The internet has slowly but effectively bridged the gap between it being a luxury to a necessity now.

Internet has become more relevant than it was ever before, especially after the global instance of COVID-19. With lockdowns in place, working and studying have shifted online.

People are relying on their internet connections to stay updated in these times of uncertainty.

The situation gets even worse if you are in no internet connection and it fades of completely blacks out in the middle of an online meeting or exam. What must one do in such dire circumstances?

Before diving into the article, make sure if you have an option then go for an internet service provider with better infrastructure as this makes them less susceptible to untimely outages.

Internet Service like the one form spectrum internet plans rarely blacks out, but if they do, their 24/7 available customer support is readily prepared to help you mend any problem you are facing. Here I list down some of the major causes of an outage and probable solutions to them:

Major causes of No Internet Connection

Some of the prominent causes of outages include:

Equipment issues

These are one of the most common issues causing an outage, largely involving damaged or sometimes-unplugged wiring.

On the other hand, maybe the modem or router devices you have been using are too old or aren’t up to date thus struggling to receive and deliver signals effectively, which might end up in a complete outage after a prolonged time.

Sometimes the software installed in your devices can be infected by malware that controls your internet connection, congest it or sometimes result in lost connectivity / no internet connection.

Environmental issues

This type of issues are something that is beyond human control. In simple words, one cannot stop them from happening.

For example, an earthquake or typhoon can destroy the infrastructure delivering you the internet connectivity thus disrupting it altogether.

However, in case of wireless connectivity bad weather conditions such as rain, hail or a thunderstorm can significantly impair connectivity.

If there is a breakdown in your area’s cable or fibre exchange, you might face internet blackout for longer periods in the entire area catered by that exchange.

In case the oceanic connecting fibres are damaged, it may result in a connectivity blackout in an entire country and may take longer to diagnose and repair thus taking a serious toll on the economies running largely on internet.

ISP issues

ISP issues include failed servers, system upgrades, scheduled downtimes, and outdated systems in most cases.

These issues are in the internet service provider’s control, and are mainly the reason why in case of any outage we are quick to bash the internet service provider while ignoring the other possible reasons. 

Possible Solutions

Here are a few easy solutions for dealing with internet outages yourself:

Check your cables

Cable clips and cables themselves wear out all the time, it is ideal to replace them with fresh ones at least once a year to make sure you get uninterrupted connectivity all year long.

You can narrow down the problem with your internet connectivity by checking the cable connection points, or replacing them with fresh ones might as well solve the problem entirely.

Reboot systems

Router and modem devices, like any other machinery can get clogged if operated for longer periods. These devices get jammed as they work round the clock without any gaps.

Therefore, to ensure smooth connectivity, shutting them down occasionally and restarting them after a short interval can help them unclog and reboot resulting in an instant boost in the internet quality. Read more:

Don’t forget to be patient while dealing with such issue, since frantic measures are known to do more harm than good in such cases.

Get assistance from your ISP

If none of this works, contacting your internet service provider is the last resort. Just like 24/7 availabel spectrum customer service will help you reach the reason of outage and solve it yourself, if possible.

They will send an expert if the problem persists and make sure you get the right professional help you need with your internet connection and it will be up and running in no time.

However, you should only opt for this if the problem is serious since taking professional services might cost you some extra bucks.

Hope these solutions will help you to get rid from no internet connection state.

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