What is the effective push notification strategy to empower the customer relationship? As a merchant, their only wish is to bring sales to their business and expand the customer base. The companies use different marketing strategies and put a lot of effort into obtaining customer engagement. And the competition is getting harder day by day. Even Email marketing has not been as effective as earlier it was.

In that scenario, every marketer is looking for something effective through which he can drive his sales.

If you are also looking for a powerful strategy for engaging customers, we have a powerful weapon with which you can achieve online user engagement. And that weapon is iOS Push Notifications.

We have compiled certain tips here that will help you to foster customer relationships.

Let’s begin…

What Is Push Notifications?

Push notifications are short, limited-length notifications that pop-up on the user’s device screen. These notifications are alerts about reminders, events, or any announcements sent by browsers. The great push notifications are-timely, actionable, and personal.

Businesses use push notifications as a quick communication channel to keep their customers engaged whether they are active on an application or not.

Top 5 Creative Foolproof Push Notification Strategies For Fostering Customer Relationships

Successful iOS Push notifications need a proper push notification strategy. Too many notifications make users frustrated and very few notifications make the customer base weak. Hence, both these scenarios decrease conversion rates.

So, here are 5 push notification strategies for raising customer engagement

1.   Organize Captivating Content

A push ought to be eye-catching, clear, and concise. Many users opt-out of push notifications because of monotonous content. Nobody wants to see such pieces of stuff that have boring content.

The brain only reacts to that stuff that has compelling content; the content that ignites a desire in you to read.

So, select an image that adds background and add emojis that pass your message to users with a few words. Plus, craft an impressive title and it ought to be brief.

Always observe that your customers are busy so when they receive your push notification, they should be impressed by your engrossing content in one glimpse.

2.   Avoid Sending Too Several Notifications

This issue is very common. As so many businesses think that push notifications are an excellent communication channel to remind their customers about their brands. And that’s why they keep pumping out unnecessary notifications to their customers. Subsequently, their customers get annoyed and as a result, they opt-out push notifications.

Make sure you do not send unnecessary notifications to your customers. Your push notifications might be a nuisance to users if you keep on sending too many push notifications. Send only one notification per day.

3.   Focus On Segmentation

Don’t place all your users in one bucket. There must be segmentation of customers based on different parameters. It is a good strategy while sending push notifications.

How do you categorize your customers?

Customers could be classified based on their past purchases, geolocations, last-page visits, products in their abandoned cart, and their tastes.

Let’s take an example of how this strategy is very effective.

You can send notifications to users about upcoming celebrations in their locality. Plus, you can also send food-related notifications to users based on their locality’s weather.

In this way, you can maintain your customer relationships.

4.   Create A Secure Net

Customer Attrition is an inevitable fact of business. But, you can reduce the customer churn rate by establishing a secure net of notifications to re-engage customers when they are falling out of touch with your brands.

Here are a few examples:

  • We have missed you !!!  Check out the latest [features, products, offers, etc]
  • We have missed you.!!! Here is [bonus for coming back – 12% off coupon]

5.   Ask For Reviews

This is another tip for you to engage customers. Most of the customers love to express their opinion concerning their purchases.

So ask customers to give their feedback on the products they have purchased. This will help you to improve your services.

You can build push notifications so that it redirects to that page when customers can leave their star rating.


The iOs Push notification strategies outlined above are an excellent way to empower customer relationships. WonderPush is a great platform where you can send push notifications in a simple and inexpensive way. So, get started to use Wonderpush to get the best conversion rates from your notifications.

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