No one wants to see ads on their screens when they are in the middle of something exciting. But that’s how many companies get most of their revenue. According to BlogOfGadgets, if a company is providing you a service for free, you are the product for the company.

What does this mean? Marketing groups pay popular apps and websites to host their advertisements so that they reach a wider audience.

Depending on the target audience and reach, there is an agreed-upon fee that advertising companies pay.


How to Block Ads on All Your Devices like a Pro? (Guide)

If you’re plagued by the mountain of ads that comes along with being a free or premium user, you might be constantly looking for ways to by-pass them. There are many tricks and tips to avoid ads. In this article, we will explain how to block ads on all your devices like a pro. Keep reading to find out more!


How Do Block Ads Work?

Ad blockers prevent ads from being shown and tracked. They are usually plug-in’s that can be installed online for free or extensions that can be bought at a fee. These blockers have gained immense popularity in recent years due to the overwhelming increase in ad content.

Being disturbed by inappropriate or many ads can be off-putting for most people, so instead, they try to find ways to block them all off once and for all.

Ad blockers block JavaScript ad tags from firing and being identified, which provides much-needed relief from tiresome pop-ups. The three most popular ad-blocking chrome extensions are AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Pro, and Adblock.

How to download AdBlock chrome extension:

  • Click on—-best-ad-blocker/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom?hl=en-GB
  • The above link will take you to the official google chrome extension webstore from where you can download AdBlock
  • Tap on ‘Get AdBlock’ and allow it to download through WiFi
  • Once it’s installed, your ads will automatically start getting blocked

Note: AdBlock doesn’t block non-intrusive ads to support the websites that are hosting them. This means that advertisements that don’t show up as pop-ups or banners that take up an entire page may still be visible.

AdBlock Features:

  • Blocks pop-up advertisements and banners that take up a majority of your screen from unsafe websites
  • Blocks ads on applications and websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other similar apps
  • It blocks third-party trackers and allows you to browse more safely
  • Quick and well-trained customer support
  •  Improves page load time, helping you get a faster internet speed for uninterrupted browsing


How to Block Hulu Ads (Android, iPhone, TV, and More)?

Hulu is another streaming app that offers its users various subscription plans. The basic plan comes at an affordable price of $5.99 a month, but this doesn’t include ad-free free content.

To watch ad-free content, you will need to purchase the Hulu (No Ads) plan that comes at $11.99/ month with a range of shows. But some shows still contain advertisements due to them third-party shows.

What does this mean? The content owners allow Hulu to host their shows or movies on their site without giving them exclusive rights. This also means they have to show ads on that content.

Compared to rival streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu lags to provide a completely ad-free experience. Luckily, there are options available to block Hulu ads on Chrome, Android, and iPhone using adblockers like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

The Hulu Adblock Skipper extension is a winner amongst others. And we have explained how to download it onto your browser!

Hulu AdBlock Skipper

Steps to download Hulu AdBlock Skipper:

  • Open Chrome and go to
  • Tap on ‘Add to chrome’ and allow installation of the extension onto your browser
  • Go to and log into your account
  • Start the show you want to watch normal and the adblocker will automatically skip the ads

Hulu AdBlock Skipper Feature:

  • Detects advertisements and skips through step automatically
  • Exclusive for Hulu website
  • Easy to use

Avail The Free-Trial

You can also choose to avail of the free trial for Hulu, which will give you one month of mostly ad-free content if you select the Hulu (No ads) subscription using the steps below:

  • Go to and tap on ‘Start a free trial
  • Input your payment details, and press save

Note: Don’t forget to cancel your subscription within a month, or charges for the next month will be automatically deducted from the payment details you had added for the free trial.


How to Block Ads In Google Chrome?

Blocking ads off the entire browser may be complicated, but it’s not impossible. There are multiple ways you can achieve this benefit recommended by Google and by using third-party apps. Google chrome tends to target ads to the user based on your browsing history.

If the types of ads you’re getting are the main issue, follow these steps to turn off the personalization of advertisements.

How to block targeted google chrome ads:

  • Go to
  • Turn the toggle ‘Ad personalisation is ON’ off by sliding it to the left
  • Once the pop-up shows up, choose the ‘Turn off’ option, which will block personalized advertisements

Note: Your ads will then be based on your location (if on), or you will see randomized ads.


How to Block Pop-ups From Websites?

Another method for ads to creep up on you when using google chrome is pop-ups that often show up when you open a new, potentially shady website. Usually, Google Chrome blocks these pop-ups on their own, but if you’re still receiving them, you can quickly turn them off on your iPhone, Android, or computer using the steps mentioned below.

Steps To Block Pop-up Ads On iPhone:

  • Launch the Chrome browser app and tap on ‘More’ on the right-hand side corner of your screen
  • Go to ‘Content settings’ under ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Block pop-ups’
  • Turn the toggle off, and you’re done

Steps To Block Pop-up Ads On Android:

  • Launch the Chrome browser app from your mobile device and tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll till you see ‘Permissions’
  • Turn off the toggle under ‘Pop-ups and redirects

Steps To Block Pop-up Ads On Computer:

  • Turn your computer on and open the Google Chrome browser
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner and scroll to ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘Privacy and Security and left-click on ‘Site Settings’
  • Once you enter the ‘Pop-up and redirects’ subsection, you will have an option to choose between ‘Allowed’ or ‘Blocked,’ choose blocked, and the pop-up ads will be stopped


How to Block Ads In Safari?

Pop-ups are usually offers, ads, or alerts that open in your current browser window. When these ads show up on your mobile, because of the small size of your screen, it gets challenging to view your page, and you might accidentally click on links that can take you to scam websites.

Going to these websites is dangerous because they can leak private information, gauge your location, and install viruses and other malware into your device. To stop this from happening, Apple provides an option where you can block ads that are intrusive from your phone settings. Let’s take a look at how to do this!

Steps to block safari ads:

  • Launch Safari from your Apple device and go to ‘Settings’
  • Turn on ‘Block pop-ups’ and ‘Fraudulent Website Warning’
  • This will stop unwanted pop-up ads from your safari browser as well as alert you to potential scam websites

Note: If you have persistent pop-up ads and alerts on your Mac, you might have accidentally or unknowingly installed advertising-supported software(Adware). To get rid of the ads, identify and eliminate the problem-causing application from your device.


How to Block Ads In Firefox Using AdBlock Plus?

According to users, the best way to block ads in Firefox is using the AdBlock Plus for Firefox extensions. Kaylee had this to say about the AdBlock Plus extension, “I prefer to use Firefox for browsing but I was having a hard time finding an extension since there’s no google chrome extension store for it. I then downloaded AdBlock Plus and it’s been working really well for me!”

Steps to download AdBlock Plus for Firefox

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the end of the page where you will see ‘Agree and install for Firefox,’ click on it
  • A screen will open on the left side of your browser; click on ‘allow’ and wait a few seconds till the following screen appears
  • Click on ‘Install now’; this action will add AdBlock Plus to your browser

AdBlock Plus Features:

  • Blocks all annoying ads, pop-ups, and banners, including those on apps and websites like YouTube and Facebook
  • Allows acceptable ads so that websites don’t lose their revenue when they feature non-intrusive advertisements
  • Disables tracking that occurs during every browsing session; this allows you to browse more anonymously on the web and not gather as many cookies
  • Disables social media buttons that are available on various sites, which helps protect your data from third-party apps that use accidentally clicks as permissions


How to Block Ads In Facebook?

Facebook tracks all the data that you feed it. Usually, the data is personal, and it uses that to provide you with related advertisements on your timeline. Many users don’t like the feature and feel creeped out because they are immediately shown ads for a specific thing after just searching for the topic once on the internet.

Facebook has come under fire from the public multiple times due to its intrusive privacy policies, which don’t seem to be improving anytime soon. If you’re looking to block ads on Facebook that are too personal for your liking, you’re in the right place.

The feature to curate your ad content by blocking inappropriate ads is handy to parents who allow their children to use their Facebook accounts. Below we’ve mentioned the steps you can follow to stop tracking your data for ads.

Steps to block targeted ads from Facebook:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ from the top right corner of your Facebook page and select ‘Ads’ from the left panel
  • Click on ‘Interests’ and adjust your likes and dislikes depending on what type of ads you’re willing to be shown
  • Click on ‘Your Information’ and choose the categories you wish to see
  • Then go to ‘Ad Settings’ and disallow Facebook from using ‘Data from Partners’; this prevents the app from using information collected by other companies
  • If you click on ‘Hide Ad Topics,’ you can curate the content you want to eliminate from your page completely


How To Block Ads On Youtube?

The most commonly complained about ad situation is the one that we experience with YouTube. YouTube is a prevalent video streaming and uploading site and app that has changed the face of the entertainment industry in the last decade.

Their profits primarily come from playing ads before and in between videos. The content creators control the frequency and presence, choosing whether or not they want to monetize their content. Since YouTubers use ads as a source of income, ads are employed on eligible videos more often than not. If you’re tired of seeing ads in between bingeing your favorite channel, we’ve got a few options you can try to block ads on YouTube videos.

Offline Viewing For No Ads

If you don’t have many videos to watch, the easiest method to block ads on YouTube videos is to download them for offline viewing. YouTube allows you to download a couple of videos every month, according to your device’s memory capacity. Ads require data or WiFi, so you won’t see advertisements if they don’t have an internet connection. The way to do this is simple to follow, and we’ve noted it down for you!

Steps to download YouTube videos for offline viewing:

  • Launch your YouTube app
  • Search for and play the video you wish to download
  • You do not need to wait for the first ad to finish playing; you can press on the ‘Download’ button with the arrow pointing down immediately
  • The video will download onto your device, and you can watch it by going to ‘Library’ and then ‘Downloads’
  • If the ads still play, turn off your internet services and enjoy the videos ad-free

 Try using Modified apps

Another way to get a completely Ad-free YouTube experience is by downloading YouTube Premium apk mods from the internet for free. This method does not require you to input any financial details.

Steps to download YouTube Premium for free:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Download’ button
  • Once the app is downloaded, click on it, it will redirect you to your phone settings where you have to ‘Allow third-party installation’
  • Once the permission is granted, tap on the downloaded apk, which will install onto your home screen, and you can use it as YouTube

Note: Apk mods are third-party apps and can lead to data leakage or malware when downloaded from an untrustworthy source. Download them with caution and make sure you have a backup for important content.

Web Extensions For An Ad-Free experience

Web extensions like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus can also be used to stop ads from playing when you’re using YouTube on a browser. The steps to download and use them have been mentioned in this article. They are safe to use and can be downloaded from your browser’s extension stores.

Make Your Waller Ka-Ching

The best and most foolproof way of blocking ads on YouTube? Consider purchasing the Premium version. YouTube Premium is a recent endeavor by the streaming giant to get more revenue for their company while also providing the audience with the most demanded feature- no ads.

You can avail of a free trial for one month, but after that, it costs $11.99 a month. If you have some spare cash lying around and you enjoy spending your free time on YouTube, you should consider paying for this subscription. We’ve also mentioned the YouTube premium features and how to avail of the free trial down below!

Steps to get the YouTube Premium free trial

  • Go to
  • Log into the google account you wish to start the trial on
  • Tap on ‘Try for free,’ provide your payment details, and follow the prompts that appear on your screen to start your free trial

Note: You can only get one month of free trial per YouTube account. The free trial does not get charged, but the monthly value is deducted automatically if you forget to cancel your subscription.

YouTube Premium Features:

Completely Ad-free content, so there’s no need for you to wait a minute before skipping ads as there are none

  • Background playback is available; this allows you to continue watching videos even if you exit the YouTube app and try to use another app
  • YouTube premium recommends playlists that are tailored to your taste using your watch and search history
  • You can download as many videos as you need for offline viewing as long as your device has memory space


How To Block Ads On Twitter?

Ads on Twitter show up as “Sponsored” posts that plague your timeline when all you’re trying to do is see your mutual tweets. They are persistent, irrelevant, and often repetitive. Twitter users have been wondering how to get rid of sponsored posts once and for all, but it’s difficult because these posts are usually paid to be promoted to a wide range of audiences.

Some standard advertisers also tend to send money to users whose tweets get big numbers. All these types of ads have the exact wording and can be blocked by muting the sentences. If you’re wondering how to block Twitter ads or stop the personalization of ads, we’ve explained how to do it below! It’s pretty straightforward and can be followed by everyone irrespective of age and technological skills.

Steps to turn personalization of ads off:

  • Launch the Twitter app from your home screen and tap on the three parallel lines on the left top corner
  • Scroll down to ‘Settings and Privacy
  • At the very bottom, you will see an option called ‘Personalisation,’ tap on it
  • Turn all the toggles in that section off to completely stop any of your data from being shared with ad partners

Steps to mute tweets:

  • Copy-paste the ad that you wish to block from your timeline and go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ from the top left corner
  • Tap on ‘Content preferences’ and go to ‘Muted’ under ‘Safety’
  • Go to ‘Muted words’ and add words or sentences using the button available on the bottom right corner
  • Press Save, and you’re done! The copy pasted ads will be gone from your timeline

Note: You can also mute accounts from who you regularly see promoted tweets or ads by going to their profile, clicking the three dots on the top right corner, and selecting ‘Mute.’


Block Ads in Instagram Easily

While Instagram ad frequency isn’t as bad as some of the other apps mentioned above, they are still an unwanted addition to your timeline. Instagram sneakily inputs ads by making it look like a typical post of your feed till you see ‘Sponsored’ mentioned on the top of them.

The easiest way to fix this is by switching your account or a personal or private account, as these sponsored posts are targeted towards Instagram business accounts for now. To remove these posts, you can choose one of the two options available, hiding the posts or blocking the account from who you regularly see sponsored content.

Hiding the posts does not wholly block ads, but it does reduce the frequency of similar promoted content. Blocking the account will stop all content from that account from entering your timeline forever. Or till you unblock it, of course.

Steps to hide Instagram posts:

  • Launch the app and click on the three dots on the top right corner of the sponsored post; once a pop-up appears, click ‘Hide Ad’
  • Instagram asks for feedback on why you want to hide this post to improve future suggestions, choosing ‘It’s inappropriate’ is the best option o reduce similar posts from your feed quickly
  • You can repeat this process for every sponsored post you see on your timeline till, ultimately, there aren’t many left to be seen

Steps to block Instagram accounts:

  • Once on Instagram, go to the advertisers account and tap on the three dots on the top of the page
  • Click on the block option, and you’re done; all ads from that page will be blocked


How To Block Ads For Android?

Ads are rarely ever a good thing. They tend to disturb a bubble you have created around yourself by bombarding an unwanted product into your face. Using ad-blocking apks is the best way to avoid all this trouble and gain a seamless ad-free experience.

The only problem is that since apks are third-party apps from not verified sources, they can sometimes install malware into your device, which is a bad thing for the safety of your data. If you’re choosing to install an android apk for blocking ads, proceed with caution as it does require a change of a few device settings.

Steps to install AdBlocker apk:

  • Go to and press on the ‘Free download’ button in green
  • Once the app has been downloaded, go to your ‘Settings’ and then ‘Security’
  • Scroll down to ‘Unknown Sources’ and allow installation
  • Tap on ‘Ok’ when the confirmation pop-up shows up and tap on the downloaded apk from your notifications for completion of the installation


How To Block Ads For iOS?

The iOS security system makes it difficult to download free third-party applications for use. They are stringent with the content available, so downloading free ad blockers is a difficult task. But that doesn’t mean that iOS users don’t have any apps catering to their needs.

There are ad blockers available in plenty on the AppStore that are affordable and work well with your device. There is the bonus of not risking any harm to your device through unknown source installations. The AdGuard app is the most used and positively reviewed app on the iOS AppStore and can be installed easily if you follow the steps we’ve listed below.

Steps to install AdGuard:

  • Open your AppStore on your iOS device and input ‘AdGuard’ into the search bar
  • Tap on ‘Get’ and verify this action by inputting your biometric or device passcode
  • Once the installation is complete open the app and set the filters you wish to employ: Turning ‘Easy Privacy’ and ‘Fanboy’s Annoyance Link’ toggle on is recommended


How To Block Twitch Ads?

Twitch ads can easily be blocked from browsers using adblocker extensions like AdBlock or the more popular extension UBlock Origin. Although many users of ublock in 2021 have noticed that the extension is not working upto the mark recently.

Twitch had made it more difficult to block ads, so that streamer’s revenues don’t dip and they continue putting out content, but that has dissatisfied many consumers who are tired of the long ads. If you’re one of these people who don’t wish to see ads, we’ve got you.

Steps on how to block twitch ads with ublock origin:

  • For Chrome, go to and press on ‘Add to chrome’
  • Wait for the extension to install and launch Twitch; your videos should automatically start showing a lesser amount of, or no ads

Note: If you’re looking for how to block twitch ads on the mobile app, it is currently impossible. If you wish to stream a content creator’s work without ads, you’ll need to open Twitch on your mobile device browser as ad blockers do not work for the app.

UBlock Origin Features:

  • Open-source and free ad blocker browser extension that filters ads, pop-ups and banners easily—UBlock is aimed at stopping privacy invasion efficiently
  • Increases memory capacity by reducing the cookies and cache saved on your device
  • Available for multiple browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Easily downloadable


How To Block Crunchyroll Ads?

Being a paid app, you would expect Crunchyroll not to contain advertisements on their platform, but this is not the case. Your subscription is paying for the shows hosted on their site, but the ads allow the company to gain a profit by marketing other products.

The easiest way to block Crunchyroll ads is by downloading the AdBlock or AdBlock Plus extension onto your Chrome browser. These are two of the most used extensions available and can be easily downloaded. This blog has already discussed how to install them into your device above! Sometimes you get an ‘AdBlock is not working on Crunchyroll problem, which can be solved using these steps:

  • Launch Chrome and tap on the three dots next to your profile picture on the right top corner
  • Go to ‘More tools’ and tap on ‘Extensions’
  • Enable the developer mode and choose to ‘Update’ all extensions
  • Reopen Chrome, and your ads should be filtered out as intended by the extension


How To Block Kissanime Ads On mobile?

Kissanime is a weeb-favorite and weeb-approved site to stream free anime in terms of content. Still, the overwhelming amount of ads that redirect you to shady sites makes it difficult to enjoy the availability of anime.

No matter where you click on your screen, you’re bound to be taken on a joyride all over the web with just one tap. These ad links on kissanime can also cause malware to be downloaded into your device. The best way to avoid this is by using an ad blocker. One ad blocker that works well for kissanime ads is AdGuard. It is a paid app but offers free trials for users.

Steps to download AdGuard on your mobile device:

  • Go to and tap on ‘Download’
  • Once in the app, go to ‘Settings’ and enable the following filers- ‘AdGuard Mobile Ads filter,’ ‘EasyList,’ ‘EasyPrivacy,’ ‘AdGuard Annoyances filter,’ ‘AdGuard Safari filter,’ ‘Fanboy’s Annoyances’ and ‘Adblock Warning Removal List’
  • Choose the ‘User filter’ option and add this link to it-
  • Go to and complete the captcha test for the anime you wish to watch. When the website loading bar is halfway through, press play on the video
  • Make sure to press the ‘X’ on the loading bar when it’s loaded; it should not load fully; otherwise, ad-block will not work as intended
  • Repeat the half-loading steps for each new episode you want to watch

Note: Make sure to clear your cookies by clearing your browser history before starting your show binge.


How to Block Ad Mail In Gmail?

Receiving ads on a platform where you have important content moving in and out everyday can lead to missing out on important information due to the sheer amount of emails you receive. Promotion emails are sent to you by vendors or applications that you use that are connected to your email ID.

There are two ways to block ad emails from piling up in your Gmail inbox: going to google settings and disabling promotions, and the second is by unsubscribing from the emailing list of vendors. We’ve listed the steps to both these hassle-free techniques in this blog.

Stop promotion Ads From Settings:

  • Open your Gmail account on a browser and click the gear-shaped icon on the top right corner of your screen, situated right under your Gmail photo
  • Next, click on ‘Configure inbox’ and choose the ‘Disable’ option under ‘Promotions’

Unsubscribe From Ad Emails:

  •  Go on your Gmail account and open an email from the sender you want to unsubscribe from
  • On ad emails if you scroll to the bottom, you will see an ‘Unsubscribe’ button, click on it, and it will redirect you to a page where it will mention that you’ve been unsubscribed.

Mark Emails As Spam

Marking emails as spam is another way to train Google to learn what content you consider worthless. Once your Gmail account identifies a pattern, it will automatically send ad mails to your spam inbox and keep your central mail free from ad content. For this, all you need to do is select the problem emails and ‘mark as spam’ from the bar situated on the top of your screen.



How to block all ads at once?

The best way to block a maximum number of ads is by installing an ad blocker on your device. They are usually free to use and work across most websites that you would want to visit.

Are ad blockers safe?

Most ad blockers are entirely safe to use and do not need permissions that will invade your privacy. We recommend the Google Chrome extensions, as they are tried and tested by thousands of people who have verified their authenticity.

How to block vulgar ads?

Avoiding websites that host adult or illegal content is the best way to make sure unsightly ads do not show up on your screen. You can also turn your personalized ads on so that your recommendations are based on your browsing history instead of being randomized.

Are Adblockers free?

Adblock Plus, AdBlock, Poper Blocker, Stands Fair AdBlocker, uBlock Origin, and Ghostery are some of the free options available on the web.

Do ad-block extensions require credit card details?

Free ad-block extensions do not require the input of financial details. Paid ones might need them, but most payment portals offer UPI transactions and direct bank transfers.

What does ad-supported mean in ad blockers?

Websites that host ads usually do so to gain an income. When all advertisements are blocked, this can cause severe financial loss to content creators working hard to provide you with quality work. To stop this from happening, ad blocking extensions and apps only block frequency and intrusive ads that disturb your viewing experience.



Ads are annoying. There’s no doubt about that. Imagine having to sit through a two-minute advertisement for a three-minute video. It’s completely unacceptable! Fortunately, the presence of ad blockers makes it much more manageable. Many websites don’t even require the installation of third-party apps; you can change the settings from the app itself to stop you from getting specific types of advertisements.

With a sudden increase in ads for company revenue, learning how to block ads has become an essential skill for web users. We end this article here. Hopefully, you’ve learned how to block ads on all your devices like a pro. If you have any more questions, drop a comment, and we’ll follow up as soon as possible.