How to charge for a website? Freelance Web Developers have a lot of luxury in terms of choosing the kind of work that they want to do and also setting up the marginal price for every piece of work that they get. They are not bound by anything at all, and it is entirely their discretion to decide upon the price for a website that they design. 

However, it is quite natural that clients would love to hire a Web Developer who charges nominally without compromising on the quality of work that is assigned to them. No client would come in search of a web developer who charges exorbitantly and does not deliver work on time or does not follow instructions properly.

As a web developer, you get all the liberty to decide on the projects that you handle. But along with that, it is essential to perform specific steps that will help you to stick around in the world of freelancing for a longer duration. By following these rules, it will become easy for you to get repeated projects from the same client as well. Learn more about the same from the below section.

How to charge for a website?

Get to know the requirement

It is essential for every web developer to understand the requirements of a website in order to set the right price. Some of the websites are going to be huge, and they require a lot of work in terms of coding and designing. Such websites can be charged depending upon the kind of job and also based on the number of hours that you are going to spend.

competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

All you have to do is take a detailed tour of specific platforms where you can start locating profiles of people that are similar to you in the profession. Some of the websites also allow you to check for the prices that are being charged by the web developers. It is essential that you start looking out for several profiles and then make a list of the prices and then set the margin accordingly for yourself.

Determine the pricing model

There are certain pricing models which most of the web developers follow to charge for the website creation. You can either charge them by the hour or by the project you will be working on. At times, you can mix both of them.  You can determine this pricing model based on the complexity of the project and your comfort level.

If you choose the hourly pricing model, it will become easier for you to charge for your efforts and time wisely. On the other hand, if you select the project pricing model, it will attract more budget-oriented clients who are ready to pay for what you offer despite the time frame.

Pose as a client

It is good to know that not all web developers do reveal the charges to everyone. Although this might sound like a back-door entry, it can work out when you are planning to set a margin for the websites that you are going to design.

You can simply log in as a customer and start looking out for web developers as a client. Give some requirements on the website and understand the charges. You might as well ask them to send a complete breakdown of the quotation in order to understand the different kinds of categories that get charged.

Create a profile

There are a lot of freelance websites where you can register your profile and set a margin. You can observe the kind of response that you get. The responses initially might not be that great; however, if you start getting projects and if the customer starts to negotiate on the price range, you can make a call to reduce the price that you have set initially. If a customer is fine with the price and starts working with you, then you can stick to the same price for some time and then increase it after a while, depending upon the flow of work and the kind of websites you are getting to develop.

Speak to your friends

If you are a web developer, you would certainly be friends with people that are also part of the development field. A few of them might also be full-time professionals. Establish a conversation with them and get to know the pricing details. They can give you a fair idea in order to set your price for the website that you will be designing. Most of the companies also hire freelance web developer from Dormzi or other platforms. So, it will be easy for you to get the relevant information.

Send a proposal

In order to get a project, it is essential that you start over the proposal phase. When you send the quotation during the proposal of the project, it goes through various levels of approvals. If the business people find it convincing with the price that you have quoted, they will immediately pass the approval else; they might come back to you rejecting the proposal. In the majority of the scenarios, the business deal does not go through because of the pricing, and that can be one of the major hints for you to work on the pricing.

speak to experts

Speak to experts

It is good to have a conversation with the experts or mentors that would have trained you. They will have a fair idea about the web development market, and they would also be able to give you an approximate value that can be charged for the website that you design.  Additionally, you can seek advice from the online resources or from people who are successful at freelancing for website creation. Having different opinions from experts will help you decide a fair price for your work.


These are some of the most important tips that can help you to figure out how to charge for a website and estimate the best price for the website that you develop for every client. Apart from website creation, you should also focus on following these tips when you get additional projects for its maintenance.

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