Today managing money efficiently, tackling investment decisions, and even sticking firmly to a budget have become incredibly easier because of the broad spectrum of personal finance apps that are available in the market today. However, not all available personal finance management apps could be useful to you. We know that financial management tools could be incredibly efficient and are instrumental in achieving success for your company. However, personal financial management tools are no less important.

With the right tool, you could end up saving for the future, paying off all your debts faster, and maintaining a good credit score. We know that over 70 percent of Americans are having less than 1000 USD in their savings. However, you could rectify this grim financial situation with effective personal financial planning. Use some of the competent personal finance tools for taking control of your finances and establishing a firm grip on your life.

Personal Capital

This effective personal financial management tool would be helping you in calculating your net worth as per your savings, checking, investment, loan accounts, and mortgage so that you are always aware of precisely what is your financial condition at a certain point in time. Personal Capital also, comes up with an effective investment analyzer that would help users by inspecting their investments portfolio for verifying that they are not paying ridiculously high broker fees for their investments. Moreover, it would assist you in making noticeable improvements to facilitate faster goal attainment by your investment accounts.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This competent personal finance tool has been created around a zero-based budget; hence, you could be sure that you do not end up spending more as compared to your earnings. Once you start using the superlative YNAB, you would be keeping track of all your spending and expenses so, you would be able to identify exactly where you seem to be overspending so that you could stop splurging at once and cut down your expenses. You may divert the savings towards debt repayment, savings or even investments. You may browse through online debt consolidation reviews for understanding perfect debt relief solutions.

As per, “YNAB or You Need a Budget has grown from being a simple app to a vast community of users. They have one of the strongest communities online, with a great money blog and free online classes to help users improve their financial wellness. There’s a lot of value for the $6.99 a month fee.”

Credit Karma

Credit Karma has been coming up with some extremely funny commercials where they claim that the app comes free and does not adversely impact your overall credit score. Credit Karma is supposed to be a free application that could be downloaded directly to your mobile phone and you should, thereafter, use the app on a regular basis to make sure that your credit rating is perpetually high and impressive. Credit Karma users are fortunate to have the opportunity of reviewing their credit scores and credit reports. This app provides fantastic suggestions and information regarding the ways to boost your overall credit score. Thanks to Credit Karma, you could be certain that there are no fraudulent activities ruining your credit score. With the consistent use of Credit Karma, you could purchase large items such as a home or car without any need to think twice.


“Acorns” is supposed to be one of the most popular and competent personal finance tools available in the market today. This frequently used application would be helping users in automating good financial behavior so that they could have enough savings in the future. Once you have synced both your debit cards and credit cards to this app, all the purchases you make would actually be rounded up effectively to its nearest dollar. Acorns would be investing automatically your change into exchange-traded low-cost funds. This is not a free app and comes at $1 every month.

Healthcare Bluebook

Millions of Americans do not have any healthcare insurance and are actually, paying through their noses for health insurance. Are you one of them? If yes, Healthcare Bluebook is just the right tool for you. Healthcare Bluebook is regarded as one of the most effective financial tools because of its superb ability to accurately calculate the fair prices of numerous healthcare services depending on the Zip Code. The tool also provides incredible tips and suggestions on ways to avail better deals. Users could be saving as much as $1,500 on an average because of this amazing app. The healthcare shopping solutions provided by this amazing app make it really convenient for you to identify cost-effective but high-quality providers.


LearnVest is supposed to be an efficient online personal finance tool that would be instrumental in tracking constantly spending habits, determining your financial aspirations and goals and budgeting your money much better. LearnVest is having a fabulous reputation and is regarded as a top-notch personal finance tool simply because of its capability to analyze debt repayment and credit card options so that it is possible for you to repay all your debts faster without spending all of your monthly salary packages. This is an exceptional personal finance planning application that provides users with valuable information relating to both budgeting, as well as, expenses so that you could master the art of finance and definitely become more literate from the financial perspective.


Mint is supposed to be a versatile personal finance website that could assist you in creating a budget and sticking firmly to it. Mint comes for free and it could help in tracking your own financial accounts, alerting you once some of your bills are due and also, helps in monitoring your progress towards achieving your financial goals and aspirations. Mint stands out from the rest because of its unique ability to notify you once it encounters some unusual spending patterns. This would help you in avoiding fraudulent charges.


Robinhood is certainly a game-changing app for personal finance investments. It comes with a unique feature. It offers free transactions for ETFs, stocks, and even American Depository Receipts. The app would be making money simply by up-selling first-class services such as payment for the order and margin trading. It provides Bitcoin trading capabilities. It does not necessitate any commissions or maintenance fees or account minimum.


You must use one or more of the above-discussed personal finance apps if you wish to achieve your financial goals, objectives, and aspirations. Now you can stay well ahead of the competition if you regularly use effective personal finance apps. Remember that the key to accumulating wealth is to spend with a proper budget and you need to use the available applications for achieving that. However, the key to financial security and stability is actually to use them.

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