It is definitely worth getting the Google Digital Marketing Certification. This course is a great choice if you’re interested in getting into digital marketing. Besides being offered by Google, it is free and recognized by the Open University and other organizations.

Google Digital Marketing Certification: What is it?

Is Google Digital Marketing Certification worth it? Google Digital Marketing Certifications are certificates awarded to students who successfully complete the requisite of the Foundations of Digital Marketing Course. This certificate is recognized by The Open University and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe, and can certainly add some value to your online digital marketing degree.

The Google Digital Garage library offers the Google digital marketing course. This is the only digital marketing certification offered by Google Digital Garage, with 26 modules and 40 hours of time investment.

Founded by Google, Google Digital Garage is an online learning platform. This platform offers a collection of free online courses from professionals at Google as well as other platforms.

Google Digital Garage offers professionals a flexible and simple way to learn the skills they need to succeed in business. Therefore, exploring the other courses available is a good idea.

Is Google Digital Marketing Certification worth it?

Let’s start with the Benefits of Google Digital Marketing Certification. Everybody loves to improve themselves. And everyone likes free stuff. Google’s Digital Garage certification is an award-winning platform that helps people regardless of experience level improve their digital marketing skills.

There are many benefits to the Digital Garage Course, whether it’s helping to sell its goods or enterprises, promoting free trade, or just keeping you interested. You will get a shiny new certificate from Google upon completing this course, which you can put on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

  1. You will benefit from this course regardless of your current knowledge and experience of digital marketing. Despite spending several years studying social media and marketing, this course can be helpful for you with hints and tips.
  2. In addition to animations and graphics, you will find quizzes, questions, and more. The program is not an ordinary online learning system. Both the appearance and the content keep it interesting.
  3. You have a fantastic resume. Upon completion of a course, you will receive a Google certificate and the certification will automatically increase your LinkedIn achievements! You aim to demonstrate both your skills and knowledge of the subject, in addition to developing wherever possible
  4. Personalization is a feature of the course. After signing up for the course, you will be able to choose the subjects he/she wants to learn about and add them to the schedule based on their needs and interests.

Is Google Digital Marketing Certification a Good Course to Follow?

This course is best for those looking for information to jumpstart their own digital marketing careers. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course will get you on the right track, even if your only goal is to know how to market your own company.

The following are some practical factors why you may want to enroll in the Google Digital Marketing Certification course:

Are Google marketing certifications worth it

A. It is Simple to Use

Besides being simple to register, the course layout breaks it down into bite-sized sections so that it’s easy to digest. There are seven sections to the course, and each contains between one and seven modules, including both videos and check-in questions to ensure you have retained the information.

In some lessons, you’ll even be able to find some action items you can implement in order to take your business forward. You are then asked to take a short quiz after completing each module.

Having the ability to set the playback speed of YouTube is yet another convenient feature. To allow yourself time for note-taking, you can make it slower if you are an avid note-taker. You can speed up the course if you are aiming to complete it quickly or are reviewing it for the second time. An almost insignificant convenience, but very valuable sometimes!

B. It Contains Information About the Fundamentals of Online Business

Even though it’s hard to believe, many local businesses are still not taking advantage of the internet. This course is designed for those who wish to start an online business or prepare for a career in digital marketing.

Through this course, you will learn how to create an online marketing strategy, improve a website’s ranking on search engines, and use analytics tools to analyze performance online.

C. Getting a Certification Shows That You Are Dedicated and Committed to Your Professional Development

What are the benefits of taking a course that provides the certification? It shows potential employers that you don’t only have the skills and knowledge they’re looking for, but also that you’re responsible, dedicated, and know that professional growth is crucial for your success.

D. It’s a Credible and Reputable Source

The Google team knows what they are doing when it comes to digital marketing. Finding the right course to take online can be difficult due to the wide selection of digital marketing certificate programs available. If you want to learn the basics of online marketing, Google Digital Garage is a good choice.

This will not only ensure that you are learning relevant and up-to-date information, but it will also give your resume some credibility.

What Will You Learn From This Course?

Despite being free, this course is full of great foundational information. This course has 26 modules that are composed of over 40 hours of videos, quizzes, and check-in questions. The modules are divided into 7 sections:

  • Take a Business Online
  • Make It Easy for People to Find a Business on the Web
  • Reach More People Locally, on Social Media, or on Mobile
  • Reach More People With Advertising
  • Track and Measure Web Traffic
  • Sell Products of Services Online
  • Take a Business Global

Each section includes modules with video tutorials, short check-in questions, action items, and a quiz that concludes the lesson. Although the videos are excellent, you can also enlarge the text and read your way through the course by clicking on the “view transcription” button. Also, this is a great way to get your notes.

In these 7 sections, you will learn about:

  • Creating a strong web presence
  • Creating an online business strategy
  • Finding yourself on Google search
  • Examining social media in depth
  • Using mobile to discover new possibilities
  • An overview of online advertising
  • Using analytics to find success
  • Creating an online store
  • Extending internationally

Although this course is a foundational course and the titles of the seven main sections are basic, the information within the sections will help you start a business or take your career as a digital marketing consultant to the next level.

How do I get Google Digital Marketing Certified?

If you successfully complete all 26 modules and score well on the final exam, you will receive a Google Digital Marketing Certificate to share on LinkedIn or your resume.

Upon successful completion of the final exam, you can download the PDF certificate from the course page.

Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University have accredited this certification. You should include it on your resume since it is globally recognized.


It isn’t a waste of time to find and complete the appropriate online training course. Using this course, you will increase your understanding of digital marketing quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Due to the fact that the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course is free, you need to decide if it is worth your time.

The following are highlights of the course:

  • It comes from a recognized authority in the field (Google), making it a reliable source
  • You can use it for free!
  • The Google Certification is among the most popular ones to pursue
  • There is an easy registration process without any strings attached (you can opt out of emails to not be added to yet another mailing list).
  • It is easy to use and navigate.
  • Its bite-sized lessons are designed with video tutorials, text, action items, and quizzes for busy professionals.
  • It covers the fundamentals, but is practical enough to produce results in a student’s business once it is implemented.
  • If you are interested in digital marketing certification for your resume or LinkedIn profile, this course offers a globally recognized credential after passing a 40 questions exam.

While there are a lot of digital marketing courses available, we feel that the Google Digital Marketing Certification course should definitely be considered. Hope the question – Is Google Digital Marketing Certification worth it? – is answered.


1. Which certification is best for Digital Marketing?

The following are the Top Digital Marketing Certifications of 2021:
– Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization.
– OMCP Digital Marketing Certification.
– LinkedIn Digital Marketing Certificate.
– PCM Digital Marketing Certification.
– Facebook Blueprint Certifications.
– Google Ads Marketing Certification.
– YouTube Certification.
– Google Analytics Certification

2. Can I get a job with Google certificates?

Google certificates can help you build confidence and advance your career by preparing you for jobs.

3. Does Google Digital Marketing Certification expire?

Yes, Google Digital Marketing Certification expires. As an example, the Google Ads certification remains valid for a year. You will need to retake the applicable product assessment after the one year certification expires in order to maintain certification.

4. Are Digital Marketing Certificates worth it?

A digital marketing certificate is an excellent way to keep up with the latest tools, techniques, and trends, all of which can enhance your overall skill set and performance.

5. Which GCP Certification is best?

The most important certification in GCP is the Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE). It guides people into competently using GCP, on a daily basis. As an Associate Cloud Engineer, you will deploy and secure applications and infrastructure, monitor and maintain the operations of multiple projects, and maintain enterprise solutions to ensure they meet performance targets. You will also work with public clouds and on-premises solutions.

6. Are Google Certifications free?

You can earn all Google Certifications for free. Therefore, candidates do not have to worry about money when acquiring a new skill.

7. Is CIM certificate worth it?

A CIM qualification indicates that a marketer understands the complete picture of marketing and is capable of thinking strategically. CIM strives for business leaders and opinion leaders to recognize the positive impact professional marketing can have on their organizations, the economy, and society as a whole. In addition to being a well-respected qualification, you may be able to fill in a knowledge gap on your CV if you want to break into marketing from another field.

8. Is Digital Marketing a good career?

An excellent career choice in 2021 is digital marketing. Digital marketing budgets have grown dramatically over the past few years, and they are expected to take the lion’s share of marketing budgets in 2020. As a result, there will be many new job opportunities in this field.

9. How long does the Google Ads Certification take?

It usually takes between 60 minutes and two hours for Google ads certification exams.

10. Can Digital Marketing be done from home?

Working from home is probably the biggest advantage of a career in digital marketing. Since many digital marketing tasks can be performed online, many businesses and agencies allow their employees to work from home. SEO specialists are among the most common work from home positions in digital marketing.

11. Are digital marketers in demand?

Currently, the industry is adding jobs every year, paying a living wage, and has the greatest number of openings. Digital marketers are crucial to a business in order to attract and retain customers. You know what we mean! The top-demand career for 2021 is digital marketing.

12. What is the value of Google Digital Garage certification?

If you’re looking to sell your goods or run a business or drive free trade or simply for curiosity, then the Digital Garage Course has many advantages. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a shiny new certificate from Google, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

13. How long does Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing take?

Google fundamentals of digital marketing is a free course that provides a basic understanding of digital marketing. It is perfect for people who are just starting out, small business owners and junior marketers. You will need to complete 26 modules (40 hours of learning) to receive the certification.

14. Is Digital Marketing worth the hype?

A digital marketing course is worthwhile in 2021. You can gain new skills and enhance your knowledge of digital marketing by taking courses from an established training institute that hires industry experts to deliver the course.

15. Are Google courses accredited?

Google has made available 20 free online courses, including Digital Marketing, Data and Tech and Career Development. People can also work at their own pace and receive an accredited certificate through the course. These courses do not require prior experience or a degree and are recognized by industry experts and employers, including Google.

16. Is Digital Marketing well paid?

The digital marketing industry is a well-paying one. A digital marketer at an executive level typically makes between INR 2,50,000 and 5,00,000. An average starting salary for a manager is between INR 8,00,000 and 10,00,000.

17. Is Digital Marketing a stressful job?

It’s stressful being a digital marketer. Stress appears in different forms, depending on what causes it. In the end, digital marketers have a difficult time formulating successful campaigns, generating traffic, and driving conversions. Distressing moments can cause digital marketers to lose the edge.

18. How do I become a digital marketer with no experience?

The following tips will help you learn how to become a digital marketer even if you have no experience at all:
– Get your skill set up by taking a digital marketing course that covers everything from strategy to implementation.
– Continually learn new things to keep up to date.
– Attend live or virtual events and network with other marketers as well as ask them for tips and advice on how you can get started.
– Learning digital marketing is best accomplished by doing it. The more you practice, the more you’ll understand how things work, and you’ll sharpen your skills and achieve better results over time.
– As your goal is to get hired as a digital marketer, you should build your online presence and portfolio to show what you can do. Create a blog to demonstrate your writing skills and SEO expertise.

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