Have you recently been exploring the art of video? Perhaps you’re now wondering how to actually start editing or you simply want to improve your skills? Video creation is about balancing technical with art but like any discipline, there are tips to get started. Although, the first step is to choose your online video editor and to get more inspiration for your next video clips.

Top Tips to Make Using your Online Video Editor Easier

When you make a video, it’s useful to plan around your goals. Essentially, why are you creating a video online? Knowing this will make you more successful when you post videos for free. So, check out the following points to help you with your planning:

  • Choose your software
  • Check your computer power
  • Give your audience a story
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Follow the 321 saving rule
  • Establish a workflow
  • Leverage templates
  • Optimize your images

Choose your software

Most online video editor tools use Java programming language to create an open-source platform.  From there, you can view a dashboard with various buttons and drag and drop options to edit videos. As a video editor, you need to choose the dashboard that feels right for you and with all the features you’re looking for.

A good place to start is to practice with the free online video editing tools currently available to sign up through Google. This will quickly give you a sense of how you want to work and what features you like to include. Moreover, you won’t waste any time because each video editor guarantees a professional output that you can easily download. Yes, you really can explore, learn and produce at the same time.

Check your computer power

You’ll need a certain amount of computer speed, depending on how many video clips you’ll be editing with your online video editor. To give you an idea, you’ll find working with 16GB of RAM a good place to start but the more you have, the faster you can be.

Another piece of hardware to check is your graphics card. This gives you good resolution and produces your images quickly when video editing. In this case, look for at least 4GB and brands such as AMD and NVIDIA.

Give your audience a story

Working with an online video editor means telling a story. Ultimately, the point of creating an online video is usually for people to watch it. If you have great images but nothing to hook people then they’ll quickly turn away. This applies to both video editing for movies and for social media marketing.

Use keyboard shortcuts

If you want to be even more efficient when using your online video editor, get a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet to place over your keys. Alternatively, depending on your budget, you can actually buy a special keyboard with all the shortcuts annotated across the keys. These will include all the effects you need for video editing such as trimming, cropping, splitting, amongst others.

Follow the 321 saving rule

When you make videos for free, you need to have backups. We all dread the day when everything crashes and we lose months of work. Regardless, help yourself with best practices from day one of your video editing career. That’s why all professional video editor professionals use the 321 rule.

Basically, this means keeping 3 versions of every video file on 2 different media devices and with at least 1 copy physically located elsewhere. Furthermore, it’s useful to invest in a solid-state external drive where you can access and store files quickly and efficiently.

Establish a workflow

It’s worth being as organized as possible when working with an online video editor. For example, you might have some video clips and graphics that you can reuse that should be easily accessible. Moreover, many beginners fall into the trap of doubling up on work because they delete and move sections and later change their minds.

Leverage templates

It’s always worth remembering that any video maker offers a huge library of templates and audio files to save you time. Of course, you’ll still probably want to create your own video clips to upload into your templates. Either way, the templates give you a framework to get started.

Optimize your images

Last but not least, make sure you use your video editor to get the right colors, brightness, contrast as well as music. Depending on which tool you choose, you’ll have a certain amount of choice with the free platforms easier to use. That’s why a period of trial and error when you first start making free video series can be helpful.

Final Recommendations for your Online Video Editor

Video editing can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t plan and organize your workflow. Be clear about your goals and make sure you have the right computer and video editors to support your work volumes. Then, leverage the templates, tell a story, and apply the effects you need without going overboard. Your target audience will then naturally want to watch your videos online and follow through with your call to action. Ultimately, that’s the final achievement.

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