Customers are demanding quality products and won’t settle for less. Thanks to technology, manufacturing is getting better, more efficient, and smarter. But how technology can improve product quality?

This helps manufacturers meet customer demand. In the last decade, improvements in technology changed how businesses think and operate. Let’s see how.

How technology can improve product quality in this digital era?

Computerized Management

Businesses spend millions on developing software that makes the manufacturing process more efficient. Computers can now track every part of the production process, making it more efficient.

Take, for example, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). These are programs that track system maintenance, inspections, and breakdowns.

They ensure that the machines are at their best performance, helping boost quality. Moreover, they optimize how machines are used in the production process. This also leads to fewer breakdowns and fewer repairs.

The software can synergize with other technologies and boost their performance. It can tie the whole production process together, increasing productivity and quality. 

Could Computing

Access to advanced software would be nothing without the computing power to run it. Yet now, businesses don’t need their dedicated server rooms.

Instead, they can just rent out a cloud. Cloud computing has been around for a while now, helping businesses with logistics and management.

Businesses can now pay as they use as much computing data as they need, without logistical headaches. Moreover, less data maintenance and easy integration increase efficiency, which helps the product quality.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics has one purpose in most businesses, to take on boring, repetitive jobs and improve quality.

While humans are usually unfit for these kinds of jobs, robots excel at them. They can create products at a huge scale, always in the same way, without fail.

That means that robots allow businesses to reach the “zero defects principle,” eliminating manufacturing errors completely. The fewer errors, the better the quality of products we can produce on a large scale.

Moreover, robots have the advantage over other machines of being more versatile. A robot can typically handle a wide variety of tasks by just changing the commands in its software.

Robots also never get tired and can work around the clock. This means that businesses also use their machines and factory space more efficiently.

3D Printing

The 3D printing technology used to be expensive a few decades ago, but now it’s accessible by everyone.

These printers use plastics and a hot extruder which builds layers on the working bed based on software instructions. All it takes is some basic technic knowledge on operating them and creating a printing file.

Suitable 3D printers can be used for as low as $300, usually for product prototypes. That means that even small businesses can now test different prototypes before manufacturing.

Due to 3d printing, prototyping is easier than ever, which reduces time, energy, and resources. Naturally, this increases the end quality of a product.

Artificial Inteligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a true revolution for product quality. Today, AI systems can grasp complex information as well as humans.

They also don’t get tired. For instance, AI can spot sensitive information before anyone else and prevent downtime.

Moreover, machine learning means that AI is only going to get better. The more information it gets, the better it becomes. This makes AI a great choice for quality upgrades.

Additionally, deep learning allows AI to detect imperfections and propose improvements visually. AI collects data based on past encounters, so it has a purpose in almost every field in a business.

AI could help marketers predict patterns in buying behavior based on past sales. It has uses in every segment of a business.

New Tech, New Security Issues

Although technology makes products better and customers happy, it comes with a downside—the more sophisticated the technology, the more susceptible to malicious attacks.

Businesses spend millions on security maintenance. After all, a single malicious hacker can destroy their reputation and hurt their bottom line.

Internet is not safe, and it is wise to hide your IP address from curious eyes with a VPN. A good VPN for PC or your smartphone will protect your data and hide your physical location from attackers. It can also protect you from spying through your PC camera and microphone. These are the ways how technology can improve product quality.

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