Popular personalities have been speaking up about the Facebook addiction for a long time. George Soros, philanthropist and business magnate, is one of them. He shared his views on Facebook at a dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He said that Facebook and Google are a menace to the society. He said that social media companies deceive their users by manipulating them and directing their attention towards their own commercial means. They deliberately engineer addiction by the services they offer.

The commercialization of these platforms is not the only problem. They have been causing addiction among teens, leaving their mental, physical and social lives badly affected. Facebook along with other social media sites have become destructive to the success of teens. Why? Because their day starts and ends with Facebook. A study reveals that an average 13 to 17-year old spends an hour and 40 minutes a day on Facebook and other social media sites. The American Academy of Pediatrics has already given warnings about the negative effects of social media on young kids and teens, and this includes cyberbullying and the ‘Facebook Depression.’

Another study revealed that the use of Facebook is linked to less month to month happiness and less life satisfaction. The more people use Facebook, the less they are satisfied with their lives. Social media is also linked to social isolation. The more time people spend on social media sites; the more socially isolate they perceive themselves to be. In case you didn’t know, social isolation is one of the worst mental troubles.

The Facebook addiction can get the best of anyone, even adults. It interferes with the day to day life of a person and may cause them to neglect their responsibilities. For your teen, Facebook addiction can affect their academic performance and also impact their relationship with friends and family. If you haven’t taken it seriously yet, then you must know that excessive use of social media among teens can cause depression and other mental health problems. Here are some warning signs that indicate your teen has become the victim of Facebook addiction:

  • Your teen plans their day around using Facebook
  • They use Facebook as the means of escaping from the pressure of everyday life.
  • Homework takes a backseat to Facebook, and you can see your child’s grades are suffering.
  • Excessive use of Facebook is disrupting the sleep of your teen.
  • They seem to be depressed, unhappy and they don’t go outside the house to meet friends more often.


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Wondering how you can stop this or at least control the excessive Facebook usage? An Android spy app would help. If you wish you could supervise and control the social media usage of your preteen or teen, this is exactly what you need. Xnspy would be a good suggestion. It is a popular Android spy app that comes with all the right features to help you curb the Facebook addiction.

Here is what you can do with android spy app Xnspy

Monitor IM conversations

Wondering who your teen talks to on social media? The Android spy app is here to reveal the secret. You can remotely view all the sent and received messages on Facebook messenger and other Instant Messenger apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Tinder, Instagram and more. Xnspy also acts as a text spyware app so you can read their text message conversation with their contacts too.

Track GPS location

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Xnspy also tells the location of the phone it is installed on. So, if you have it installed on your kid’s phone, you will always know about their whereabouts, and they won’t be able to lie to you about it. The great thing is that you can set geofencing to restrict them from visiting certain locations.

View multimedia files downloaded on the phone

Whether it is videos, photos or audio files, with Xnspy, you can see everything that’s shared via the social media platforms as long as they are saved in the phone’s gallery. Isn’t that great? In case your child receives or sends inappropriate content to a contact, you can immediately take action. Using an Android spy app, you can keep your teen at bay from the online predictors and cyberbullies.

Block certain apps

Xnspy lets you view the apps installed on the target phone. So, if you see any apps that are not appropriate to the age of your teen or you think are unhealthy, then you can simply block them remotely by sending one command.

Lock the phone

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This feature is really helpful if you want to control the screen time of your child. If you have observed that your kid stays up late at night because of excessive use of Facebook, then after 9 PM you can lock their phone remotely using Xnspy and ensure they have a good night sleep. Similarly, when it is time to do homework, again you can lock their phone.

What more can you do as a parent?

Don’t just use technology to cure the mess caused by technology. You as a parent need to play your role here. This is how you can help your kid:

Talk to them

Share your own experience of using social media. Maybe talk to them about the envy you experienced while scrolling through your Facebook news feed or the friend request that you accepted which turned out to be a fake profile. Such talk will encourage your teen to open up about their own social media experience, and from there, you can educate them on how to handle such situations.

Ask questions

Teens want autonomy in their lives and monitoring them online all the time can make them backfire. A simple solution is to be engaged in their lives. Ask them questions like what apps they use and why. Listen to what they have to say about social media and its benefits.

Whenever necessary, use the right Android spy app. It can help you reduce the Facebook addiction, track the whereabouts of your kid, and keep a check on their mental health.


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