How to automate documentation in this era of AI?

Working with documents is an integral part of the work process in any organization.

You can spend a lot of time on it, and not succeed among competitors as a result.

Implementation of document automation software allows you to increase the speed and quality of all stages of document management.

A system that works according to well-thought-out algorithms does not require great efforts from specialists who will use it, but it will definitely help to accelerate business processes in the company.

What is a Document Management and Why do you Need document automation

Document management is a mandatory process in any enterprise.

An effective system of document management reduces financial expenses, increases the productivity of employees, makes many processes transparent and represents a guarantee of stability.

It consists of creating, changing, structuring, tracking and joint work on important files.

Document automation makes it possible to transfer tasks to a computer program, which it can handle better and faster than an ordinary person.

Integration of software takes some time, requires monetary investment and staff training, but it pays off over time.

How to automate documentation with software?

Document automation software performs the following tasks:

  • reduces the time required to perform operations related to documents.Statistical studies show that the average office employee searches for the necessary reports for about 8 hours, and that does not include entering new data, making changes, printing, sending for approval.The right document automation tool speeds up all stages of document processing and automates their transfer.The approval of business papers in a couple of minutes frees up time to perform tasks of a strategic, rather than routine, nature;
  • guarantees a secure environment for storing information. Individual documents can be protected with a digital key that not everyone will have access to;
  • allows you to see the active tasks of the workflow and evaluate performance as a whole. The automated system shows which employee works with specific tasks, as well as which stage of processing a particular file;
  • makes it possible to save human and material resources.Employees devote much less time to paper tasks and can actively participate in other processes.Working in the cloud frees you from organizing space for archives, and also reduces costs for paper, consumables for printers and couriers.Budget savings go in parallel with an increase in the efficiency of work processes;
  • minimizes risks and the influence of the human factor.

You can lose printed reports, forget to take them to your boss in time, or look for a long time in a stack of papers instead of wasting time on important tasks.

It is also possible to face a flood, fire, or military action that will destroy papers, but it is impossible to lose documents with automated cloud storage.

The workflow management software adjusted to the company’s goals allows specialists to forget about tedious routine work, the need to use several tools at once and enter all information manually.

The free time can be spent on team meetings, training, attending conferences, developing new ideas, creating profitable sales funnels or negotiating with potential partners.

Introducing document automation software into the Workflow

Before transferring an enterprise to a new electronic accounting system, business owners should analyze the current activity, decide on the goals and needs, and also find people who will take responsibility for the implementation of the chosen software.

Workflow management software will help plan each stage of integration:

  1. Preparing basic templates used in documentation. Adding branding elements to the templates. Incorporating the ability to use electronic signatures to avoid unnecessary paperwork printing.
  2. Automating processes and teams. This phase includes creating accounts and assigning roles to employees, merging with software products already in use, and creating automated processes based on work tasks.
  3. Software testing. Running the environment in test mode to check the correctness of the setting of processes, the presence of communication with the necessary contacts.
  4. Error correction, making modifications and final configuration.
  5. Launch of the software with further training of employees who will use the system.
  6. Evaluating the software environment with ongoing adjustment of the smallest elements of the automated process.

Choosing a tool whose specificity suits the workflow in a particular company saves time and money in the best way.

Implementing software requires certain resources, but it improves the work strategies used in the organization in the long run.

Pandadoc — Moving to a New Level of Document Management

Cloud software from American IT company is used in different business fields.

It allows you to choose a document automation tool to meet the individual needs of a department or an entire company.

The process of storing, making changes and transmitting for signature is greatly simplified with Pandadoc.

The software supports electronic signature and allows to forget about manual processing of each document and constant switching between different program windows.

Using Pandadoc opens up limitless possibilities for people who are ready to entrust it with document management to make a breakthrough in business.

Hope now you know how to automate documentation.

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