Fitbit is an ultra-modern fitness app which works as a fitness instructor. If you are out of motivation, failure in maintaining health goal, then here is the absolute solution for you. Fitbit Inc. which is a leader and pioneer in health and fitness market has designed the app to help you track your steps, activity, exercise, food, weight and even sleep. The team has made the Fitbit app compatible with more than windows phones, IOS and android devices and frequently adding supports for new devices also. So you can easily do Fitbit setup Android, Fitbit app for iPad and Fitbit setup iPhone.

Recently the company has upgraded Fitbit app for windows 10 devices with the enhancement of some extra cool and user-friendly services. Now people can more easily access to Fitbit login and the fitness information with important personalized data in real time. Let’s get introduced with all these amazing features and updates for windows 10 devices and how to use them. You can download Fitbit for windows 10 from here.

Syncing with Bluetooth

The new windows 10 update has come with syncing features. Now you can easily synchronize any Fitbit trackers with the Fitbit app for windows 10 computer/ phone or others. This helps you to automatically update your all day activities on your PC or tablets. But you need to have Bluetooth 4.00 BLE for this. So you can say bye to the Dongle or if you are attached, you can still connect and sync data.

How to sync?

To sync our tracker on Windows 10 supported devices, follow the steps:

  1. Click on the account button from dashboard
  2. Tap on my tracker tile
  3. Tap to sync
  4. Make sure your tracker is on and charged
  5. Allow your device to switch on Bluetooth

The tracker will automatically connect to the PC if it is 20 feet around. After that, the app will automatically update information from the tracker and you can see the synchronize data on the dashboard.


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Cortana support

The new windows 10 update has come with a great feature that helps you to use Cortana voice recognition feature to automatically give a command. This feature works on windows 10 PCs, tablets, mobile phones only. For example say “Fitbit, I walked for 2 miles”. The app will automatically open and log your information on the dashboard tile.

How to use Cortana?

To use Cortana-

  1. Tap on the microphone icon
  2. Click on start listening
  3. Say any statement and click on stop listening
  4. Cortana will take some moment to open Fitbit and then you can add details on your activity.

Responsive dashboard

The new dashboard has been redesigned. You can see the budget of your calories, your daily steps, and even your sleep record. It will show you your resting heart rate, your recent exercise and even how much calories you have burnt for a day and how much left, your weight goal. You can see your badges that you have received by completing different goals and challenges. Even if you are connected with friends, you can see their performances too.

Fitbit app for windows 10 - icons

 You can see icons of challenges, friend, notification and accounts icon on the upper side of the dashboard.

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Notification center of Fitbit app for windows 10

Fitbit now assembles all the notifications and message and helps the users effortlessly to receive all your progress and records. This will help you stay motivated all day long and stick to your goal. It will also give you updates about other friends’ progress and outcomes. You can even see the new badges and type a message to your friends to chat with them. The fitbit charge hr app also notifies you when you are a step ahead of your goals and achievements.


Fitbit app for windows 10 - Windows phone notification

                         Windows phone showing notifications from Fitbit App

Quick Action

Quick action is a newly added feature for Fitbit app windows 10 which easily matches with Fitbit app for windows 10. It is a mini dashboard which allows you to track your fitness quickly. You can see an icon of  (+)  on the upper right corner. From there you can quickly log food, water exercise, sleep, log weight and set alarm.


Fitbit app for windows 10 - add logs manually

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How to add logs manually

Just tap on the icons, then write down your precise actions based on the shown requirements and the activity will be saved.  You can also add, rearrange and hide icons from the dashboard:

  1. First tap on the Edit button from dashboard
  2. For hiding, tap on the cross button on the left corner of the icon you want to hide.
  3. Rearrange the tiles: just hold them and drag them.
  4. Showing the hidden tile, click on add icon and add the title you want to see

You can also resize the app according to your choice. The new update has added a feature that after shrinking the app it will look like a phone display. So you can easily adjust it on your windows display.


Fitbit app for windows 10 - resized fitbit display

Resized Fitbit display looking like a phone

Overall, this new update has some old good features also in Fitbit app. They are –


Fitbit helps you to record your sleep history and advise you about your perfect sleeping pattern and sleeping schedule. You can see your sleeping history data from the dashboard and can even manually log the information. Fitbit shows you the exact sleeping information for a day. For example, if you sleep for 6 hours and in the meantime wake up for 10 minutes twice, the app will show the sleeping time for  5 hours 40 min. It can automatically track your sleeping from your tracker if you put the track on. You can also bring modification on your sleep time.


Fitbit will help you up to date with other friends exercise information. You can compete with your family and friends. Because the friend tab shows you their total steps based on a 7 days total. You can also share your achievements and badges with them and can chat with them.

Silent alarms

Fitbit uses silent alarm feature to gently make you alert about a specific thing only with a vibration. Almost all the Fitbit devices support silent alarm.

How to use silent alarm

  1. Click on the (+) button from dashboard
  2. Select silent alarm
  3. Tap on (+) icon
  4. Set alarm time and frequency
  5. Save it

So that was all about the Fitbit app for windows 10 version. GET ACTIVE, EAR BETTER, MANAGE WEIGHT and SLEEP BETTER.


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