How to earn cryptocurrency by playing games?

Do you want to play games to earn crypto?

The introduction of the blockchain industry innovates gaming technology and allows people to play games while earning crypto. 

Additionally, it introduces an entirely new economy from the gaming industry into the real world.

We cover every aspect of the blockchain gaming industry in this tutorial, where you may play games and earn cryptocurrency assist traders.

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How does the blockchain game industry work? 

Before getting started with how to play games and earn cryptocurrency, you should look at how blockchain gaming functions.

As the term suggests, the blockchain games are run on blockchain and fully decentralized, as the best cryptocurrencies. 

Before you start playing games, you should buy NFT or non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are online assets that are stored on the blockchain.

The term non-fungible implies that every token is different and not replaceable.

They serve as game assets such as characters, tools, and weaponry.

The NFT types and required amount to play differ from game to game. 

How to earn cryptocurrency by playing games?

Now, let us make a detailed look at ways in which you can easily play blockchain games and earn crypto.

  • Use the crypto exchange for purchasing Ethereum. 

The very first basic thing you should do is to open your account at a crypto exchange.

You need to open your account to buy Ethereum crypto coin, and you later need to buy NFT for blockchain game playing. 

To open an account, you should choose the best cryptocurrency exchange that has more than 50 cryptocurrency choices for users.

Moreover, you can also make a comparison of the transactional fees of two or more crypto exchanges to get the best deals.

  • Transfer the Ethereum to your crypto wallet.

Once you create the account on the crypto exchange that has some Ethereum coins, you should choose the wallet that connects with your game.

It is suggested to choose the Ethereum wallet that connects with decentralized applications directly from your device. 

After installing the crypto wallet on your device, you have to transfer the ETH into the crypto wallet.

It is advised to start with a little transfer as a test if you are new at cryptocurrency transfer.  

You must check the transfer by transferring a little number of ETH to a crypto wallet.

Ensure that you make proper attention to gas fees while transferring the Ethereum into your crypto wallet. 

  • Buy the required NFT to start playing. 

It is advised to familiarise yourself with the game first, then purchase the NFT.

You may learn how to play and the benefits of NFT in this manner.

The game has its own marketplace, making it easy for users to buy NFT to start playing. 

If the games have no marketplace, then there are secondary markets to buy NFT.

While buying NFT, ensure to compare the price of different NFTs on different platforms. 

To buy NFT, you simply need to connect your wallet to the marketplace and scan through the NFT until you find what you like.

By scanning, once you’ve located the NFT of your choice, purchase it and begin your game.

Where the play to earn crypto games are headed

The introduction of play-to-earn crypto games has innovated the complete gaming industry.

As the industry grows, most games in the future provide the play to earn components to them. 

As many players experience digital ownership of gaming assets and the ability to get profits to players from gaming, the popularity of playing to earn crypto games is increasing. 

Most people prefer to spend their free time online, and new generations are increasingly playing games to earn money.

Also, as virtual reality and metaverse continue to make entry into the mainstream, they increase the trend. 


Hope now you know how to earn cryptocurrency by playing games.

You can easily play blockchain games and earn crypto by buying the necessary NFT.

Ensure to buy the NFT from the best crypto exchange so you can play the game easily and in a straight way. 

Once you make investments wisely in games and play smartly, you can make the chance to earn crypto. 

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