To run any organization, you must have Data and information. The role of data in the business is the same as oxygen in humans. Data availability and recoverability is an important task for any organization.

Any business which is online has to make sure that the data is available 24*7. The business will not thrive if the availability is absent. To make sure that the data is available, the organizations should prepare a backup.

Having a backup ensures that in the case of data loss, the backup virtual machine can be reused. Backups are important in the case of a server crash, hard disk failure, hard drive failure, and system failures.

Creating a backup is becoming a regular practice, which is good. VM migration becomes easier if you have created the backup. The process is cost-effective and permanent data loss is prevented. Cyberattacks are growing and creating a backup will provide a shield to you.

More than 60% of the online businesses reported cyberattacks this year. VM backup softwares assists you in implementing the backup procedure effectively. Check out Windows server backup software for more details.

Things to include in a VM backup

In the case of virtual machines, almost everything is relevant. From virtual disks, devices, machine state, memory, to the network card. A VM snapshot captures the state of the virtual machines. You can create multiple snapshots of the VM. Including databases and system files will help you in the recovery of the virtual machine completely. Most of all you should store a copy of the virtual machine remotely stored.

Top VM backup softwares and their features are listed below

NAKIVO Backup and Replication

NAKIVO Backup and Replication is currently leading the backup industry charts. The software is powerful, simple, automated and available in a variety of recovery options. The data protection solution is strong and the backup process is pretty quick. The features which reduce the backup time saves storage space, recovers the virtual machines, and manage the whole procedure are:

  • Incremental Backup: An incremental Backup captures only the changed data to the data backup center. So, after a single full backup, only the changed or updated values are backed up until the next full backup.
  • Performance booster: Improving the performance and making the system available for local tasks was the priority of the developers because of the network congestion. The backup solution can boost your speed in the case of LAN-free data transfer mode. These techniques increase speed two times and the network load is brought down to 50%.
  • Application-aware Backup: The application data is as important as the system data. The backup software includes Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, and Oracle data comprehensively. At the time of backup, the Application-aware backup captures the state of the application data.
  • Automation: The backup solution has a policy-based data protection functionality which performs the backups automatically. You don’t need to monitor the backups every time. Automation is transforming backup processes.


Veeam Backup

Veeam backup is creating its niche based on the recovery time. They can help you in recovering virtual machines and point objectives within 15 minutes for all the applications and data. They also offer a free version called Veeam backup free edition. The free version is available for Microsoft Hyper-V VMs and VMware vSphere and it contains VM backup, management, and restore tools. Some of the features worth mentioning are:

  • Backup solution: The software performs compression and deduplication of the data. The virtual machine executables swap files help in reducing the overhead memory required by the guest machines. The software ensures to include such swap files in the backup process.
  • Quick Migration: The software supports quick migration of the live virtual machine to a datastore, ESXi host, or remote location. You can quickly migrate the VM with no downtime. If you don’t use clusters or shared-cloud storage, you can use this migration feature.
  • Application data inclusion: The built-in feature restores the individual objects from the backup. These individual objects can point to SharePoint, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.
  • Easy to use: The software is easy to use, simple configuration, and properly designed. You can explore the whole software even if you are not an engineer. The creator has thought of the navigation and user-satisfaction which is a very important feature.

Altaro VM backup

Altaro VM backup is available in two commercial and one free version. Only two virtual machine limitation is imposed on the free product. The software uses compression and reverses delta for the backup process. Microsoft’s Hyper-V VSS writer is used in designing backup solutions. Linux virtual machine backup solution is available. The features of the software are:

  • Intuitive UI: The user interface is simple and suggestive. A single console for monitoring and managing the VM backups and VM hosts. You can configure and control the backup tasks.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: You can configure and enable the 256-bit AES encryption for the offsite backups. It is optional for the local backups. 256-bit encryption is the best standard available in the industry.
  • Storage saver: The software implements the augmented inline deduplication. This type of deduplication reduces the size of the backup significantly. When compared to other vendors, storage requirements are drastically reduced. Since the size is smaller, the backup process becomes quick and efficient. Recovery of the virtual machine is quick due to less data transfer.

When you are using a virtual machine for anything, it becomes important that you create its backup. Managing a virtual machine is not a simple task. Virtual machines have a lot of advantages but you have to protect them from their vulnerabilities. VM backup softwares helps in creating backup and recovery solutions. As a user, you should always perform a backup at the host level and not the guest level. Schedule the backups timely and keep the host system free to avoid congestion. Remember to store a backup copy on a remote location. Lastly, you should verify and monitor the backup and recovery process.

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