Developers at Magento have created and provided a platform that is now known as a giant in the e-commerce world. With its user-friendly interface and highly adaptable features, Magento clearly has the edge over the other e-commerce service-providing platforms. Since its release, Magento has never failed to provide exciting and problem-solving features all the way. The Magento developers have been aiming at providing a flexible and easy to manage platform since the day it landed in the e-commerce solutions world. This article covers the following topics:

  1. What is Magento Multistore Feature?
  2. Magento Multistore Structure
  3. What are the main structure types of Magento multistore features?
  4. What are the Advantages of Using GWS Structure Types?

What is Magento Multistore Feature?

As mentioned earlier, Magento never disappoints when it comes to providing easy-to-manage and problem-solving features. Magento has now introduced a feature known as multistore magento. It allows the users to manage their more than one online store through the same platform simultaneously. It enables users to link all of their digital stores in one place. Multiple online store owners will have the advantage of viewing, controlling, and managing all of their stores from a single admin panel. Sounds excellent, right?

Magento Multistore Structure

Magento 2 now allows its users to manage their multiple e-commerce stores from one place. However, if you want to use and be able to manage all of your digital stores from one panel, you will have to understand the structure of the Magento multistore feature. Let’s get to know how to kick start things at Magento Multistore.

The first step for Magento multistore is to launch a server. After launching the server, select the global Magento setup to enable the multistore feature. After that, you will need to have services from any Magento development company to host your Magento installation. They will then select multiple store features for your panel. Now you are all set to view, control and manage all of your online business stores from one place. Isn’t it great?

What are the main structure types of Magento multistore features?

Magento 2 allows its users to manage and operate their multiple digital e-commerce websites and stores through a single installation. This ability of Magento is known as Global Website Store (GWS). Another main thing that is automatically added with the Magento installation is its store view feature. Below are some of the GWS based structure types of Magento multistore functionality.

Global Structure Type: The global structure type is termed for the complete installation of Magento or Magento 2.

Magento Multiple Website structure type: Magento multiple website structures or Magento multisite refers to single or multiple domains for a single or multiple Magento 2 website. You can also have more than one domain on a single Magento installation.

Magento Multiple store structure type: Users can create a single domain for their multiple websites by using this structure type. In this way, you can have various websites for a single domain store.

Magento store views structure type: This structure type is termed for its functionality of presenting a single e-commerce store in different ways. In other words, multiple storefronts can be created with the help of Magento store views structure type. This structure type is used mainly by e-commerce store owners around the globe for their stores in multiple languages.

What are the Advantages of Using GWS Structure Types?

Each structure type of Magento installation based on GWS comes with advantages. Now, we will let you know the benefits of each structure type.

Multisite Magento Structure

Magento websites often have very unique and flexible features for small as well as large businesses. It is noticed that most of the Magento websites are equipped with quite special features. One of the known unique features presented in many Magento websites is a different way to manage and handle unique and valuable customers.

The multisite Magento 2 structure type allows users to add multiple payment options to their stores. Moreover, almost all of the major currency options are also present in Magento multisite structure type. Under the configuration settings, the price for all the products for sale can be shared globally. The main advantage over the Magento multistore structure type is that it contains only the consumer data. It does not have any specific product or category details.

Multistore Magento Structure

If you are an owner of an online glasses store and your store contains a wide range and variety of products, you will need to have three different e-commerce stores: women glasses, one for men, and the other for children’s eyeglasses. However, it is not wise to have independent websites for the stores. Because you will need to manage things at the front end.

The main advantage of the multistore Magento structure type is its ability to list the products of multiple categories under a single domain. Using this feature, your e-commerce store is more likely to look like a physical store where different products are offered and sold from a single place. However, you may have to make certain specific changes or configurations from time to time in order to make your store look like a real shop. In this way, you can have complete control over all of your digital stores from a single panel.

Magento Store View

Magento offers a feature through which information of various services or products along with the content can be stored. This functionality is available with the Magento store view structure type. It offers a lot of advantages for digital store owners as well as usual customers. You can display your store in different languages using the Magento store view feature if you are a store owner. Using the store view structure type, you can shift your focus towards the digital design of your e-commerce store that is separated from functionality. You can also add specific shipping methods for specific customers using different add-ons for the store view structure type.

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