Macbook vs PC laptop comparison: Why Windows Is Better than Mac?

Before all of you Apple fans hate me for this, let me tell you that I will also be writing an article on why Mac is better than Windows. I want this article and the next to help people decide which operating system and hardware to go with rather than it to be a continuation of this dreadful argument that has gone on for way too long. Because truthfully neither Windows is better than Mac nor is Mac better than Windows. I absolutely agree that there are better parts of both OS’s, hence why I am writing this article.

There are 4 main reasons that I believe Windows and PCs are better than Macs.

1. Options with Hardware

Let’s begin with the fact that there are so many manufacturers of laptops, tablets, and PCs that run Windows! Because there are so many making PCs there are so many different designs, shapes, and sizes. Not only can you buy one of many pre-built PCs you can also build one and run Windows on it with ease. I have built 5 computers and have installed Windows on them every time because it’s easy and windows just work with all types of hardware. If you are eager in having a PC built and live on the Eastside/Puget Sound Area (Washington, USA) I can help you out with that, just send me an email. It’s sad to hear a Mac user say “I paid the extra $300 for the MacBook Pro rather than the Air so I could get an HDMI port.” In the Windows/PC world it’s very common to have an HDMI port, it’s almost weird not to have one. If you want to be creative and build your computer into your desk, you can do that. There are simply more options.

BIOS on Startup: Another big thing about PCs is that when you boot you have the option to go into the BIOS and change things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in Windows or on a Mac.

Moral of the analysis, If you like to have many options and like to be creative when it comes to hardware and design, just go with a PC.


2. Gaming

Windows always have been and most likely always will be the go-to OS for gaming, why? Because once upon a time developers made games for Windows and that time has gone on ever since then. Not only that but, because there are so many more people using Windows, they will make more money if they primarily design their games for Windows. That being said, Steam machines, which are based on Linux are gaining market share substantially. Again, Windows is, and I believe, always will be the main computer OS to play games on. You can also get desktop graphics cards for much cheaper if you build a PC which will allow getting much better performance for your games.

Moral: In this Macbook vs PC laptop comparison, If you are a gamer or are getting into gaming, buy or build a PC with Windows.


3. Value

If you want the best price for performance, buying or building a PC is the only way to go. For example, compare these two laptops that have nearly the same hardware and build materials:

The MacBook cost $300 more for nearly the same hardware. It is nearly impossible to repair or upgrade a Mac yourself. A PC, on the other hand, is a lot easier to fix or upgrade in the future, especially if you built it yourself or had someone build it for you. Also, if you want to build a PC, unless you build a Mackintosh which isn’t stable, or run Linux which doesn’t have much support, your only option is to run Windows.

Moral: In this Macbook vs PC laptop comparison, Price to Performance – Windows/PCs are the winner.


4. Software and Support for it

This point is similar to gaming, where developers just make more money making software and supporting it primarily on Windows because there are so many more Windows users. Here is a graph of the market share. Windows clearly is still on top:

macbook vs pc laptop comparison - marketshare

The graph of Operating System Marketshare 2017.

If you are an enterprise, there is a 99% chance the software you need to run is on Windows. Yes, it may also be on Mac, but I can almost guarantee you that your software is better supported on Windows.

Moral: The software you need is on Windows.

Before I conclude, I would like to mention I am neither a Windows fanboy nor Mac fanboy, and very soon I will be discussing on why Mac is better than Windows. Also, you can run Windows on Mac, so if the software support is the only thing holding you back, a Mac may be the way to go.

Final words

In Conclusion, There are multiple reasons why Windows is better than Mac. But don’t forget, there are also reasons why Mac is better than Windows. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter! I hope this article has helped you make a decision on which operating system to go with on your next computer, or at least just informed you more on this controversial debate. Please let me know if you have any questions on the contact page or in the comments.


Macbook vs PC laptop comparison: Why Mac Is Better Than Windows?

Ok Apple fans, this one is for you. As I mentioned in the above part of this article, I want this article and the previous to help people decide which operating system and hardware to go with on your next computer purchase.

Well, let’s jump right into the top three reasons I believe Mac is better than Windows and PC.

1. The End to End Experience

From the OS to the hardware, to the company that backs it, by using a Mac computer, you’re getting the whole experience. Apple has been perfecting the continuity of their Macs for many, many years now. Speaking of the support that backs Macs, one time one of my friends’ MacBook Pro fell into the toilet (I know right, how?) anyways he brought his Mac to the Apple store and they gave him a new one. Try bringing your old HP to Best Buy and getting them to replace it. Do you get what I’m trying to tell you here? Apple will always do what they can to fix your problem. Even if your having problems with your Windows PC, they’ll think for a few seconds and say “I know what the issue is, your using a PC, I can get you hooked up with a brand new MacBook Pro for only $2500 (yet somehow $2500 doesn’t sound that bad when you’re so fed up with Windows issues).” Alright enough role-playing, to conclude this first point, just take a look at this picture and tell me they don’t look helpful.

 Moral: You are just not going to get the same support as PC manufacturers as you will with Apple.


2. Software and support for it

Yes, you did remember correctly, this was also one of the four points why Windows is better than PC. Macs do come preloaded with a lot of good, handy software. To name a few programs Safari internet browser, yes you can get Safari on Windows, but it performs much better on a Mac. Pages is a word processor that is very simple and fluid. Boot Camp allows you to run Windows and Linux on your mac, very useful if you need Windows and/or Linux for work or any other reason. You also get the Mac App Store, not super useful, but there definitely are some good apps and some fun games (a personal favorite of mine is Bomb Squad). So as you can see, there is software that you can get for Mac that you can’t get on Windows. The support for the software is remarkable if you are having trouble all you have to do is take your Mac into an Apple store, and they will make sure to solve your issue.

Moral: Macs may have some software you want.


3. Hardware

Just take a second and observe the precision of the machined aluminum and the glass on each of these machines, beautiful. I wish every manufacturer would make devices look and feel as good as Apple does. Apple still has the best keyboard, touchpad, and screens out of any PC manufacturer in my opinion. Apple also manages to get astounding battery life out of their MacBooks, something to consider for students especially. Another nice thing is that Apple makes both the hardware (mostly) and software so in turn are able to program the software to work very well with the hardware.

Moral: Macs are beautifully crafted computers.


Final words

In Conclusion, Macs definitely have their Pros, and Windows does too. I assume you have already read my blog on Why Windows is better than Mac, and I hope you were able to figure out which OS and hardware best suits your needs. If you would like more content like this, please subscribe to my newsletter. Also feel free to ask me questions or post a comment either in the comments or email me (click on the contact page).


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