iPhone lovers get ready to know The Ultimate Guide on How to move apps on iPhone 7. You may be the new user of iPhone 7. However, it is okay to face any problems anytime. There are many features, and functions on an iPhone. Moreover, the developers of iPhone keep adding new features and functions in newer versions. Not everyone can understand them all, but those features or functions can be handy sometimes. As we have to use the phone so, we might need to use those features or functions according to our necessities. For example, you can download software for any impermanent issue. However, after the need for the software is over, you might want to delete the software or move it somewhere else. Furthermore, you do not know how to delete or move the application. It can happen. No need to worry about that. Today I will talk about this kind of problems and solutions of iOS devices. Keep an eye on it to get your solution.

  • How to move apps on iPhone 7

  • iPhone built-in apps

  • How to delete preinstalled apps on iPhone

  • How to uninstall apps on iPad

How to move apps on iPhone 7

Let’s learn, “How to move apps on iPhone 7. “? Anyone who has been using an iPhone for any span of time rapidly learns a few key functions. About keeping things organized, one of the most important procedure is for moving or deleting apps. Let me tell you the drill: touch an app icon and hold. When the apps all start to jiggle, then you can move them or click the “x” in the icon corner to delete it.

Have you heard about the 3D touch features of iPhone? 3D Touch signifies pressing an app brings up rapid actions. If you upgrade your phone to iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 then “touch and hold” will give a result like this.

How to move apps on iPhone 7 - 3D Touch


It all depends on the touch pressure. Follow the same “touch and hold” process as always. However, you have to use a light touch on the app icon this time. Place your finger on the icon without applying pressure. Once you do it right, you will see the anticipated Home screen where there is a lot of jiggling app shortcuts, and you can move and delete as usual.



iPhone Built-in apps

Every smartphone has some built-in apps. You can say default apps as well. Here is iPhone default apps list:

  1. Calculator
  2. iCloud Drive
  3. Reminders
  4. Calendar
  5. iTunes Store
  6. Stocks
  7. Compass
  8. Mail
  9. Tips
  10. Contacts
  11. Maps
  12. Videos
  13. FaceTime
  14. Music
  15. Voice Memos
  16. Find My Friends
  17. News
  18. Watch app
  19. Home
  20. Notes
  21. Weather
  22. iBooks
  23. Podcasts

How to delete preinstalled apps on iPhone


How to move apps on iPhone 7 - preinstalled apps


After installing iOS 10 on your iPhone device, you will be able to remove or uninstall only 23 of the apps Apple preinstalls on every iOS device.  As should be obvious, some of those applications offer great usefulness to your iOS device. Obviously, that implies erasing application like Mail or Calendar could prompt some lost functionality and issues. More on that in a moment, yet first we should go over how you can free yourself of a portion of the more irritating applications. If we need to get specialized about it, you are not erasing Apple apps from your iOS device. You are concealing the symbol and clearing all individual data and settings for the app you erase. As indicated by Apple, the greater part of its applications joined just go through 150 MB of capacity on your device, so there’s no compelling reason to worry about authorizing space by erasing Apple applications.

Erasing an application is the same procedure from some other application: Long-push on the application symbol (if there is 3D touch feature push lightly and not for long), sit tight for it to begin shaking, at that point tap on the X.

Besides moving apps on iPhone 7, there are many different issues are raising in iPhone user community such as, delete apps from iPhone, how to uninstall apps from iPhone, how to uninstall apps on iPhone 6s, how to delete apps on iPhone 5, etc. To get rid of them, you can google.

How to uninstall apps on iPad


How to move apps on iPhone 7 - delete app on iPad


To uninstall an app directly from your iPad, press the icon on the device for the app you wish to remove until all the icons on the screen start to shake. Once they started shaking, find the “X” symbol appear in the upper left-hand corner of each icon as shown in the image underneath.

The X symbol signifies an app that can remove it from your device.

Note: Until the X symbol appears you cannot uninstall them.

To delete an app from the iPad, just Click on the X symbol, and you will be offered with a screen asking you to confirm that you would like to uninstall or delete the application.


How to move apps on iPhone 7 - remove app confirmation


When you tap on the Delete key, it will require whether you might want to rate the application. You can either click on No Thanks or the Rate button to wrap up the application. Now you would be able to delete the app from your iPad. Whenever you reconnect your device to iTunes, this application will likewise be unchecked in the device’s Apps synchronization screen. Later on, if you wish to add that application back to the iPad, just put a checkmark in the Apps Synchronization screen of iTunes and sync once more. At the point when the synchronization procedure is done, the application will reestablish on your device.

You can also search in google the following terms – how to uninstall apps on iPhone, how to delete apps on iPad, how to remove apps from iPhone, how to uninstall apps on iPhone 6 and so on, how to delete apps on iPhone 6s iOS 10.

Let me tell you to step by step with some additional stuff on iPhone 7 or 7 plus


How to relocate App and rearrange icons on iPhone 7 or 7 plus

  • Switch on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Browse for the app which you want to move on the Home screen.
  • Press and hold on the app lightly and then move the app to any place you want.
  • Let go of the app to set it at its new place


How to add widgets and adjust Home screen icons of iPhone 7

  • Switch on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Now, Press and hold down on the wallpaper of the Home screen.
  • Then, Select Widgets on the edit screen.
  • Select on any other widget which you want to add that.
  • Once the widget has been added, you can press and hold on it to customize its settings or remove it.

That was all about How to move apps on iPhone 7.



Thank you so much for reading the whole part about How to move apps on iPhone 7 and coming down below. Hope you enjoyed the article and benefited as well. You are welcome to comment and share your view about the article. Take care and spread the goodness.



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