If you are a roadie, you must have taken up a road trip many times. It’s just a fantabulous idea having a road trip in India. Road trips are adventurous, energetic and meant for people who love to explore new paths. Road trips can be satiating and an escapade from the drams and regular stress. If you haven’t been on a road trip, then pack your bags, gear up your engine and go ahead with the rod destination we are discussing in this article ahead;

What must you carry on a road trip in India?


Manali to Leh

Road trip on the Himalayan mountain range is a trip to remember. It will make the most memorable trip because of the alluring landscape, and captivating beauty of the snow-capped mountains. Roadies claim this trip to be one of the most adventurous and enthralling among the others. Though you have to cross the treacherous rods that are cut randomly on the mountain bed, it is excavating enough to experience. The scenic beauty is worth millions to vouch for.

As a traveler, this is one of the most daring expeditions to take. On the way, you can feast on the delicacies like butter and piranha and Yak milk. There are some branded eateries too to help you satiate the food cravings.

Mumbai to Goa

Another most popular road trip among the roadies and bikers is the Mumbai road trip to goa. The Konkan coastal line gives an enchanting view of the sunset when you are driving along it. It is a 10 hours road trip on the safest and smoothest road. Contrary to the Himalayan trenches, the Pune-Kolhapur road is like butter on your paratha. As you go ahead on the Western Ghats, the road may get rocky, but you can’t miss the scenic beauty that waits for you when you cross the trench. You can also stop for a while to check out the Karnal bird sanctuary on the way.

As for food, there are various local restaurants on the way that serve the best konkon delicacies in India.

Jaipur to Ranthambore

The deserted land in Rajasthan is a vast stretch and can be tedious for the bikers. However, if you are enthusiastic and want to experience the wild beauty of the desert, then go ahead with the trip. The journey is a 4 hours road trip on which you get to experience beautiful mustard fields and local villages. The roads are decent for the major part; however, you may find a stretch of uneven roads for the last 20 km. The best time to avoid the scorching heat is in October and June. This is the time when you can explore the most of its wildlife.

Guwahati to Tawang

The snake-like roads carved on the treacherous mountains are not only adventurous but also gives a majestic experience. The roads are surrounded with snow-capped mountains from all sides, and you can witness the gigantic monasteries on the hilltop. The extremely beautiful terrain stretches for 520kms, and you can pull off the drive with frequent stops in between.

The best time to go on this expedition in March and October. You must avoid other months of the year, as you get blocked with snow on winters and experience heavy rainfalls on other days.

You can satiate your food cravings with momos, tea, Maggi and wai stalls on the road.

Ahmedabad to Kutch

The huge stretch of barren white lands meeting the horizon is a majestic beauty to experience. The road trip from Ahmedabad to Kutch will leave you dumbstruck. The barren land stretches for miles and gives a colorful contrast to the local population. The beautiful people walking side by side on the road keeps you amazed all the while. Though the roads are smooth, they are traffic-laden. You must start early to avoid the traffics of Ahmedabad. There are numerous dhabas and restaurant that offer Gujarati thali. It is a complete meal and will keep you full by the time you reach Kutch. On the way, you get to buy local handicrafts and explore the Wild Sanctuary as well.

The golden triangle

A road trip to Delhi, Jaipur Agra makes a gold triangle. It is one of the best road trips in India that you cannot miss. The roads meet the three different cultures of the cities as well. You get to explore the Taj Mahal in Agra, Pink City in Jaipur and the historical monuments of Delhi on this trip. The massive stretch of Yamuna express highway takes you along this enchanting road trip. On this trip, you not only visit these three different places, but also get to excavate three different cultures, people, and food.

You get a wide option of food that is a combination of all the three cities.

The silk route

Your road trip is incomplete without the silk route on the east. This trip starts from Lhasa in Tibet and ends in Jelep La Pass in Sikkim. The treacherous roads crisscross along the eastern mountains range. You get to explore the Kanchenjunga Mountains on the way. From Gangtok to Nathang Valley, you come across the Mandakini waterfall and Menmecho Lake. The valley is snow-capped throughout the year and gives you a pleasant view.

Food includes local delicacies majorly influenced by Tibetan culture.

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