To those who might think that fax has vanished from today’s era, it will be quite surprising for you to know that fax still stands as one of the safest media of communication and for this reason, it is used by millions all around the planet.

The process of faxing is continuously evolving with evolving needs. It is being made better and better each day. Pioneers all around the world work continuously to keep faxing up to date and that is the reason faxing is now easier than ever.

Faxing nowadays involves no such things as fax machines or other pointless things required in the past. Fax machines are a big hassle and take much time to set up and use. Today, people are so busy that they need a solution that consumes much less time along with providing the best faxing services.

And they have one in the shape of online fax services. Online fax service, as is obvious from the name, is a faxing facility that lets you fax from the internet. With such online fax services, there is no longer any need for any fax machine.


Best Fax Service: Online Fax Service

You must be wondering why bother using an online fax service? That’s because sending or receiving fax directly from the internet is not possible due to the different working mechanisms of the two media, fax, and the internet.

Fax originated a long time ago and hence works on the basis of telephone cables that operate through analog signals. The internet is a digitally powered medium and cannot operate on analog signals.

Hence, this incompatibility led to the need for an online fax service that will first translate the work of each medium and then transmit it over to the other.

There are dozens of fax services available in the market but not each one of them is trustworthy and credible. Hence, choosing wisely from among these tons of services is a stressful task. So here, we will provide you with the top-of-the-line fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes easily.


CocoFax – The Best Fax Service and Easiest Way to Online Faxing

CocoFax is the best free fax online assistance in the world. You can use CocoFax to receive fax for free online. When faxing was viewed as a serious problematic errand, CocoFax stepped in to make faxing a much easier activity.

Actually, CocoFax’s works have gotten admiration from some worldwide news sources like Forbes, the New York Times, Android Authority, Toms Guide, TechRadar, etc.

best online fax solution

With some best in class fax benefits that it gives, CocoFax has become a famous name among the faxing world and subsequently is utilized by a great many people as well as associations worldwide.

Where the simplicity of work is concerned, CocoFax gives the best and quality services in this regard. You can fax your reports from wherever you like, regardless of whether you are in your home or office. The same goes for receiving faxes. Actually receiving faxes is even simpler than sending them if you choose CocoFax’s fax services.

For CocoFax, the ease and expediency of its clients is the main need and thus, CocoFax permits you to utilize its faxing features on whatever gadget you may like. And also, you are not restricted to just one way of sending or receiving faxes, there are more than one ways to do so.


Requirements for Receiving Faxes via CocoFax

In the early days, faxing was a difficult task. Sending as well as receiving faxes was a hassle. Also, there was a risk of losing faxes. If your machine was turned off, then the faxes sent to your fax number at that time were lost because they had no place to be saved.

You were only able to receive faxes if your machine was turned on and was in working order. This was a serious problem because keeping the machine on all the time was impossible and consumed a lot of time.

But with CocoFax, things are different as its main goal is to provide its customers with ease and expediency. You need some simple things and then you are ready to receive a fax from any place in the world.


1. CocoFax Account

If you wish to get faxes through the web using the services provided by CocoFax then you must be a CocoFax account holder. Creating a CocoFax account is quite simple. Just visit the CocoFax website and follow the instructions for signing up. Here is another treat, you get to have a full month of faxing totally free by availing the 30-day free trial.

Cocofax registration

2. Internet Connection

Online faxing, whether sending or receiving, requires an internet connection. So you must make sure that the device that you are using to fax, computer, laptop or cellphone, must be connected to the internet. Without an internet connection, online faxing will not be possible.


Receive Faxes through CocoFax Online Dashboard

One way to send and receive faxes is through the user-friendly dashboard that it provides. Here we will limit our discussion to just receiving faxes.

When a fax is sent to your fax number, it will directly come to CocoFax (only if you are registered with it) where it will be stored onto the dashboard. Whenever you log in to your CocoFax account and open the dashboard, all your received faxes will appear in front of you.

cocofax dashboard


You will not lose any faxes that were sent to you at the time when you were not logged in. All your faxes will reside on the dashboard.


Receive Faxes through Email

Another very efficient way to receive faxes is through your email. While signing up, you will be asked to provide an email (Gmail or any other) id. This is so that you get all your faxes on email too. If you have Gmail and want to know how to fax from Gmail, just check this useful guide.

Receive fax to gmail

It is a very useful technique as email is very popular in the modern era. Faxing combined with email is a very effective and useful product.

How it works is that CocoFax gets all the faxes first. It then translates them into a format compatible with email. Then, these email-turned faxes are sent to your email address. You can easily access them under the Inbox tab.



CocoFax is one of the best fax service to receive faxes online for free. It is the perfect solution for all your faxing problems. You will definitely have a pleasant experience faxing with it.

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