadot coins will provide a growth return of 222%.


Launched in the year 2017, Polygon deploys a layer 2 platform technology. This digital currency works through the Polygon network. Users work on their own blockchain technology. Investors can and move their existing tokens and chains amongst others.

Matic side-chain utilizes such internal transactions. The point to note is that one needs to have a thorough understanding of the Ethereum platform. This digital platform enables users to play around in this platform. As of today, the current market capitalization of Matic is 1.34 Crore.

Matic received a positive response in the year 2021. But we need to wait and watch how this crypto would perform in 2024. Polygon Matic provided its investors provided a return of 1349% during the year. Matic is currently used by service providers for their dedicated payment services platforms.


Cryptocurrency is one of the most interesting topics on social media. This is a dedicated topic in the investment industry. In 2021, this investment model also attracted a wider audience. There is wider recognition of utilizing this platform.

Global recognition is an added advantage. Many countries have legalized the use of digital currency as a legal payment model. An investor needs to be aware that digital assets are unstable.

The market is growing wider for digital currency. Before investing, it is also important to understand the pros and cons of the crypto market. Hope now you can decide easily, what you can invest on: Bitcoin or Polkadot or Matic.

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