For many of us, YouTube is one of the first names that comes to mind when thinking about listening to music or news. You can find almost any song on YouTube, along with different versions and remixes. What makes it difficult, however, is that you can’t listen to music in the background without a premium subscription. To get around this, you can learn how to convert a YouTube video to MP3 and download to listen anytime. Now the question is how to convert youtube videos to MP3?

Downloading audio from YouTube videos requires different types of tools. And among them, online downloader tools are the most convenient and fastest. Whether you want to turn a YouTube video into MP3 on your phone, PC, or Mac, these tools support all devices. However, you do need to be wary of malware or excessive ads on these websites. For your convenience, we will show you how to save music from YouTube using the best and safest YouTube to MP3 converters online.

Can I legally convert a YouTube video to MP3?

Yes, it is legal to convert a YouTube video to MP3 as long as it’s non-copyrighted content. YouTube does host a ton of copyrighted content, especially the audio in most music videos. In those cases, it is not legal to convert and download the copyrighted audio for usage purposes.

One way of finding unlicensed content is to select Creative Commons in YouTube’s search filter. So, is it legal to download music from YouTube? Yes, but it’s safe to stick with downloading free and non-copyrighted content and avoiding copyrighted materials.

How to convert YouTube video to MP3 with trusted online downloaders

There are many ways how to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file using online downloader tools. The internet is flooded with them, but how many are trustworthy? You can verify security measures by checking how the website works, if there are too many ads, or if it requires unnecessary steps to complete downloads. Let’s look at some YouTube to MP3 converters that are safe and learn how to use them.


YTConvert is easily one of the fastest YouTube to MP3 converters with a sleek design and simple operation. If there’s one solution you want for converting YouTube videos to any audio format, not just MP3, look no further. This means it’s not just YouTube to MP3 only; you can also convert to FLAC, AAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A. What’s more, you can download MP4 videos with this tool, which is the most supported format across devices.

Let’s check how to convert a YouTube video to MP3 on iPhone or Android phones

  • Open YouTube and copy the video link. You can get the link from the Share option or your browser’s address bar.
  • Next, go to and paste the link.
  • Select MP3 as your preferred format. Then click on Get the File.
  • After a second, the file will be ready. Simply click on download, and that’s it.


SmoothDownloader is a complete set of tools that feature downloaders for almost all social media, not just YouTube. For instance, you can save Facebook videos, Instagram reels, Pinterest videos, and more using this tool. With YouTube, you get more than just downloading videos. It houses a YouTube video downloader, thumbnail and Shorts downloader, and an audio converter to download music from YouTube to a PC or phone.

Here’s how to convert a YouTube video to MP3 on a PC or MacBook

  • Copy the YouTube video URL.
  • Go to and select the YouTube Converter tool from the menu.
  • Then paste the link and select MP3.
  • When you tap on Get the File, it will convert the video to audio. Download when ready.


If you want to learn how to download music videos from YouTube to a computer in MP3 or MP4 format, YTdown has the solutions for you. It’s a standalone YouTube downloader that features everything you can get from YouTube, including videos, shorts, thumbnails, MP3s, M4As, etc. Let’s find out how to use the YouYube MP4 to MP3 converter to download songs on your device.

Learn how to download YouTube video to MP3 using YTdown online converter

  • Copy the link to the video you want to convert.
  • Go to and navigate to the YouTube Audio Converter.
  • Paste the link on the designated field. Once you select the preferred format, tap to get the file.
  • After the file is converted, download it with one click.

What is the safest YouTube to MP3 converter?

There are many that fit the description. Among them, some of the most popular ones are SmoothDownloader and YTConvert. The no-registration and no-ads policy leaves little to expect from a quality converter because none of your personal data is collected while using these tools. Also, you can easily find out how to make MP3s from YouTube with a couple of clicks, which results in fast and high-quality downloads.

Wrap up

We hope you’ve found our YouTube MP3 converter review and tutorial helpful. Evrything you should know about how to convert a YouTube video to MP3 on Windows, Mac, or any smartphone is included. Due to the nature of the downloading process, most of these downloaders are similar. So, check which ones work best on your particular device and enjoy music from YouTube anytime.

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