Ah, gaming! Who doesn’t love to indulge in gaming especially to take your mind off of the reality we are living in, even if it is for an hour a day. If you are a veteran gamer or someone who games to relax and chill, there is one thing in common amongst all of you. Your gaming setup! Yes, there is no doubt we love our setup. Regardless of how we game, be it console gaming setup or PC setup, all of us want our gaming setup to be aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time. So, today we will be taking a look at some ways you can make your ultimate PC gaming setup more aesthetically pleasing while improving functionality. Without further ado let’s just dive into it.


Confused between the surround sound system and headphones to build your ultimate pc gaming setup?

If you are confused about whether you should get a surround sound system speaker or just a headphone, then trust you are not alone. Especially, when you are building a brand new ultimate pc gaming setup, then this is a very common confusion. A lot of us tend to be confused regarding this topic. And you should be. As a sound system is an integral part of your gaming system.

To be very blunt, whether you should get speakers or headphones depend on yourself. To narrow it down it boils down to three things:

  • The types of games you play.
  • Why do you play games?
  • Where do you play games?

To tackle the first instance, what types of games do you play. If you are someone who enjoys first-person shooter or other competitive games then headphones should be your choice. As fps games require you to be very active and be competitive, especially when playing online. If you enjoy playing sports games such as soccer or cricket then you can opt for surround sound speakers over headphones as you don’t need to listen to the sound cautiously.

ultimate pc gaming setup

Now, to come to the second instance, why do you play games. If you are a casual gamer who plays a game to relax and enjoy, and also want your friends to come over to play with you then you should opt for speakers over headphones. But if you are a competitive gamer who plays professionally then there is no doubt that you should go for headphones.

And lastly, which sound system you choose depends on where you play games. If you are a lone gamer and play in your room or basement and don’t expect anyone else to come over then headphones should be your choice of the sound system. As you would want the sound to be contained in your basement or your room. But, if you live in a spacious environment and have a dedicated gaming room then speakers would be a better choice.

Overall, it really depends on yourself and your choice of games when it comes to choosing the sound system. If you are somewhere in between you can get both speakers and headphones. In addition, to design the best pc gaming setup you can use a single or dual monitor gaming setup; even you can go for 3 monitor gaming setup according to your taste.


Soundproof your room to decor your ultimate pc gaming setup

Now, this bit of advice will depend on where you live and what type of games you play. If you game in your room or even your living you’re, you should think about soundproofing your room. Two major benefits of soundproofing your gaming area are:

  • Gaming in peace.
  • Not disturbing others.

If you don’t want to be bothered by your noisy neighbors/ flat-mates or don’t want to bother your neighbors/ flat-mates, then soundproofing should be a necessity for you. Nowadays you can get very great-looking soundproofing foam specially made for gamers. Not only will this improve the acoustic and improve your gaming but you can get foams matching your gaming setup, hence improving the overall aesthetics. You can even get sound-deadening curtains if you live in a busy area and there is a lot of noise coming from outside the window. You should definitely think about soundproofing your gaming area to elevate the experience and outlook.


The RGB Craze

Nowadays, we tend to see a craze for RGB lighting. From RGB lit keyboard to RGB lit cooling fan inside the PC chassis. A lot of us tend to go overboard and get everything and anything RGB.  All these RGB crazes are a fad and people will get over it soon. Not only RGB lit gaming products come with a higher price tag, but it also destroys the overall aesthetic of the setup.

What I would suggest is that you should pick a color scheme and stick with it. For example, you can pick up color schemes like red and blue, black and white, red and black, and heck even pink and green. But you must stick with it and maintain it while choosing a product for making your ultimate pc gaming setup in the gaming area. You can even pick up soundproof foams to match your color scheme. Just make sure your gaming chair, console skin, keyboards, mouse, and all the other essentials fit into the color scheme.



To conclude, you should really plan ahead if you are just about to build your ultimate pc gaming setup. Regardless of what variety of gamers you have an aesthetic setup will elevate your gaming experience. Not only will it look good and your guests will appreciate it, but it will also improve your gaming experience!

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