Online tools are for everyone and for every occasion because they are very simple to use and with the proper internet connection, they can be accessed everywhere. So even if you are not a computer savvy, you will figure out how to convert PDF to Word document, how to merge two PDF files or share your documents with other people and many other things, thanks to their simplicity. The biggest advantage of online tools is the fact you can use them everywhere, and you don’t rely on your computer only. There are thousands of online tools and that number increases almost every day. For every single operation you imagine, there is a tool.

One such tool that everyone needs at least once in a lifetime, and in most cases more often than that, is a PDF conversion tool. As you might know, PDF files are used for business and personal purposes, especially when they need to be transferred from one computer to another. PDF files keep the data and document formatting, so you do not need to worry whether your file will lose its layout or some of its data.

For all these reasons, PDF converters are a must-have. Now and then you need to edit a PDF file, to delete some information or to add a new one. Since you cannot alter PDF text easily, the quickest solution is to convert a PDF to an editable format, such as .docx.

How to Convert PDF to Word

Free Online PDF to Word Converter is a tool that makes this activity possible. You can convert PDF to docx and make necessary edits in three steps.

  1. Upload a PDF file
  2. Insert your email address
  3. Start the conversion process

how to convert pdf to word

Uploading a PDF file

In order to convert PDF to Word, you need to upload a PDF file of any size. The bigger the file is, the longer the conversion will last. The tool can handle even scanned PDF files, thanks to its powerful OCR technology. Files are sent to the servers for conversion, and they are not manipulated by people, rather by machines. In other words, the content of your files is protected.

Choose where the converted file will be sent

After conversion, the result will be ready for the download from the same website. But the link to that download button will be sent by email, for technical reasons. Privacy policy guarantees that your email won’t be sold or given to the third parties. Usually, after a few moments, you will receive an email with all the information where you can download the converted file.

Start the conversion

The last step is to click the Start button, and PDF to Word conversion will begin. You will get a Word document that is ready for editing. The converted file can be opened in MS Office, OpenOffice or any other application that opens .docx files.

With this tool, you can convert PDF files to Word on a mobile phone or a tablet. It is not a mobile app, but you can access the tool via browser and upload PDFs from your phone. So the steps on how to convert PDF to Word on a mobile are totally the same as on a computer.

All in all, this kind of tool is an asset to every business task, and next time you need to edit your data, remember this guide on how to convert PDF to Word.


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