In this post, we are going to discuss “Fascinating Affiliate Marketing Email List Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow.” We are going to cover Affiliate Marketing list as well as some essential info related to this. To get a clear view of Affiliate marketing email list you just have to stick with this article till the last. Before going to begin let’s see what is going to talk about specifically:

  • Three of best email marketing affiliate program
  • How to build an email list for affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate email examples that you need
  • How does an affiliate marketing email work?
  • List of top email affiliate marketing companies
  • Conclusion


 Affiliate Marketing Email List Email marketing affiliate program


Three of best email marketing affiliate program

In this part, we are going to provide best three email marketing affiliate programs. You can use one which fits you best.


It is one of the leading Affiliate Marketing email list services. The service delivers an array of features that make email marketing which is much more comfortable. It includes custom autoresponders, a wealth of analytics, professionally-designed email templates, and email tracking (with full integration with Google Analytics), separation options, and much more.

Also, you can quickly collect signups on your website via track subscriber interactions and an embeddable form. Both are essential for a flourishing email list. Also, MailChimp participates fully with Affiliate Royale, so you can further update your affiliate marketing efforts within their comprehensive affiliate marketing solution.

Lastly, MailChimp sets itself apart from other solutions by delivering an entirely free tier. You are limited to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, but this should be sufficient for many users. However, if you would like to upgrade to gain access to additional functionality and support, paid plans start at just $10 per month.



If you are in need of a startup-friendly Affiliate marketing email list service, AWeber could be suitable for you. However, it has many other features, including embeddable sign-up forms, autoresponder follow-ups, subscriber segmentation, and mobile apps to help gather signups anywhere you are.

AWeber is better from its competitors because of its wide range of affiliate email template. There are more than 700 options to choose from, AWeber beats out both other keys on this list. Although some templates have a little-dated look, there’s likely going to be something appropriate for your next campaign.

You will get a 30-day trial at the beginning and after that plan will start from $19 per month.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is also one of the popular affiliate marketing email list services which are used by a lot of website owners and businesses worldwide. It is because of its incredible offers. For instance, you will get real-time subscriber analytics, expert documentation, receive customizable email templates and premium support. There are comprehensive email management functions. However, there is a mobile app and some incorporations to help you grow your list on the move.

Constant contact offers you a great support system, and that is Live Chat. This option can be beneficial for the beginners and advanced users. It also allows you to get the most of the service. It offers the users a 60-day free trial. However, its price structure is flexible as well so that the user can be sure they only pay for what they need.

You will also find Getresponse affiliate program, Fluttermail affiliate program and so on.


How to build an email list for affiliate marketing

We are going to provide you the process to build an Affiliate marketing email list by Shawn Collins who is an Affiliate marketing email list expert. He is going to tell us how to build affiliate marketing email list in AWeber. Let’s see what process he provide us with affiliate email marketing list:

Usually, I create one list per affiliate site. However, you can create multiple email list if you require.

Part #1

  • You have to log in to AWeber
  • After logging in click “My List” tab
  • Then Click “Create a new list ”

Part #2

In this part you have to enter some basic information:

  • List name
  • List description
  • “From” name for your mail
  • The “from” email address

Your contact mail address will require which is pre-populated because you provided this at the time you created your account.

Note: You will find another option to receive emails each time a new subscriber is added to your list. Once we did that, and the experience was pretty annoying, so we are not recommending that feature to use.


Part #3

  • Now tap “Save settings” once you have entered the information is required


Part #4

In this part, you have to personalize your email list. You can personalize by entering your company information:

  • Company name
  • Company URL
  • Email signature
  • Company logo

You can also link up the list to Facebook as well as Twitter. Adding some “Global Text Snippets” will appear in the footer of each of your emails. I would recommend focusing on the company branding at the start. Later on, you can go back to add on the Twitter and Facebook as well as “Global Text Snippets.”


Part #5

The others features are active, but it is most vital to get things in place now and start building your list.

  • Tap “Save Settings” once you have entered your information
  • Personalize your confirmed opt-in message is the final thing to do. This is an email your future subscribers will receive at the time they submit their email to join your list.

There is a trickle of areas that can be personalized. I encourage you to take advantage of all of them.

I would recommend using the first name option in both the subject and the start of the email text. Attaching a short message in the body of the email to explain what is gonna be in your emails. However, you can edit the signature to give your contact information then.

Note: Make yourself available from the beginning of the relationship because your subscribers are valuable.


Part #6

There is a couple more stuff on this page before you are done: Require Opt-in on Forms and Success Page.

  • At the success page, people will be sent after they confirm their email subscription most probably. You can create a custom page in WordPress to welcome them and post that URL here.
  • Click “Save Settings.” Now you have got a new email list to start building

Now you can move on to email newsletters, RSS to email, and an email follow-up series.


Affiliate Marketing Email List: Affiliate email examples

To build a better Affiliate Marketing Email List, you need to look at some examples first. Here, we are providing some examples of affiliate email:

Below, you will get a variety of content you can send emails to your contact list, depending on the event.  Just copy and paste into your emailing program and highlight.  Feel free to update to match your style and audience.

To have your Affiliate ID, You will need to update the site link. Your affiliate ID is the username you use to sign in to the Affiliate Program site.  Your unique site link is: ID

For example, if your Affiliate ID is “Charlotte,” your unique site link is:

If you want the person to go another page, just use the particular URL in front of the question mark.  For instance, to go straight to the store (, for example above, the unique link would be:


When Introducing a new product

Subject:  Better manage stress in your life!

Hi {first name},

I am going to let you know about a great NEW exercise program.  It is a great and verified way to manage stress in your life in 15 minutes. It is an old form of Chinese exercises that really work called Tai Chi Qigong. Check it out here { ID}.  Simon does a great job of offering them easily and effectively.

Let me know what you think of them.  They have made a Video Exercise Library that is Free now – sign up today to try it out!


{Your name}



Subject:  A great gift for LOVE – Stress Reduction!

Hi {first name},

Do you own a loved one that is always stressed?  Explicate them how much you care by presenting a great NEW exercise program.  It can be a great gift for your spouse or parents. It has a proven way to manage stress in your life.  It is an antique form of Chinese exercises that really work called Tai Chi Qigong.  Check it out here { ID}.  Simon does a great job of introducing them in a simple and actual technique.

Let me know, what you think about this.  They have created a Video Exercise Library that is Free now – sign up today to try it out!


{Your name}


For Seniors

Subject:  Look and feel younger

Hi {first name},

Are you Interested in learning how to look and feel younger? American Doctor, Dr. Oz, says the old Chinese technique of Qigong is a great way blow into our natural energy and, in turn, fight the aging method.  “If you want to be healthy and live long to 100, do Qigong regularly.”

I have started to learn about this NEW exercise program.  It helps improve balance, regain and maintain movements in your joints, and even help you stay in your home longer.  It is an ancient Chinese form of exercises that really work called Tai Chi Qigong.  Check it out here { ID}. Simon does a great job of presenting them in an actual and straightforward way.

Let me know what you think of them. They have created a Video Exercise Library that is Free now – sign up today to try it out!


{Your name}

To learn more, you can also search for affiliate marketing email campaign, affiliate invitation letter.


How does an affiliate marketing email work?

If you have got an advertiser that you want to promote, you will get hyperlinks to use once you have signed up for their affiliate program through an advertising network, It will track any sales that you make. They might also include an image tag that helps as a tracking pixel for you to include in your email. You have to write a sales and marketing email to your audience as you regularly do for one of your individual company’s products and facilities. You should use the hyperlink they gave you as the hyperlink in your call-to-action so that sales are appropriately tracked down. If they gave a tracking pixel, place it in your HTML at the bottom of your email so that the affiliate program can accurately track the number of times the offer was viewed.


List of top email affiliate marketing companies

Thousands of companies will pay you commissions for any sales that you generate on behalf of them, an arrangement recognized in the online business world as affiliate marketing. Promoting other companies’ products and services to your mailing list can be a tremendously an effective way to produce revenue if you can find a product or a service that is a great match for your audience. However, if your company produces its products and services, you should still consider sponsoring other companies’ items since you can just discuss your items such an enormous amount before your gathering of people becomes ill of catching wind of them. Here is a list of top email marketing affiliate network:



Email marketing can deliver increased renovations and improved site traffic for affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is all about relationships, and connecting with your affiliate marketing email list regularly using a quality solution allows you to get closer to a potential sale.

In this article, we have tried to show you some of the best email marketing affiliate program for your affiliate marketing email list including how to build an affiliate marketing email list as well as how does an affiliate marketing email list work. We have also shown you some examples that you can create your affiliate marketing email list simply and efficiently.

Thank you so much for reading this article by spending your valuable time. We hope you get benefited by this article. You also welcome to share your opinion about this Affiliate Email Marketing article with us. We will be glad to answer any of your question related to this article. Take care and spread the goodness.


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