Antivirus programs detect viruses and malware by cross-checking with their virus definition database. They try to detect if there is any match. If any file matches to the virus definition, the Antivirus removes the malware from the computer. Antiviruses also quarantine suspicious programmes in an isolated area called sandbox and thus can monitor their activity. Today we will look into Comodo Secure DNS Review.

The challenge for security firms

Every day new malware and viruses are created. As a result software companies are forced to increase the virus definition database in size. Therefore a single suspected file has to be checked against millions of files. It is a challenge for the Antivirus companies to keep their Antivirus programs fast and light for the computers.

The solution:  Cloud-based Antivirus Programs

To solve the increasing size of the database issue, Cloud technology comes in handy. Security firms are manufacturing Cloud-based Antivirus. Although the traditional method is used by many companies for their Antivirus software, some companies blend cloud technology with the traditional method. Also, there are companies that use the cloud technology only. Though they are very rare.

The advantage of cloud technology is that the Antivirus software uses very limited resources of the computer, the server does all the heavy scanning. It’s not reasonable to send every single file to the cloud for scanning; which would lengthen the process and also consume a lot of time. Instead, cloud-based Antivirus software uses new technologies like behavioral scanning, to check suspicious files. Suspicious files have a digital fingerprint that is sent to the cloud for checking and identification.

Comodo secure DNS review: Best cloud-based Antiviruses

Some of the best cloud-based Antivirus software available today are Comodo, Panda, Webroot, Immunet etc. Although each one has its advantages and disadvantages, in my opinion comodo is the best cloud-based Antivirus.

Comodo cloud-based Antivirus review

Comodo cloud-based Antivirus constantly protects PCs against all forms of malware. The installation process is easy, configuration takes less time, and it is easy to use. Cloud-based scanner delivers up-to-date defense against even the newest viruses. Unknown files are automatically isolated in a sandbox. Viruscope technology detects and blocks suspicious behavior in unknown files. The most amazing thing about this Antivirus is that it is free for life and does not take any license charge.

Features of Comodo Cloud-Based Antivirus

Protects against unknown and undiscovered malicious programs that traditional Antivirus cannot provide. Identifies and contains threats, thus provides total protection and allows you to run any applications freely. Comodo uses fewer system resources. Cloud-based scanning and online file look-ups allow it to run on older hardware easily. When Comodo is installed on your computer, automatic sandboxing and real-time virus monitoring of unknown files will keep you 100% safe.

One of the specialty is of Comodo secure DNS review is that it uses Comodo secure DNS.

Comodo secure DNS review

DNS means Domain Name System. It is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Domain names are alphabetic, which makes them easy to remember. However, the internet uses IP addresses to recognize websites. Every time someone types a web address in a web browser and hits enter, DNS service has to translate the name into a specific IP address.  If a DNS server cannot assign an IP address to a domain name, it asks another server, until it gets the correct IP address.

There are several DNS services available. Comodo secure DNS, Google DNS, open DNS, level3 DNS are some of the most widely used DNS services.


Comodo secure DNS Review

Comodo secure DNS Review: Benefits

A custom DNS server has more benefits than ISP assigned DNS. Custom servers like Comodo secure DNS, Google public DNS, open DNS etc. have faster DNS servers then ISP servers, so the request is processed faster and more smoothly. These servers are more reliable and have better uptime. If you are geographically closer to a custom server, then your request will be processed faster. The custom servers provide options for parental control. Phishing protection is provided by some DNS servers. Country-specific censorship and content blocking can be bypassed by choosing a server in another location.

Comodo DNS vs OpenDNS

Comodo group offers a free DNS service namely “Comodo secure DNS service”. In Comodo secure DNS review, it has been proved to be the fastest to many users in their areas after performing several benchmarking tests against several others DNS services, and ISP provided DNS. This is one of the fastest free public DNS servers available because its nodes are strategically placed. It also provides proprietary routing technology. A leader in internet and computer security has made it which adds to the benefit. It has some filtering features that can be useful for parents to enable parenteral control or for necessary web moderation in workplaces.

OpenDNS, on the other hand, is one of the most popular DNS services. In some areas, it can be faster than Google Public DNS. Like Comodo DNS, it also provides some extra filtering features. It’s is typically faster than the default servers provided by ISPs. It has unwanted content blocking ability and web security options that other free DNS services lack. It also provides Family Shield version that allows blocking of adult contents, as well as a fully customizable home version.

Comodo Secure DNS network offers a security enhancement over OpenDNS is its defense against DDoS attacks. From traffic monitoring and analysis, Comodo secure DNS can mitigate and minimize the impacts of the DDOS attacks which OpenDNS does not provide.

How to setup Comodo secure DNS

If you have a router, it is recommended that to change your router setting so that all the computers and devices connected to that router will be automatically able to use Comodo secure DNS. However, if you want to change settings of your computer, settings may vary according to the particular operating system.

The bottom line

Picking up the right DNS Server is important because it increases your browsing speed. It also increases the security of net browsing. If you choose the wrong DNS, you may face security issues and end up in DNS cache poisoning attacks. In my opinion, Comodo Secure DNS is a good option because it is fast, secure, protects against the DOS attacks blocks malicious contents.


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