Establishing a business requires a lot of planning and strategy.

You have to determine how you can make it successful once you’ve finally opened it.

There are a lot of things that you have to perfect in order to cultivate a successful business.

You have to make sure that you’ve created functional, quality products or services to sell, hired skilled employees, and, of course, formed an effective marketing strategy. 

What is Business Advertising?

Business advertising is the communication of information about a business’ products or services with the intent of attracting more potential customers.

When creating a business, the way you market and advertise yourself to the market will help people understand what your business is as a company.

The life of your business depends entirely on your customers.

You must gather as many customers as you can through advertising to generate more sales and profits for your business. 

There are different forms of advertising that a company can execute, such as: 

  • Newspaper and magazine advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Direct mail and personal sales
  • Email marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Video ads

In the current digital era, almost everyone has access to the internet. Many people specifically do their shopping online through their computers or smart devices.

If you’re trying to make your advertising relevant and successful, the most effective way to do it is by promoting your business online. 

When it comes to promoting your business on digital platforms, video content plays an incredible role. Based on the marketing research, Sydney marketers expect that by 2020 video will become the new king of content. Video marketing is proven to be the easiest way to provide content visually, people stay more engaged watching videos rather than reading lengthy brand descriptions and product reviews. Among several successful video manufacturers out there, promotional video production in Sydney is famous for incorporating effective tactics to target audiences and instantly engage potential prospects for businesses. 

Many companies in Melbourne and cities around the world have been going online when it comes to advertising their products and services.

While the competition can be challenging, you can outrun your competitors by using video marketing Melbourne or in your locale to your advantage. 

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Different Ways to Use Video Production  

Promoting your business can be quite tricky. But with video production, you’ll be more in touch with your audiences as you’ll let them see and feel the emotion you’re trying to portray.

If you’d like to reach a broader audience, you can promote your business through social media as it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies today.

1. Describe How to Operate a Product

If your business is selling a physical product that’s new to the market, setting up a video demonstrating how to use it and the benefits it brings along will help to catch your audience’s attention. 

When creating a demo video, you could start by unboxing from its packaging and, if assembly is required, showing how to assemble the product. Then, you can show how to use it and explain the advantages of using your product. 

For example, let’s say that you’re selling a coffee maker that can brew coffee and froth milk simultaneously in under 30 seconds.

You can display how easy and convenient it is to operate, and how much time is saved when compared to traditional coffee makers.

In this way, you’re providing clear insight into the product’s advantages, which would encourage viewers to purchase through your store.

2. Flaunt Your Product

If you’re selling a physical product and want your audiences to fully understand its key features, you can create a product video wherein you continuously show off your product’s key features.

This is the best time to flaunt everything that your product offers, from the highlight features to materials used in production. 

For example, you’re promoting a sofa. In the product video, you can show the materials used in creating the couch to confirm for your audiences that it’s firm and worth purchasing.

You can also show off any additional features such as massager, cup holder, or recliner.

You could also display different color and size options to show that there’s an option that will fit any need or preference.

3. Emphasize on Your Testimonials

Using video testimonials on your company is a great way to get your audiences more attached to your company.

Most companies have written testimonials on their website. For a more personal approach, showing testimonials on a video will help your audiences perceive the testimonials’ authenticity.

They’ll see genuine emotions from previous customers that have enjoyed the product or service that your company provides.

4. Share Your Company’s Expertise

A great way to lift your business’ reputation is promoting your company’s expertise through a video.

You can have the CEO or a divisional head provide insights into how your company is different from its competitors. 

You can showcase how you create your products or services, your company’s vision, mission, and the plans that you have to help people outside of your service.

For example, you can show any charities that you’ve supported and if your company has any programs for seniors, PWDs, and students that provide them with employment opportunities. 

By sharing your company’s expertise, you’ll be able to show to the world who you are, inside and out. You can display this type of video production through LinkedIn with the help of an expert LinkedIn ads agency.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for promoting your company as it’s an online service that focuses on businesses and employers. 

5. Be Personal and Engaging  

With video production, you don’t just jump in and make any old video. You need to involve your audience as they’ll be the ones watching the video.

If you provide a service, you can display through video what it would be like working with your company.

You should let your viewers know what the experience is like working with your company from start to finish and how this process has benefitted your other customers.

Aside from adding a personal touch, you should also be more engaging by adding appropriate background music to add life to your advertisement.

However, you have to make sure that you purchase sound clips or use free ones that are available for commercial use to avoid any lawsuits.

It’s always crucial that you do everything aboveboard, especially since you’re using it to promote your product or service, as any copyright violations can result in your videos being taken down.


Using video for business advertising helps to capture your audience’s attention. Video advertisements allow people to tangibly see what the product or service is all about in just a few seconds to minutes. Ensure that you use video production to your advantage to help you promote your business and attract more customers.

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