Salesforce professionals across the globe know the value of DevOps certification. It has been at an all-time high from the introduction of Salesforce AppExchange partners offering many certifications for different applications in the Salesforce ecosystem. There are many third-party apps and tools now available for Salesforce DevOps administration and data management. This article will discuss some essentials of Salesforce data backup and the top certifications to achieve.

First, let us explore the Salesforce native services, which help manage the platform’s user data.

Salesforce data recovery

The Salesforce native backup will keep the customer data for 90 days. If you do not have your own backup system, you can report the case and get the CSV file, which can be manually restored in case of data loss. It is also possible to schedule the data export weekly or monthly based on the Salesforce edition you use. You can also download data in CSV format from this scheduled backup from the nearest point and insert it into the organization over a data migration project.

Data Loader is another third-party application that you can use for exporting data. With this data handy, you can insert it by running data migration. The organization Sync feature will let the users work on the business-critical applications and data whenever the primary organization experiences any downtime. It is an ideal solution for the failover strategy. However, it cannot be the replacement of the data backup and restore plan.

Salesforce experts are available for consultation over Salesforce Services. You may call your account executive and discuss your migration project. There will be an additional fee to insert the data backups and exports to your organization, but it is fully worth it. For many customers, these basic data back-ups and restoration services may be sufficient. They can perform the scheduled data exports, store them securely, and download them for data migration projects as needed. While considering Salesforce data backup, you need to remember that data is the lifeblood of a CRM system, and without solid data inflow, you cannot do anything productive with Salesforce. So, in case of a disaster, you should have a proper and user-friendly data migration plan for ensuring business continuity. Further, let us discuss the salesforce DevOps certification.

Third Party Salesforce DevOps Certifications

Let us further explore some of the top certifications. Even though these can be counted as more niche certifications than basic Salesforce certificates, different apps are becoming very popular for various Salesforce actions like data backup. So, having such credentials will help you add more value to your profile and gain more knowledge and insight about successful Salesforce operations. Here are some of the top Salesforce platforms offering certifications.

1. Gearset

Gearset is one of the leading Salesforce DevOps platforms, which is built exclusively for SF. Over the last couple of years, as the world is functioning more remotely, the frustration is also building up with the native tools for Salesforce tools, and many DevOps platforms are taking over the role. Getting trained and being certified in DevOps is considered a mandate for the Salesforce professionals now. You can explore the Gearset DevOps Launchpad for free to get more details about this.

2. Copado

Copado is a well-known custom DevOps service provider for the Salesforce platform. This has existed for a long time on the top-rate chart. It offers various training resources for DevOps through its online academy and is the first ISV to offer modules on the Salesforce Trailhead. Adding to the training resources, Copado also offers a certification that is reputed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

3. FormAssembly

This is one of the top web platforms for Salesforce. FormAssembly offers the ability to create dynamic and scalable forms for the collection of data of users, partners, customers, etc., for various reasons. There are many Form Building apps which are used among Salesforce customers very popularity for a long time. As FormAssembly is a reputed name in the Salesforce ecosystem, it is a great idea to explore the certification program they offer.

4. Docusign

Even though Docusign is not an exclusive partner of Salesforce, it is one of the largest providers offering signature services to many. This may be rare that you may not be using eSignature at a Salesforce-enabled enterprise. DocuSign is one of the biggest providers for the same. You can check for the number of credentials Focusing offers, including CLM, eSignature, etc., among others.

5. Conga

Conga is a leading tool available at the Salesforce AppExchange store. They first offered documentation generation services but then expanded to offer more digital services like Contract Lifecycle Management, eSignature, and CPQ, etc. Many Salesforce users use document generation and Conga, and gaining expertise on the same with certification will be highly useful. You check out the Conga certification path at the portal.

6. Formstack

This is another top ISV offering a wide range of native Salesforce solutions, which include but are not limited to eSignature, Document Generation, and Form Building, etc. Formstack offers various credentials available, which will align best with its suite of Salesforce-based products.

7. Flosum

Being another top provider of Salesforce apps and support, Flosum offers various solutions, including DevOps, Release Management, Data Migration, and Backup, etc. There are two learning paths for Flosum as an Expert and Professional.

8. WalkMe

WalkMe is a unique platform, which markets itself as the “Digital Adoption Platform” for Salesforce. It will help the users of Salesforce to be more familiarized with their CRM systems for increased adoption. There is a dedicated portal for WalkMe which offers training and credentials through certifications.

9. LeanData

LeanData is a productivity enhancement company that helps the Third Party Salesforce DevOps Certifications users with their custom suite of products for routing leads and running insightful engagement analytics. There are many courses that the users can learn in a self-paced mode and get certified.

10. Metazoa

Metazoa is a wonderful platform for Third Party Salesforce DevOps Certifications, which offers end-to-end org management solutions. They offer training and certification for the Snapshot product.

With many companies installing apps from AppExchange, it is ideal for the users to get certified from the competitive providers above to master Third Party Salesforce DevOps Certifications and ensure optimum productivity.

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