Do you ever wonder, How can I track someone’s phone activity? Maximum people do that.

Spying on someone’s mobile activity is neither too tough nor too easy. This article shows you the best method which helps you to track someone’s phone activity without much hassle.

“How can I track someone’s phone activity?” The solution to that question is a cell phone tracking application. Cell phone tracking applications are a reliable way to get into someone’s phone. The cell phone monitoring applications help you clone the phone to see text messages and other activities remotely.

Why do you need to track someone’s phone activity?

We all know the internet is not a safe place, neither for an adult nor for a child. However, adults are mature to handle their obstacles; children are too young to do that. The internet can violate the privacy of a person without knowing it. Children are prone to scammers.

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Almost every child has mobile phones these years, which they use to play games, attend online classes, and social media. It is the cause of scammers and intruders gaining more chances to get into a child’s phone. Recent research shows that almost 1.3 million children have their identities stolen every year. So, parents need to track the phone activity of their children. Parents need to be sure their child is not on the wrong track.

Tracking the phone activity is helpful for a suspicious partner because it clears the doubt of whether their partner is cheating on them. To make any relationship successful, you have to pour your heart out spend time and emotions, and that’s why leaving the spouse just only based on doubt is not okay.

And reason to track the phone activity is to check the employee’s loyalty towards the company. To ensure employees are not leaking any official confidential data, managers must check their phone activity.

These are the reasons why do you need to track someone’s phone activity. Now, let’s get into how?

How can I track someone’s phone activity?

I already mentioned the hint of the answer to our question. Now it’s time to get in-depth.

Spying applications are like a boon for those who want to monitor the phone activity of someone. With the help of a spy app, you can remotely track the target person’s phone activity.

List of phone activity trackers app

The time to hire a private investigator to monitor kids, employees, or spouses is gone. Phone trackers applications will work as an investigator for you. Here in this blog, I will mention the 5 best phone tracking applications.

The most reliable cell phone tracking application is It helps you to see the entire phone activity of the target person. The abundant features of make it the king of spying applications. Parents can stay in relief without worrying about their children’s safety.

The guardian who uses the parental control app,, will protect their child from cyberbullying and harassment. Since you can remotely monitor your children’s phone activity, you can stop them if you find anything inappropriate. And the same goes for spouses and managers. You will get an alert message when children go out of the home, school, or the place you set.


  • GPS and a geofencing feature
  • Social media monitoring
  • Multimedia monitoring
  • Keyloggers
  • Call history and phone recording
  • Sleath mode.
  • Block inappropriate content and applications.

Once you install the application on the target phone, you can remotely track them.

Supported platform: Android, iOS


FamiSafe is specially made by concentrating on parents. You can monitor the target person’s phone activity control the screen time, track GPS locations, etc. It is very easy to use. In very few minutes, you will be able to track the target person’s phone activity.

The Famisafe app will notify you whenever it detects any inappropriate behavior. This great feature will help keep your child safe from any online danger. In addition to that, you will get the report of the tracked applications and newly installed applications.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Allow you to limit time for specific apps.
  • Location tracking
  • Website filtering
  • Suspicious picture and text detection

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire OS, Android, iOS 


Hoverwatch can track different phone activities of the target person without letting them know. You can monitor up to 5 devices at a time with a hoverwatch. The most interesting feature of the Hoverwatch is that it will send you a notification when the SIM card gets replaced from the target phone. In addition to that, you can track the target person’s phone activity even after the SIM card gets replaced.

Another interesting feature is that every time the person tries to unlock the mobile screen, it takes the pictures from the target phone’s front camera. If you think deeply twice, this feature is beneficial when the phone is robbed.


  • Track internet history.
  • Automatic front camera photo capture
  • Automatically takes screenshots.
  • SIM card replacement alert
  • Monitor text and calls.
  • Geolocation feature

Supported platform: Mac OS X, Windows, Android


An advanced cell phone tracking application, uMobix helps users monitor real-time activities. As a result, the user can throw the problem away and keep their loved ones safe and sound. More than the 41 applications and social media sites are covered in uMobix.

The amazing feature of uMobix is that the user can access the target phone’s camera and microphone. It helps you to hear and see the surrounding environment of your child.

This feature is mainly beneficial for parents when their child is out of home late at night. 


  • Easy phone call tracking
  • Advanced GPS tracker
  • Track browser history
  • Social media monitoring
  • Block WIFI
  • Block apps
  • Delete and restrict application

Supported platforms: Android, iOS


mSpy is among the popular top cell phone tracking applications available. Whether the target person’s phone is android or ios, mSpy will work on both platforms. This parental control application will work silently without letting the target person know they are getting tracked. It is not a compulsion to jailbreak the device, but you can gain access to more features if you choose to jailbreak.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent customer support
  • Monitor browsing history
  • Social media monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Screen recorder
  • Control applications and programs
  • Monitor and block internet history 

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

Besides using spying applications, you can physically track the target person’s phone activity by physically accessing the target phone. But it is only possible if the target person is very close to you or stays with you. When the person is out of home for a long time, you can check it physically. But it is very risky. So, we recommend you use the spying application.

How to choose the right phone activity trackers app?

Technology is making its irreplaceable place in the world. Everyone around the world relies on it. So it is difficult for people to live without it. There are a lot of phone tracker applications on the play store and app store, and that’s why many users find it difficult to choose the best one.

Before you download and install the phone tracker application, take the time to think about why you need that and whom you are going to track? Some applications are free of cost, while some apps need to pay.


Ensure that the application you want to use for tracking is compatible with your device. Otherwise, how much better the app is, is worthless for you. The application that supports multiple Operating Systems is considered the best one.


You don’t need to go for the applications which have maximum features. You can still go for the applications with the one particular you need. For example, if you want to track only the location of the target person’s device, then social media monitoring and tracking internet history seem useless.

Pricing and Refund policy

The price of the applications should be affordable for you. If possible, compare the price of other applications with the available features. The stereotype is that the cheaper the price, the fewer features it includes. But that’s not true; some applications offer more features at a small cost.

If the app you bought does not work as it claims to, you can ask for a refund. After all, money is yours, and you have the right to ask back for it.

Customer Support

An essential factor that needs to consider before installing any applications is customer support. Without that, how would you suppose to solve your issues when they arise. Make sure it has 24/7 excellent customer support.

The final words

Some people may feel tracking someone’s phone activity violates the target person’s privacy. While in another side, some people believe that it is a simple gesture towards keeping the loved one safe from preyer eyes. However, spying on someone without their knowledge is considered illegal unless the monitored person is your underage child. If the person is other than that, you need to get consent from them.

Make sure you have installed the spying applications perfectly. And choose the application according to your desire.

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