Hey you, are you here because Google has brought you here when you searched “How to change Spotify username”? Well, you have come to the right place!

This article will cover most of your questions regarding Spotify including how to change Spotify username. You have to admit that back in the 2008, when Spotify first went online, we all had our doubts about this new app.

Can it compete against the popular apps like Deezer, SoundCloud, or cool apps like apple music, Google play music, or, if you optimistic enough, elite apps like YouTube and Amazon Music?

But to our surprise and satisfactions, Spotify has been a real game changer for all the music lovers out there, as well as the artists, producers and record labels.

This Sweden based media-service provider has now access to most of the Europe, USA, Australia and some parts of Asia and Africa.

This streaming on-demand app offers two versions for its users, Free Spotify, which is, as the name suggests, free and Spotify Premium, where you pay to get some extra benefits.

The popularity of this music streaming app is gaining day by day, and for valid reasons, we must say. This app, as of today, has more than two hundred million users, half of which are paying subscribers!

So, to all those cynics who had their doubts (including us), Spotify is here to stay! But not indifferent to all the good things out there, Spotify too has its down sides, and the thing that stands out like a sore thumb and bothers the consumers most, is it’s not letting the users a second chance at changing their user names! If you are one of the poor victims of young age silliness who ended up with embarrassing user names like “silly960” or “thug420” and want to change your Spotify username, this article is for you.

Here we are going to discuss about how to change Spotify username, which will hopefully help you to edit Spotify username.


How to Change Spotify Username?

When we talk about “how do you change your username on Spotify” it’s natural to think about, “why do they need to change their username on Spotify?” The answer is simple.

Our maturity was not always that developed. Our young age and young mind sometimes led us to some controversial and inappropriate path which usually leave our adulthood to face the consequences.

So when our 14-year-old Goth lover thought that “PraiseSatanxx” was a cool username for Spotify, 20 years old rational college goer knows, that it’s a bad idea!

Now that Spotify has introduced cool features where you can follow people and people can follow you, your username is definitely the first impression people always talk about.

So, can you edit Spotify username or edit Spotify username? If yes, then how do you change your Spotify username? Unfortunately, like most of your love interests, Spotify doesn’t believe in second chances.

There is no option available to change your username in Spotify. So the characters you enter during the sign up session your Spotify account, pretty much, is the “IT”! Now wait, no need to get downhearted.

Spotify may not allow us to change our username, but it does have some loopholes, and we are going to enlighten you about all of them.

I think we all have Facebook accounts. Spotify offer you an option which allows you to link your Facebook profile with your Spotify account.

When you log in with your Facebook account, your FB profile name will be shown in the Spotify instead of the original username. So all the users out there wondering how do I change my Spotify username, that’s it.

It is as easy as just connecting your Facebook account to your Spotify account. You may wonder about how to connect Spotify to Facebook.

Hence, the process how to change your Spotify username step by step is given below:

  1. First open your Spotify app in your phone.
  2. Once you are in your Spotify homepage, tap on the icon on your top left.
  3. It will redirect you to your library. Search for the setting icon, usually it’s on top right side.
  4. Once you click on the setting icon, you will go to the settings page.
  5. Tap on the 6th tab labeled as Social.
  6. When you click the social tab it will allow you to the page where you can find the option of connecting to your Facebook.
  7. You will have to log into your Facebook using your Facebook username/email and password.
  8. Facebook, as the gentleman (or gentle application?) it is, will ask for your permission to continue as your FB username on Spotify.
  9. Once granted access, your Facebook and Spotify account will be linked together therefore allowing you to change your Spotify username with your Facebook username.

This is pretty much only way to change or edit your Spotify username. When signing up for an account with a Facebook ID, it’s crucial to remember that Spotify will have access to more information other than your FB username!

That includes but not limited to your profile pictures, friend-list and other public information. You can opt out from sharing this information with Spotify in any point you want, but you have to remember that unlinking your accounts will cause your Facebook username not to appear on your Spotify account anymore, and same thing for your profile picture too.

Your previous Spotify username will resurface and if you have signed up for this Spotify account with your Facebook account, unlinking the account will cause you to have a random alphanumeric username.

So, if you were wondering why is my spotify username a number or why is my spotify username random characters, this might be the reason why.

Now, you can always have opted back for your Facebook account. In that case, if you want, you can customize the data you want to share and data you want to keep private from your Spotify account on Facebook’s end.

To do that, log into your Facebook account and click the tab called Apps and Websites. It will redirect you to a page where you can find apps and websites which you have logged in with your Facebook ID.

Find “Spotify” tab or icon to customize the data you want to share or want to keep private. This way, you can have your Facebook username shown in the Spotify ID and still keep things that you want private, private. This is your answer to “How to change spotify username.”


Bonus Tips and Tricks on Spotify

As promised above, here are some extra tips and tricks that will make your experience with Spotify even smoother:

1. How to change spotify picture

Now that we’ve gone through a detailed “how to change spotify username” issue, here comes the process you can change your spotify profile picture. Usually, if you’re connected with your Facebook profile, changing your profile picture in Facebook will also change the Spotify profile picture. If your Facebook and Spotify accounts aren’t connected together, no need to feel dismay. You can still change your profile picture. You just need to have access to a pc. Log in with your desktop version Spotify and click to your Spotify username which is situated at right corner of the top of the page. Then move the cursor to and fro over your already existing profile picture and click “Change”. You can then change your profile picture by selecting any jpeg file sizing 4 MB or less.

2. Customizing your playlist image

You know the right icon can define your playlist most accurately. The default icons on Spotify can be a bit off for someone’s tastes. To change your Spotify playlist image, you, once again, have to log in with the desktop version of Spotify. Then click on the playlist icon and change it from your pc. You can find a large number of classy and edgy icons in Iconfinder.

3. Making it quicker

There is always a certain playlist you listen to all the time and want to access as soon as possible. To make it easier for you, Spotify has an option that allows you to add the playlist to your home screen! To make this shortcut, go to your Spotify playlists, click on the three dots that are right hand side of that particular playlist and scroll all the way to the bottom, you can find a tab called Add to Home screen. There you go, shortcut of your favorite playlist has been created on your home screen!

4. Sharing with friends

You can easily share your favorite songs with your friends in other social media like Instagram stories, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and others. You just have to click the three dots situated on the right side of your favorite song, scroll down and tap on share and then choose the preferred social media, and voila, your song will be shared!

5. Staying Up-to date

Did you know how easy it is to keep track on your favorite artists with Spotify? You can even know all about their concerts. If you click the search button and then on the concert tab, you will be shown all the concerts info near you! You can even find tickets for them.

6. Going premium, paying less

If you are a student in an accredited university in US, you can subscribe to your Spotify premium paying only 50% of the actual payment! Of course, you have to show enough evidences to prove your status and renew it in every 12 months, but still, music is even sweeter with discounts! Also, Spotify’s family plan for families allows users to share one account with up-to 5 people who all live in the same address. That means 6 separate Spotify premium accounts with one monthly subscription! This plan is 14.99 per month and enables you to save almost 45 USD every month!

7. Downloading songs

If you have Spotify Premium, then you have the option of downloading your songs. For that, you have to create a playlist with the songs that you want to download in it. Then you can either download the full album or song by song to listen to your favorite jams offline.

8. Bringing to an end

If you have enough of your spotify and want to delete your Spotify account, you will need a pc. First you have to log in to your desktop version Spotify. If premium, you’ll need to cancel the subscription. To do that, click profile, which is in the top-right side of the site. It will prompt a drop-down menu to surface. Click on the account tab, then click on Manage Plan when your Spotify account page is opened. Then cancel the premium. Next, go to the spotify customer service page and click on the 2nd tab called account. Selecting it will redirect to you a page where you’ll find “I want to close my account permanently” option. Then close your account by click “Close Account”, and goodbye.



There is no deny that Spotify has opened a new era of music streaming even after initially being criticized and withdrawn from by artists like Taylor Swift. Spotify has come a long way and so has its fans. Spotify’s dedications to artists and audience has made it greatly appreciated. So for mere username issues, it’s unlikely for someone to get over Spotify. But still, having option is very useful. That’s why we took this much time to explain to you about how you can change your username on Spotify. Sure, it is not technically changing your spotify username, per say, but it is close enough. So, we hope it was useful enough to set your mind at peace. Now that you don’t need obsessing over your username anymore, go enjoy your favorite songs. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who may also be in a dire need of “How to change Spotify username” manuals!

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