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How to implement electronic signatures in business? Modern organizations are primarily concentrated on innovation and creation since these processes are essential in determining a business’s success. Emerging companies that strive to compete with established brands, as well as huge players on all global markets, are searching for ways to optimize day-to-day processes. In a competitive environment, there’s no place for outdated solutions, especially routine paperwork. Traditional printed documents are becoming less effective, which stimulates the demand for new ways of organizing legal procedures. If you are looking for the best way to enhance innovation, cut expenses, and reduce time wastages, e-sign all documents and observe positive changes right away. 

Electronic Signatures Explained 

Electronic signatures shouldn’t be confused with digital signatures as these concepts have little in common. The latter require a special certificate from a Certified Authority to gain legal power. On the other hand, electronic signatures become legally valid once recorded, meaning that you won’t need to confirm the authenticity of your autograph with the authorities. eSignatures are recorded using specific software, though almost any hardware can be utilized. Some programs allow you to write legally recognized eSignatures right on the screen of your smartphone!

How eSignatures Impact Your Daily Tasks? 

Signing a paper from a mobile phone may sound like fun, but what’s the actual use of that technology? Even though their capabilities are frequently underestimated by organizations and individuals, eSignatures have numerous advantages:

  • Simple record tracking. A decent software allows you to track all changes to a given document, with 100% accurate information on the person who edited the paper and time when it was accessed. You can also retrieve any document from the database and use it as a template for future use or modify its content whenever needed. 
  • Decreased expenses. Not even considering the price of paper, ink for your printer, and other frequently used products, traditional documents are very costly. As a business owner, you are obliged to store copies of all papers for years, taking up useful space in the office. Printed documents take longer to find and retrieve, meaning that your employees will spend time searching for the needed paper instead of creating added value for the company. eSignatures eliminate all those issues and allow workers to concentrate on important tasks. 
  • Enhanced productivity of labor. Modern economic theories state that more efficient labor creates more capital within a shorter period; so, businesses are doing their best to increase productivity. Paper documents are the opposite of efficient: time-consuming, outdated, and vulnerable to all kinds of damage. eSignatures help redirect the effort of your employees towards innovation rather than unnecessary paperwork. 

Things to Consider Before Applying the Technology

Mind that you may be unable to access all advantages of eSignatures if you chose an unreliable software provider. Since the application will handle sensitive information, it needs to include all modern data protection methods and possess respective certifications. Good software should also possess multiple features for advanced users and a simple interface for those learning how to use the program. All these functions should come at a reasonable price and, ideally, with the possibility to choose a custom set of features at a suitable tariff. Think like a company providing all those benefits can’t exist? You’re totally wrong! This firm is called SignNow, and it offers the leading eSignature software on the market. If the review below won’t look persuasive enough to you, check out the clients’ opinions regarding SignNow’s services on Capterra

Why Should Your Company Implement SignNow’s Solution?

Unlike other providers of eSignature software, SignNow knows that customers have varying needs; so, it has come up with a range of services at different prices. If you own a small entity looking for a way to familiarize yourself with the technology, SignNow won’t charge you hundreds of dollars. Just sign up for a Business suit and enjoy a wide array of the software’s functions for 8 USD per user. For large enterprises, there’s a much more advanced option, with CRM integration, 24/7 phone support, and a powerful, custom PDF editor. 

What Can You Do With SignNow?

SignNow’s software is much more than just a tool for signing papers. It can integrate with the most popular enterprise applications, email clients, and CRM systems for more efficient document exchange. With SignNow, you’ll be able to create, customize, and share completed papers as well as fillable templates. All documents will be saved on the company’s servers for a minimum of 7 years. This term can be extended if you wish to save your papers for longer. SignNow also allows you to create teams of users, set admins of those teams, and share documents with chosen individuals or groups. The company’s software is built using REST principles; so, it can be launched on any modern device. SignNow’s solutions were highly rated by users on Trustpilot – they gave the company a stunning 4.7 rating based on more than 1100 reviews! More information is available at here.

Get Enterprise-Level Security at a Reasonable Price

SignNow recognizes the need for protecting the sensitive information of its customers; so, the company has designed a comprehensive security system. Here’s what you can expect from SignNow in terms of data handling:

  • Near-real-time replication of documents;
  • Constant protection from DDoS attacks;
  • Servers encrypted using 256-bit SSL protocol;
  • On-sigh security in all facilities.

Portable Solutions from SignNow

The increasing importance of mobile technologies can’t be overlooked; so, SignNow has ensured that its customers can access all features of the software on their smartphones. A mobile application allows you to create eSignatures on the go and keep participating in business processes from any location. 

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