The appearance of a website holds huge importance. If users visit a site and its visual appearance fails to impress them then they would probably not visit a site again. Various elements like colors, font, images, and layout play an important role to not only improve the visibility of a site but also to compel users to visit the site again and again.

The drawback of having a bad website design is that people don’t bother to go through your content. If it happens continuously, then you will probably lose your potential customers one by one and your business will also suffer.

The first impression of a site creates a reputation for your brand or services. So as a WordPress developer you are responsible for creating a website with responsive features.

Having a great website design is your first step towards success. Pre-built themes are key to create beautiful website designs, but there are other elements that should be focused as well. In this article, some tips will be explained that will help you to learn how to create a WordPress website beautifully.

How to create a WordPress website: Elegant Logo Design

If you own a business, then the logo is the essential part of your website. You have to ensure that your logo represents your business. Logos are referred to as a face of the business. It’s a best graphical representation of your business that is a combination of images, fonts, and colors.

A logo depicts the details of your business that allows people to acknowledge the brand and connect with it. You should utilize logo effectively on the website by placing it prominently. So it can be navigated easily.

Top companies invest millions of dollars in marketing their brand through logo designs. It doesn’t matter if you have got a huge amount to invest or not. You still have to find a way to get a professional logo design by using the available resources so it can be used efficiently in a site by a WordPress developer.

How to create a WordPress website: Images

Images can enhance the beauty of your site. Best WordPress website design services always go for the high-quality images. Bad image choices can lead towards the downfall of your brand.

Paid and free photo resources are available, but you have to find the one you can afford. You are needed to do some research to find the best image resource.

How to create a WordPress website: Fonts

Fonts are one of the key elements of web design. You have to make a correct font choice because it is important for the visibility of your site. It is also significant for the visibility and content of your site. So make it easy for people to read content.

Arial, Helvetica and Georgia fonts are widely used in the content. You have to analyze that which font suits your content. Using fonts on the website is different from using it anywhere else. There are only a few fonts that are used worldwide. It is the main issue faced by WordPress developers because they don’t have many choices.

How to create a WordPress website: Colors

Colors play a major part to enhance the beauty of the site, but it can go either way. Use colors smartly in order to relate it to your brand. Every professional company should hire a WordPress designer that can utilize colors effectively in web designs.

Be creative and try different things to have the best color scheme for your website. To make correct color choices that suits your brand take a look at the color schemes of top brands. It will give you an idea that how colors should be used in web designs. There are various online resources available that build themes to provide the color changing options for background and links.

Clutter should be avoided

You should aim for quality, not quantity while making a site. If a website has too much clutter, users would not be able to concentrate on the content. Professional WordPress services ensure to remove clutter from the site.

Clutter contains the useless social media buttons, excessive advertising, unexpected animations, auto-playing videos, and other annoying disruptions. Advertising can be handy to build a profitable website, but ads on the sidebar and every post don’t really give much profit.

You have to place your ads sensibly if your website is generating the sufficient traffic. If you have just created a site, then your priority should be content. Being a WordPress developer, you have to stay patient to achieve the positive results.

Remember that anything deviates a viewer from the content is not good. There is no point in keeping something in the site that you don’t need.

Keep forms simple

To facilitate users, you should keep forms simple online or offline. It is the main resource through which users communicate with your site for the purpose of registration, submissions, contact pages, and password recoveries.

To make your forms more usable, you should put little more effort. User-friendly and gracefully presented forms enhance the design profile of pages.

Content should be Accessible

The bounce rate of a website depends on the content of your site. Users make a quick decision that whether they should spend time on a site or not. The job of WordPress designers is to make the website attractive by making good choices of layout.

Due to low-quality content and poor layout, your target audience can lose interest in the site. Being a designer, you have to ensure that users should find that part of the site easily that holds their required information. By implementing the navigation friendly features on the site, you can make the content accessible for the users.


By following the tips explained above you can create an amazing WordPress website. It will also give you the opportunity to strengthen your brand and to achieve your business goals. Nobody is a born developer or designer. It takes times to learn and implement things in the professional website design and development. So you have to remain patient and hope for the best to obtain your desired results.

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