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To explore the helpful sites for students, we must say that the journey as a student is like a roller coaster ride that fills your life with great moments worth remembering with the greatest challenges and promoting in your student email signature.

Nonetheless, there are things that are ineluctable and all you have to do is to be ready enough to face academic battles and thrive. What is good about the new age and the new generation is that students are fortunate because of the gift of technology.

Traditionally, students were always relying on their notes, pen, and library to learn – there were not enough resources for the demands of academic life. Designed by different, salient individuals based on their ingenuity, various helpful sites emerged.

The emergence of these sites opened many doors for learning to the students, to master the subject they’re having difficulty with, and to widen their knowledge about certain matters.

While I was doing my homework back in the day, I used to visit various helpful sites for students to gather data and validate some information I had. Below, you can see the sites every student must know in order to make each homework less stressful and make your day even more productive.

10 Best Helpful Sites for Students

 1. Quizlet

This site can be a helpful tool for students who want to become more efficacious in taking tests, quizzes, or exams. This is a web-based application that trains and guides students to self-supported games and techniques which enhance their testing skills and manage their time productively.

As a matter of fact, students or other Quizlet users can definitely upload flashcards for offline use and browse definitions designed by other users.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational site that has the goal to create free tutorial services where anyone can access lessons anywhere and anytime. The most helpful tools which can be found on the site are exercises, instructional videos, and a customized learning panel that constructively helps students to learn at their own pace.

Essentially, there are plenty of topics and learning opportunities waiting to be grabbed by users of the website. The scope of Khan Academy’s learning opportunities will start from the basics such as math science to history, computer programming, and many more.

3. WriteMyPapers

An essay is an activity that most students are having difficulty with. Not all students are equipped and skilled in writing essays especially if they are non-English speakers. Well, one of the sites every student must know is WriteMyPapers.

This site provides essay writing services from simple essay writing and research paper writing to dissertations, editing, and proofreading. Real experts will make sure to provide quality essay writing pieces with excellent results. When I used to do my homework in college, this was my bookmarked website.

4. Wikipedia

Nowadays, the majority of students who need to do research address Wikipedia among other sources. This is an online encyclopedia that caters to numerous endless information pieces all over the globe. This is one of the most popular and well-used sites you can depend on especially for browsing topics about people, places, and various research topics.

5. BookyByte

This is a very common scenario when a professor asks students to purchase a book related to the topic they are studying. Most books are pricey and not all students can afford to buy a few of them. This website came into existence due to those unwanted expensive purchases.

In BookByte, you get to buy used books or sell books you are no longer using or reading. However, if you don’t wish to buy or sell any books, this online platform allows you to also rent books for your study.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a famous video-sharing website that persuades users to upload and share any kind of video. When I do my homework, especially when I need more references to rely on – YouTube is a big help.

There are multitudes of videos that help students understand the lesson they don’t get to fully comprehend because of their fast-talking professor or their behavior inside of the class. YouTube site offers various lessons for all students of any grade or subject from diverse courses.

Nowadays, this site can also be used for recreational purposes; students watch videos to get distracted from tons of homework and rest for a little bit.


It is a common situation when students kill their time playing games online. Though playing games is good for their mental orientation, there are still ways how to spend a good time while learning. supplies adequate and rich knowledge about the world around you. You can learn various interesting facts about food, science, and culture. This is an effective tool for students who get bored waiting in line or waiting for their parents to arrive.


Nowadays, the greatest foe of the new age is the student’s lack of discipline in using the gift of the internet.  There are many students who struggle to stay away from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This site will definitely help you to focus on your studies by keeping you out of those distractions.


If you are looking for additional knowledge and information and are not yet satisfied with your current research paper – this site will offer you a wide selection of academic opportunities. This site is an amazing supplementary learning platform for your half-baked research paper.

10. CopyScape

How confident are you about your research paper? Can you tell its plagiarism level? These are the questions you would probably hear from your professors. Or even worst, they can use some sites to check out the plagiarism level of the paper you constructed from the review-related literature and other references.

So, before this nightmare occurs, Copyscape will make sure to save you.

With these wide ranges of academic tools for learning and widening your knowledge, you can never go wrong. Your life as a student is more than just doing your homework and getting good grades, it is an ongoing commitment to learn and be the best version of yourself.

The power to learn is in your hands; these sites are just one click away and the power of ignorance and apathy are not as powerful as your determination to thrive for academic success.

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