Have you created a digital product that needs to reach out to individuals with limited payment capabilities? You might have some recent successful sales, but their overall value might not meet your expectations. As a solution, implementing payment plans might work for you.

Why Implement Payment Plans?

Achieving some sales which do not answer the total cost of innovating and creating a digital product might cause you some financial issues.

Compounded with all the time and resources invested in designing, prototyping, testing, and fielding your work, it is natural to expect serious numbers when it comes to sales.

Even after an excellent marketing strategy, your sales might suffer if the right plan is not applied.

Now you might be scratching your head in confusion while searching for a proper methodology that can yield you excellent sales and profits.

One great way to this is by implementing a payment plan. If you are new marketing digital products, then discovering that Thinkific offers a free plan might make your efforts some wonders and result in a wave of successful sales.

Payment plans are efficient channels that can provide convenience to every potential customer interested in your product.

Applying payment plans regarding your digital products and courses helps you automate a way for people to commit to your product.

You can easily set-up a suitable payment plan for any of your customers based upon every financial solution they are capable of handling.

It is a great way to ensure that you are getting paid while utilizing your products for their purposes.

Regardless of which type of industry you are aiming to enter, some people might want to access and use your services.

Having a flexible payment method prepared for them and any eventuality can help develop both parties’ healthy outcomes.

Payment plans will enable you to lend them your services while automatically paid for your efforts by any possible payment method available to your clients.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is any physical or virtual item which can be sold to any party by digital methods. These items may come in forms such as software applications, gaming platforms, electronic files, and exclusive website access.

When these digital products are purchased, it gives the customer benefits such as informative guides, reading mediums, teach processes, and deliver entertainment.

Typical Digital Products might include several digitized items you can buy through the web.

These virtual objects can have several advantages from physical objects since they can be opened, accessed, and viewed with the use of gadgets and devices with the suitable software installed. Here are examples of digital products.

  • Ebooks
  • PDF Files
  • Online Courses
  • Educational Videos
  • Stock Photography
  • Exclusive Image Collections
  • Application Installer
  • Software Compendiums
  • Digital Graphics
  • Letter Forms
  • Font Collections
  • Video Clips

Digital products represent pieces and assemblies of intellectual properties that usually belong to their authors, inventors, and creators.

It belongs to its innovator until they decide to sell it via the internet and be acquired by third parties.

Licenses can be applied to an originally crafted digital product to ensure the continuous flow of income and be sold over again.

Every digitized item sold on the internet might not take physical form but provide significant value and versatility in applications that are beneficial for its users.

Digital products are more flexible in terms of gaining finances for its creators. They can be distributed legally with the proper presentation of licenses for internet-based distribution accompanied by various payment plans which can be suitable to any type of customer.

How to Sell Digital Products


Digital products made with specialized software tools are generally intangible. Customers may not touch and feel it, but can use their functions with the proper employment of software applications specifically designed to access them.

Digital products also deliver the utmost benefits to their users after the completion of their purchase.

Sell Benefits

Digital products are sold worldwide with the internet as the channel. Every potential customer wanting to buy a digitized object wants to learn first about the positive attributes of a product accompanied by all the capabilities and additions it can offer them.

The primary purpose of promoting its positive features is for clients to learn abouts its value in delivering their desired outcome.

Setting Up Payment Plans

Payment plans are economic processes for your clients to meet your payment deadlines. Multiple programs offer versatile methods that every individual can agree that meets the requirements and financial standings with most of your customers.

Implementing payment plans is an excellent way for you to collect revenue for your digital products and services.

A payment plan is considered an invoice due date.

  • Initial Set-Up

The first method in setting up a payment plan for your digital products and virtual services is setting up all the channels for you to get paid. You need to prepare a convenient way for you to receive digital payments by subscribing to the services of digital processors or websites that are trustworthy and secured of accepting finances linked with your accounts. A payment processor may automatically accept payments in your name and act as a virtual bank for you.

  • Get an Online Payment Cart

Online payment carts are different from shopping carts you find in online shops and web-stores. You are choosing online payment carts services to help you set-up digital products, physical products, and virtual post services. The use of online payment carts enables you to accept payments while providing payment plans to most customers.

  • Currency

The primary trading currency of the global market is with the standards of the US Dollar. According to your national currency, setting up your prices and default payment methods may help ease out conversion rates about the payments you receive. It would also automatically update the fees relating to your digital products and services posted online and help you gain the proper amount.


Applying multiple payment plans may avoid confusion for the payment of your digital products and services. It can serve versatile methods and present convenient means for your clients and customers to pay you periodically based upon their financial capabilities.

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